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Hey guys, thanks to regular readers like Hayathi, Vineet, Surbhi, etc. ( because I don’t remember all the names, but I want to thank each and every person who reads my fan fiction). Special thanks to Saba, I know you are an amazing writer and when you complemented me, I really feel honoured. And I don’t remember her name who asked me to write precap also, I promise I will write precaps from today. And thanks vineet to wait for my post at Saturday night. Guys I am writing it on right time but still I know it will be late because my Wi-fi connections are not working. But please request you to read and comment.
Recap: Mr.mathur called sanskar to stop his mission, swaraglak families time.

Scene 1:
Swaraglak at sanskar’s apartment parking area. Swara is calling sanskar.
Swara: hey topper, come downstairs we are waiting for you
Sanskar: yeah, just blink your eyes I will be there.
After 2 minutes, Sanskar: wow lucky, this is your car???
Laksh: no bhai, this is bestiis car, whenever we all bestii go for having fun together then we always use this vintage car. ( that car was light sky vintage car, really amazing).
Sanskar: wow lucky, can I drive yaar???
Laksh: all yours.
now sanskar and laksh are at front seats, sanskar is driving while laksh is changing musics, to find something better. And swaragini are sitting at back seats, discussing random things.
Sanskar: hey shona, lado tell us what are you talking about???
Swara: ohhh, nothing much. You tell me even today you have worn casuals, we are going to a concert dude.
Ragini: ohoo don’t worry shona, we will give him complete make over today.
Laksh: yeah from head to toe.
Sanskar: ohhh god, save me from these devils.
And all laugh
Ragini: okkk, now we have a surprise for you.
Sanskar: what
Swara: this, businesses book. You know we thought a lot but then decided to give a book to you.
Sanskar: but why this gift n all??
Ragini: just like that, swaragini wished to spread happiness so did it.
Swara: and you na what topper we even bought gift for lucky ( in a teasing way)
Sanskar: what???
Laksh: don’t you dare to tell him
Sanskar: what was it???
Ragini: a book,
Sanskar: ooo that’s why he is reacting like this, was it also a subject book???
Swara: no not at all
Sanskar: then what happened???
Ragini: it was a book of tricks to impress girls.( and give hi-five to swara)
Sanskar starts laughing.
Laksh: bhai, you also.( and makes a cute face like a child)
Sanskar: no one will say anything to my brother
Swara: awww lucky are you upset with us???
Laksh: yes. Shouldn’t I
Ragini: yeah you should, okkk now we will make your mood okkk.
Laksh: how???
Swara: by giving you your real gift.( and gives him a T-shirt, with a created pic of laksh and his favourite football star).
Laksh: ooo, you guys are best, next time I will wear this T-shirt whenever I go to watch football match. But why didn’t you guys given me yesterday.
Ragini: we thought after teasing you we will give you your gift, but the situation became serious so we forgot. ( then suddenly she hits her head realising what did she said)
Sanskar: what serious situation???
Swara:( by controlling her emotions,) see in your idiotic talk, we reached our destination.
Sanskar: okk you guys continue, I will come after parking your car.
Swaraglak in unison: ours car topper.
Scene 2:
In mall,
every one is choosing dress and funky accessories for concert.
After spending 2 hour in selection and 1 hour in sanskar’s makeover, they went for trial and each has chosen a dress and got ready.
Swara: with white top having poster of a girl on it with some silver glitters,light pink mini skirt. And wore a brown leather shoes. She is having a puff at her head with loose curls.
Ragini: has also same dress as swara and hair style is also same.
( today anyone can say that they are twins by looking at their dress but still there faces are not same. Though they have worn same dress but still you can’t compare their beauty and the raise in temperature due to their hot looks. Swara is looking like eternal cutie and Ragini is looking like evergreen beauty)
Sanskar has worn a white shirt ,blue jeans, and brown jacket with brown leather shoes
Laksh is wearing the same.
Something are there, which all of them have chosen like wrist band and etc.
Laksh has come first from his trial room and waiting for others, first swaragini come their
Laksh is just surprised seeing them.
Laksh: I think I should remove this jacket, you both have raised temperature.
Swaragini in unison: thanks
Laksh: really guys I haven’t expected that even ghosts can look hot.
Swara: lucky you.
Then sanskar comes there with his new look. everyone is surprised seeing sanskar in this cool look with his cool hairstyle.
Ragini: omg, someone is looking hot today ( and makes a whistling sound)
Swara: today I m gonna flirt with you.
Sanskar: my pleasure.
Laksh: bhai today you are looking like my brother.
Ragini: please lucky, don’t fly so high, you don’t look so handsome.
Laksh: lado maa, I m not gonna leave you.
Sanskar: okk guys, now lets go to concert because it is slightly far from city. We will get late.
Swara: I can’t afford that.

Scene 3:
At concert.
After the fusion song by singers
Host: guys today we listened our main singers but we also have new fusion artists, new budding talents, heart of Kolkata, the twin sisters swaragini.
Swara and Ragini are shocked where as Laksh and Sanskar are looking at them as they know everything.
Laksh: go to stage you dumbo sisters.
Ragini: but we don’t have our instruments
Sanskar: go to stage, you will get that.
Swara and Ragini goes to stage and gives a block buster performance.
While they are performing,
Laksh: bhai, they are looking so happy na
Sanskar: yeah.
Laksh: thanks bhai, because after yesterday night I thought they will take 1 week to be okay.
Sanskar: what happened yesterday???
Till then Swaragini’s performance has ended.
and ordinance are clapping for their amazing performance.
Swara: thanks lucky,
Laksh: Sanskar, it was all bhai’s idea.
Sanskar: actually, the sponsor was my father’s business associate so I told him to give you guys a chance.
Ragini: bur how do you know that we will be able to do this
Sanskar: come on guys, as much as I know you both, you both can do anything when you are together.
Swara: thanks topper.
Sanskar: no, all credit does not go to me because lucky has told me that he wants to give you surprise, so we planned it together and he also told me that you guys don’t perform without your own instrument. And lucky was the one who brought your instruments for you through his driver.
Lucky: no girls, it all happened due to his approach.
Sanskar: lucky no
Laksh: no bhai
Sanskar: lucky
Swaragini: o god save us from sanlak bonding.
Swara: but seriously guys thank you.
They all have a group hug.
Screen freezes on their group hug.

Precap: swarag in sanlak mansion and swalak remembring their childhood memories and that fact why Ragini don’t remember anything.

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Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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