Best friends 18

Guys, I think again you didn’t liked my fan fiction but still thanks to just few people who have commented.
Recap: Laksh gets angry to his family.

Scene 1:

Morning, swaragini mansion.
Dadi: sumi, when will my dolls get up???
Dida: today they won’t marwaran, as today is saturday.
Sumi: maa, you don’t worry let me try.
Dadi: best of luck sumi, you know you will return with empty hands.
Dida: for the first time, you are righr marwaran.
Dadi: bangalan I m always right.

In swaragini’s room:
Sumi: shona, lado get up na.
There is no movement in them.
Sumi: I m going, I won’t talk to you.
But still there is no movement.
Sumi( in her mind), only your dida can wake you girls up.
Sumi sadly returns to dadi and dida.
Dadi: what happened beta???
Dida: answer is written on her disappointed face.
Sumi: don’t know, from where they have got this habbit???
Dadi: what do you mean by from where??? From their dada ji and papa, see they are also sleeping till now.
Sumi ( in a very low voice to dadi): maa, only mumma can wake all the people up.
Dadi: I know beta but she will show thousand tantrums, when I will ask her to go to them
Sumi: okkk., let me ask. Mumma do something na
Dida: okkk, but only for you not for this marwaran.
Dadi smiles at dida.
Dida: listen I have made gulab jamun, you just put those sweets in swaragini’s room.
Sumi: and what about, shekhar and papa.
Dida: for shekhar, just tell him sumi that his father in law is coming in half an hour, he will wake up, as you know he is really afraid of him. And for this marwaran’s aeji oji tell him that your mother is law is fighting with you, he will get up to scold this marwaran.

Dadi, dida and sumi works on their plan.
shekhar’s room
Sumi: shekhar, get up my dad is coming, I m so happy.
Shekhar wakes up in shock.
Shekhar: what, why is he coming and when
Sumi: why, can’t my father come to meet his daughter
Shekhar (in his mind) he does not come to meet you, he comes to scold me.
Sumi: okkk now when you have woken up. Get ready, everyone is waiting for you at dinning table.
Shekhar: ooo, so you did this to wake me up, yaar please sumi, throw a bucket of chilled water on me but don’t give me these type of shocks.

At dada ji’s room.
Sumi: papa, maa is scolding me because I put extra sugar in her tea but by mistake.
Dadaji: how dare she?? Beta you go, I will see patvati.
Dadaji starts shouting
Dadaji: parvati, parvati.
Dadi: what happened, I m here only.
Dadaji: why were you scolding my daughter???
Dadi: Ofooo, now forget that and get up.
Dadaji understood the situation.
Dadaji: sumi beta, you also. Ohhh got only my dolls support me.
In swaragini’s room.
Swara can smell gulab jamun.
Swara by removing blanket from her mouth.
Swara: lado, I think there is gulab jamun in room.
Ragini: shut up shona, I think you are dreaming about it. Please sleep and let me sleep.
Now Ragini can also smell it.
Ragini: shona, I think we both are dreaming.
Swara and Ragini both see the gulab jamun on the table
Swaragini (in unison): gulab jamun, lets eat it.
Sumi, dadi come from the gate.
Sumi: no, first go get ready.
Ragini: maa just one piece.
Dadi: no lado, go get ready
Swara: dadi just one.
Dadi: shona.
Swara and Ragini went to get ready.

Dadi, dida and sumi laugh at their successful plan.

At sanlak mansion
Ap goes to laksh’s room to wake him up but does not find him in his room.
Ap to dp: listen laksh is not in his room.
Dp: go, find him. Last night he was also worried.
Laksh: mom, dad I m here and what dad you call me lazy, look at you are still not ready. You both come, we will have breakfast together.
Ap and dp becomes happy.
At breakfast table.
Maid serves them food.
Laksh: mom, I have specially orders maid to make carrots pudding specially for dad, he likes it na.
Dp: thank you laksh.
Laksh: no dad. You don’t need to thank me and lets have breakfast guys I m hungry.
All have breakfast together after a long time.

Sanskar’s apparment
Sanskar is happy as he is going to meet that person, whom he was finding since last 2 years. But suddenly he gets a call.
Sanskar: hello dad.
Mr.mathur: sanskar where are you???
Sanskar: you know papa, I m at world tour and currently at Munich.
Mr.mathur: yeah beta I know where are you. Kolkata???
Sanskar: papa
Mr.mathur: beta, tell me don’t I and your mumma love you
sanskar: you do papa.
Mr.mathur: then why you went there.
sanskar: papa you know.
Mr,mathur: no I don’t know anything. What I know is I can’t handle your mumma now.
Sanskar: mom. What happened to mumma. Papa please tell me.
Mr.mathur: beta I beg you, not for me but atleast for you mumma leave these things.
Sanskar: but papa.
Mr.mathur: okkk just wait for 1week. We are coming then we will decide what to do. You can do this much for your parents??
Sanskar: okk papa.
Call disconnected.
Sanskar is crying that after so much effort he is still at the same point.
Then he gets call and that call made him happy, that call suddenly finished his tension.
Sanskar: hello
Swara: hey topper. Get ready we have to go to concert remember???
Sanskar: but it is in evening
Swara: so, we have to go to shopping first na, then we will have lunch in my favorite restaurant and from there we will directly leave for concert.
Swara spoke these stuff in one breath.
Sanskar: okk shona, have breath. And how will you guys come, you will drive???
Swara: no padaku, lucky will actually he is with us in our house so we are leaving. And yeah message your address.
Sanskar: okkk. I will.
Sanskar( in his mind): you are a stress buster.

Screen freezes on sanskar’s smiling face and swara’s blushing face.
Guys I know its too long but please read it, at least give feedbacks.

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  7. Hey dear! I love your ff! This is just simple and lovely! I love your words and everything is perfect! Family collaboration is awesome dear! Keep it up! Dont think that this is boring! Nowadays im reading few ff and your ff is one of them please update soon and its not long its short because I want more! Stay blessed dear and thanks alot for your lovely ff

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