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Guys thank you so much for your comments and only on your special request, this week I m going to reveal Ragini’s and laksh elder brother’s secret. So for that you have to keep reading my fan fiction. And I hope you will be happy now. Then after sometime I will reveal who is aarav. Is it cool???
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Recap: Laksh, Swara and Ragini are crying and sanskar is happy.

Scene 1
Swaragini’s room
Laksh is finally able to control his tears. He wipes his tears and goes to Ragini
Laksh: hey lado, why are you crying???
Hearing this that Ragini is crying she wipes het tears and comes to Ragini.
Swara: lado, you are crying??? But why???
Ragini: because you both are crying because of me.
Swara: who told you that we are crying??? Look at lucky, do you think that he can even cry, I mean do you really expect him to cry??? If you do then just don’t worry because tears are not his cup of tea.
Laksh: how can you say that, see even I can cry.
Laksh pretends to cry.
All laugh. ( but fake, because they all know that everyone is feeling some pain but hiding it for each other.)
Sumi: beta what are you doing here, come for dinner and lucky, dp bhai sahab has called you, you didn’t called him na thats why he was worried.
Laksh: papa was worried for me??? What a great surprise???
(Dp loves laksh, but after losing his elder son he has forgotten to show his love for his son)
Sumi eyes laksh angrily
Laksh: just kidding aunty, I will call him.
Laksh goes to call his dad. But doesn’t call him because he does not want to talk to dp.
Ragini: Shona, you are okkk na???
Swara ( hides her eyes from Ragini): yeah, why won’t I???
Ragini: You loved him???
Swara: No, you know na. I don’t believe in love and moreover you are with me, then why will I need anyone else???
Ragini: I am sorry shona
Swara: why sorry lado, I told you na , I didn’t loved him
Ragini: so you don’t miss him???
Swara: no, not at all, do you???
Ragini: no no
Swara: see thats y we are twins.
They both have a hug.
Laksh who is watching them from outside comes to them
Laksh: I am also here yaar
Swaraglak have a group hug.
Ragini in her mind: shona I know you are hurt because of me and now I promise I will get your happiness anyhow, I can sacrifice my everything for your happiness.
Laksh in her mind: girls you are my soul mates more than best friends, and I promise I won’t let anyone to hurt you both. I won’t repeat my mistake. Shona I will always be there for you and lado I won’t let you feel guilty.
Swara in her mind: lado, I know you feel guilty but believe me I am not hurt because of you, because I know you can’t hurt me ever. And lucky don’t ever feel bad that you were not here because I know you are always there for me.

Sumi: ohhh god you guys are still here, please come for dinner beta all are waiting.
Swaraglak in unison: coming.

Scene 2:

At dinner table:
Dadaji: where were you??? See ap and dp beta has also come.
Laksh: mom, dad you here???
Ap: yeah laksh, sumi called me to join them for dinner and how can we miss the chance of having dinner made by parvati ma.
Swara and Ragini runs to ap and dp to take their blessings.
Swara and Ragini hugs them.
Dp: ooo god my princesses are here, beta come home some time we all miss you both.
Ap: hmmm. After you guys have joined college, you forgot us.
Swara: no aunty, not at all we will come at sunday, I promise.
Ap: okkk, now lets have dinner.

After having dinner,
Ap, dp and laksh bids bye to everyone.
Laksh: you go with dad, I will come by my own car.
Dp: driver will take the car, come with us.
Laksh: no maa. I will come.

after reaching sanlak mansion. Both care reaches at the gap of few seconds.
Ap: you could have come with me, your dad would have felt nice.
Laksh: so does he like to spend time with me???
Ap: Laksh!!!( her voice can easily show her anger)
Laksh: what mom, you know why I love to live at swaragini’s house, because they love me, they love to spend time with me. They are happy family mom unlike us.
Ap is teary eyed silently left.
Dp is hearing all this and blaming himself.
Laksh directly goes to his room and sleeps.
After Laksh slept, Dp comes to his room.
Dp sees laksh lovingly.
Dp: beta forgive me I know, I have done wrong to you. (and caresses his hair)
Ap who is watching them from outside is crying.
Dp leaves from laksh’s room.
Laksh (who was not sleeping), has realised that his dad has overheard all his and Ap conversation. Now laksh is blaming himself that he should have not talked so rudely with his mom.
Laksh in his mind: I m sorry mom dad, but I know only one person can make you okkk. That is sanskar bhai.
Laksh: I will say sorry to mom and dad tomorrow.

Scene 3:

Sanskar is calling on that number which the man has given him
Sanskar: am I talking to mother jenny.
Jenny: yes my child say
Sanskar: mother, I need some info can I meet you tomorrow.
Jenny: sure child
Sanskar: okkk mother.

Screen freezes on Sanskar’s happy and Laksh’s hopeful face.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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