Best friends 16


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Recap: Sanskar is going to meet someone.

scene 1

Swaragini and laksh at swaragini mansion.
Sanskar has left from there without meeting swaragini’s family member because he was in hurry.

Swaraglak sees Shekhar
Ragini: papa, you came so early today.
Shekhar: why, you didn’t liked it???
Swara: papa, what do you mean??? we just loved it.
Shekhar sees laksh
shekhar: are lucky beta come na sit, came after long time!!!
Laksh: uncle, I haven’t come after long time, I come here every day to pick your princesses up but you like a perfect business man always busy.
Shekhar: hahaha beta, what to do???
Swara and Ragini are talking with each other through gestures.
Swara: what will we do now???
Ragini: don’t know. Our surprise will be ruined
everyone notices them
Shekhar: now what you both girls are cooking in your mind???
both starts stammering
swara: pa….pa ammmm no mmm nothing
Ragini: haan papa nothing.
Everyone looks Laksh as they know he must have idea that what is going on.
Laksh: Don’t look at me like this, this time I really don’t know anything.
Ragini: papa how will he know, there is a surprise for him also.
Swara: lado, what have you done. you ruined it all.
Ragini then realises what did she said
Ragini: no there is no surprise for anyone.
Everyone smiles looking at swaragini and their innocence.
Swara: its waste now to convince them.

sound of door bell
Swara: I think they came. lets go lado

there is a courier boy on the gate
boy: mam your parcel
swara: okkk
boy: thanks
Ragini: welcome

in the hall everyone is waiting for them and for their gift
Swara: so lets start with oldest one
ragini: yeah, according to age
swaragini in unison: so first will be lucky.
All are shocked and suddenly burst into laughter( except laksh)
Swara: okay okay now serious. Dadaji you always come first for us.
Ragini: and here is your gift
Dadaji: wow broach, this match with lucky kurta.
Ragini: yeah, you remember we broke it while playing when you wore it last time.
Dadaji: I remember (he then hugs swaragini)
dadaji shows her broach victoriously to dadi and dida and tells them
Dadaji: see I come first for my dolls.
Dadi: now she will take my name as after you I am for them
Dida: ofcourse they will because you are older to me na

here swaragini are confused that who should they give it first
then they think and smiles
Ragini goes to dida and swara to dadi
swara: dadi this banarsi saree for you.
Ragini: and dida the same piece for you
Dadi: oh shona, lado you both are so intelligent
dida: they will be na, they are just like me
and all smiles seeing them.
Ragini: now papa your turn
Swara: and this book for you
Ragini: it is by your favorite author
Swara: and also signed by him papa
Shekhar: thanks beta
Swara: maa its your turn, and you know what???
Ragini: guessss maaa
Sumi: beta tell me I can not wait
Swara: ofooo maa, this is a ghungroo, remember last time I tried to learn classical dancing from you and lado, due to my wrong steps I broke it.
Sumi: ofcourse I do and thanks
sumi hugs both of them.

Laksh: where is my gift???
Swaragini: we will give you in our room.
Shekhar: why, give it to him. We will also see
Swara: papa understand na, bestiiis secret
sumi: okkkk
Laksh who is happy to see their bestfriends with their family but also missing his family.
Laksh: lets have a family photo.
laksh starts to click photo,
Sumi: beta, lucky what are you doing there, come here you are also family.
Laksh smiles happily.
They have a family photo.

Scene 2:
swaraglak at swaragini’s room
Laksh: now show me my gift.
Swara: okkk, lado give it to him
Ragini: no, you give it to him
Swara: no lado
Laksh: stop it guys, give it to me
Swara: this is something, which will help you in impressing girls
Laksh, who is excited: oo really, give it to me.
Ragini gives him a book
Laksh: what the hell is this, you should have given me syllabus book, that would be better than this.
Ragini and swara gives each other hi-five.
Ragini: this book is perfect for you
Swara: yeah atleast now no girl will leave you
Laksh: by this book “how to impress a girl”
Swara: lucky tell me you really became nervous (pretending that she is serious for his situation).
Laksh: yes yaar, I felt nervous
Swara: really
swaragini starts laughing loudly
Laksh: you both are laughing, as you have kissed someone.
SWARAGINI( both say together): yeah aarav
suddenly this name brought tears in everyone’s eyes but every tears have different senses.
Ragini is crying due to guilt, a guilt of cheating her sister, a guilt of breaking her heart, a guilt of breaking her shona’s trust.
Laksh is crying because his best friend is hurt. His tears are, for giving respect to his shona, for his strong shona. he is also crying due to his helplessness that he can not do any thing for her.
Swara is trying to control her self but in vain she failed, she is not crying because she thinks her sister has cheated on her( she know she hasn’t). She is also not crying because her best friend could not help her. She is crying because she knows that her sister and her best friend is crying due to her and thats why she want to control her tears but she failed because somewhere she is helpless she can not control her tears after thinking about that AARAV.

Scene 3;

Sanskar is in that man’s house.
Man: sir here is her number talk to her
Sanskar: Yeah I will, but let me thank you first, you have done a great favor on me.
There is also tears in sanskar’s eyes but these tears are of happiness, yeah he is happy because he has moved a step ahead in his mission

Screen freezes on crying face of swaragini and sanslak.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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