Best friends 15


Guys firstly thanks for your comments and feed backs.
And second thing please relax, this is story of best friends more than of lovers so it doesn’t matter there will be swalak/ ragsan or swasan/raglak but you will see emotional bond between each other.

Recap: swalak, ragsan, swasan and raglak bond.( I know swaragini and sanlak were missing but you will see them some other day)

Scene 1:
Laksh hits swara.
Swara: ouchh, cheater we have taken a break.
Laksh: so what.
Swara: lucky, I m hungry
Laksh: bhukad, lets go to lado and bhai then we will go to canteen, okay???
Swara: okk and messes all his hairs and runs from there
Laksh: shona, cheater it was finished yaar
Swara: so what ( and goes near ragsan)
Swara: lado, topper save me from this phattoo.
Ragini: lucky, why you always tease her???
Swara: ask him.
Laksh: lado, she ruined my hair style
Ragini: it is looking better than before( and winks at swara and give her a hi- five)
Laksh: I will see you both.
Swaragini: see us now, we always look beautiful.
Swaragsan laugh.
Laksh: bhai you also
Sanskar: no lucky I m with you always.
Laksh: thats good. Now we both brothers will take revenge.
Swara: okkk, do whatever you want but first lets go to canteen, I will die due to hunger.
Ragini: even I m hungry shona.
Swara: come on we will order our favorite burger.
Ragini: yeah and with extra cheese and spice.
Sanskar: okkk now you both will come to canteen or I and Lucky should go.
Ragini: no topper we are coming.

Scene 2:
Sanskar: you guys sit her, I will get burger for you all.
Swara: with extra cheese.
Ragini: and with extra spice also.
Sanskar: okk shona, okk lado now lucky tell me do you want something extra???
Laksh: no bhai, get anything for me, I am not bhukad like them.
Swaragini eyes laksh angrily.
Sanskar: okkk.
Ragini: shona, will you continue driving classes???
Swara: driving no lado, you know na I hate learning driving rules and moreover you know it so what will I do by learning it.
Ragini: yeah but you should be self dependent.
Swara: lado,I know you will not listen to me so its waste talking to you and okkk, I will.
Ragini: thats like my good girl.
Till then Sanskar has come
Sanskar: here are your burgers, guys
Laksh: o thanks god you came bhai, I was dying
Swara: due to hunger.
Laksh: no due to your talks.
Ragini: okkk finish it fast shona and you also topper, you guys have to go for driving classes .
Sanskar: shona, you will??
Swara: yeah lado maa ordered me.
Ragini: shona, you also started.
Laksh: hahaha lado ma
Swara: hey don’t you dare lucky to tease my sister, only I have the right.
Ragini: yeah.
Sanskar then gets a call. Sanskar sees the number and gets tensed
Sanskar: excuse me guys, urgent call
Swaraglak: sure

Sanskar on phone
Sansker: yeah, what happened I told you not to call on college time
Unknown man: sorry sir, but there was a good news.
Sanskar: what???
man: I got the her number.
Sanskar: what, thanks thanks a lot
Man: its my duty sir, and mathur sir was asking about you, somehow I managed but you have to finish it soon, I cant manage it for so long
Sanskar: sure, I will try.
Man: meet me in 45 minutes at my apartment.
Sanskar: okkk

Sanskar is confused, what to say to swaraglak
Sanskar: sorry shona. Today I can’t teach you as I have to go somewhere, its urgent. I hope you don’t mind.
Swara who is a bit sad that but also happy because now she does not need to learn driving, at least for today.
Swara: sure, you can go master ji.
Sanskar: but I can drop you as I have to go in same direction.
Laksh: but now I have to go alone,
Ragini: why??? I will come with you and shona with topper. Right topper???
Sanskar: yeah that will be good.
( his voice clearly shows his excitement).

Scene 3

in car,
Ragini is with laksh and swara is with sanskar
Ragini: lucky, so tell me what about your new girlfriend
Laksh: don’t ask yaar lado, she was boring so I left her
Ragini: you left her or she left you.
Laksh: (starts stammering) no, no, I lllleft her.
Ragini: just shut up lucky, I know what happened.
Laksh: you don’t know anything. Why will she leave me. I m the best
Ragini: yeah she left you because she tried to kiss you and you got nervous and failed to kiss her.
Laksh: no I tried but you know na, I haven’t kissed anyone so got nervous. But anyway how you got this info???
Ragini: even we sisters have sources lucky. So now you believe that lado knows everything.
Laksh: whatever and tell me shona also knows this
Ragini: yeah
Laksh: ooo god, she will tease me
Ragini: awww mr.phattoo.
And pulls his cheeks.

Sanskar starts the music.
The song was ishhq wala love.
aaj kuch ishq wala love
Swara: its funny na
Sanskar: what
Swara: love
Sanskar: what is funny in love
Swara: everything about it is funny.
Sanskar: so you don’t believe in love???
Swara: no, do you???
Sanskar: don’t know
Swara: ditto lado, whenever I ask this question to her she always says don’t know. You and I are opposite.

Sanskar: yeah but you know what opposite attracts and like repels
Swara: yeah sometimes but like things always don’t repel. Sometimes it increases comfortability . Like see me and lucky we are same. You know sometimes when I see lucky, I feel like I m looking in mirror.
sanskar: but you are not flirt
Swara: oh dude, you don’t know me, I am lucky’s guru in flirting. I haven’t started it in college because I have not seen such guy in college.
Sanskar who is sad because swara does not think that she can flirt with him.
Sanskar: so what type of guy are you finding to flirt with.
Swara: handsome. Nice but yeah should not get hurt by my flirting.
Sanskar: hmmm???
Swara: yeah topper I don’t want to hurt anyone because of my enjoyment
Sanskar thinking swara you are really great, as much as I see you, I know you ,my love fir you gets increased.
Sanskar eyes him lovingly
Swara: what why are you seeing me like this
Sanskar: you are really sweet.
And pulls her cheek.
Swara: that I know

Screen freezes on separate pics of raglak and swasan

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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