Best friends 14

Guys thanks for your comments, feedbacks and questions. And one more thing I know you want me to reveal suspense but wait for some time and you will know all facts but till then please keep reading my fan fiction and comment also.
Today I am trying something new, I hope you will like it, if you wont then just tell me I wont do the same in next fan fiction.

Recap: laksh is angry to swara because she is enjoying sankar’s attention and moreover she is giving sanskar attention

Scene 1:
In college garden
Swaragsan are in garden whereas laksh is in parking area.
Swara’s eyes are full with tears because her lucky has scolded her.
Sanskar is happy for what swara said but also angry to laksh for what he has done to swara.
Ragini is confused where to go and she is also angry on laksh for how he has scolded her sister.
Laksh is tensed about his own behaviour and thinking how to say sorry.
Now Ragini is sure she should go to laksh and make him feel sorry.
Ragini leaves to go to laksh.
Sanskar comes near swara,
Sanskar: don’t worry shona, lucky will come in sometime and say you sorry.
Swara: but what have I done??? I am sorry that I was teasing you but you are my friend don’t I have this much right on you???

Sanskar who is happy that swara feels that she has right on him but controls his emotions
Sanskar: obviously you have.
Swara: no, lucky thinks that you are only his bhai, not my friend
Sanskar: I m your friend shona, and no matter whatever anyone says you have full right on me.
Swara is overwhelmed for what sanskar said. swara is thinking( sanskar what you said made me realise after a long time that I m also special for someone and that someone is not lado, lucky and my family) and wipes her tears and hugs him tightly.
Swara with a smile: promise???
Laksh: promise.
Swasan breaks their hug.
Laksh: I am sorry, I overreacted and obviously you have full rights on him, I am no one to stop you.
Swara: lucky I am habitual of forgiving you, but this is a pakka promise.
Lucky: pakka promise.
Swara who is really happy, comes to laksh and gives him a side hug.
Sanskar: ooo god, they are in college and look at their childish fights.
Ragini who heard him, replies to him
Ragini: ae umar, tumne dhyaan se shayad suna nahi
Tu chhin sakti hai humse bachpan humara, par bachpana nahi.
Sanskar: hmmmm. True suits on all 3 of you. But I didn’t knew yaar that you do poetry also.
Ragini: you will come to know all my faces slowly slowly.
Swalak breaks their hug.
Swara: lucky, but how you realised your mistake so soon.
Laksh: shona, I am the best you know.
Laksh winks at Ragini.

Scene 2
At parking area when ragini comes to laksh.
Laksh: lado please leave yaar. This time I m not sorry, she was giving all her attention to bhai.
Ragini: agar unki hothon ki muskarahat humari wajah se ho ,to hum khush hote hai
Agar wo dukh ho to humaari aankho pe aashuon ke pehre hoth hai
Hum khafa sirf unse hote hai
Jinse rishtey gehrey hote hai
Ragini: aur jinse aisa rishta ho na lucky, unse gussa nahi hona chahiye.
Laksh: I know lado, but you saw na
Ragini: saw what lucky??? That she was giving her full attention to topper, lucky topper is also her friend as you are so how can she differentiate??? And moreover she is your best friend how can you hurt her???
Laksh: yeah, I m such a big fool, how can I do this to my shona, sorry lado
Ragini: say sorry to her
Laksh: I will say sorry to her but a bigger sorry to you because I know when you see shona sad you become more sad.

Ragini: okkk, enough of buttering me lets go and don’t you dare hurting my sister again.
Laksh: ok baba.
Laksh and Ragini leaves from there
Laksh suddenly stops in mid way
Ragini: what???
Laksh hugs ragini
Laksh: lado,you are simply the best, thats why I love you yaar. You have given me a big lesson today that there can be someone more important than me in your and shona’s life but how can I hurt you and shona as you guys are most important for me. Thanks lado, for making me realise this. you are the best not just best you are bestest.
suddenly silence of few seconds in atmosphere as they are also busy in listening the sound of two hearts beating together.
Then they break their hug after realising their closeness.
Laksh and Ragini both are feeling awkward.
Laksh: lets go.
Ragini: yeah.
Flashback ends.

Scene 3:
Again in garden
Swara: so guys do we need to give you both invitation. Can’t you see your shona needs a hug from all member of bestii group.
Ragsan come to swalak and they all have a group hug.
Ragini: ohhh shit,
Swara: what happened lado.
Ragini: actually shona we forgot to tell them that tomorrow is Saturday.
Swara: they have a calendar lado and they will know.
Sanlak laughs.
Ragini: ni shona, tomorrow is Saturday so we will not come to college and we…
Swalak in unison: and we will sleep whole day
Ragini: no guys stop it.
Sanskar: shona, lucky stop it yaar let her complete.
Swara and Laksh put their finger on their lips.( like a baby)
Ragini: shona tomorrow is saturday and we all have to go to concert.
Swara: yeah, I forgot sorry lado.
Ragini: its okkk shona.
Laksh: another concert, no I will not.
Ragini: you will, lucky
Laksh: no lado, no and you won’t take any promise.
Ragini: you broke the last one and told everything to topper, so for compensation you have to promise that you will come.
Laksh: okkk lado maaa, I will.
Ragini: thats like my good boy.
Swara: and topper what about, don’t you dare to say no.
Sanskar: but I was saying yes.

Swara: thats good. You don’t show tantrums unlike your brother.
And swara runs from there
Laksh: hey shona you
Laksh runs behind her.
Ragini: do you even know M of music topper.
Sanskar: no
Ragini: then
Sanskar: you know lado I can go to even hell If she asks me to do that.
Ragini: you are mad for my sister.
Sanskar; yes I am mad for her but I want myself to be in senses, so I can collect all moments I spend with her.
I can even die for her but I want to live my life with her
I can even go to hell for her but I wish her to be in heaven always.
I love her but I will not pressurize her ever to love me back.
Ragini: so sweet but all wishes for shona. Not for me
Sanskar: you are also special for me lado, you know what you are the first person who has called me friend, because before that everyone used to call me padaku, I didn’t even have a single friend before you. So don’t you dare to think that you are even a bit less than shona to me.
Ragini is so happy that finally she has someone who can change her shona’s opinion about love. And gives him a side hug.

Laksh is running behind swara.
Swara: break, I am tired
Laksh: even I am. Lets sit on bench.
Swara holds laksh’s hand and let her head rests on laksh’s shoulder.
Laksh:( caresses her cheeks), I m sorry shona
Swara: shhhh lucky, I told you I am habitual of forgiving you.
They both smile.

Screen freezes on separate pics of ragsan and swalak hug

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