Best friends 13


Guys have some patience and yeah I will reveal ragini’s secret before than that of swara and sanskar so don’t worry.
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Recap: all are lost in their thoughts.

Scene 1
Swaragini’s study room
Swara: ohooo lado. Now where are you lost???
Ragini: na no nowhere( ragini is stammering).
Swara: okkk, chill
Ragini: shona, so you are liking his attention???( in a teasing manner)
Swara: yeah Lado I m. But don’t fly so high lado I have not fallen for him.
Ragini: I didn’t even said that.
Swara cutting her lips in nervousness
Swara: yeah but I know you very well after sometime you will start asking this question.
Ragini: ooooo. But tell me seriously, you have not fallen for him na???(and laughs)
Swara: lado, you are laughing at me, let me tell you even I know whom are you thinking about.
Ragini( again stammers): no no, I I was thinking.
Swara interrupts her
Swara: he studies in college???
Ragini: no shona, no
Swara then sees lucky is calling ragini
Swara: lado lucky
Ragini gets confused that swara found, she was thinking about laksh
Ragini: no shona, i was not thinking
Swara: ofooo my lado, lucky is calling you
Ragini takes a deep breath n feels relaxed
Ragini: ooo lucky is calling me( n smiles victoriously, that swara could not find out the truth)
Ragini picks up the call
Ragini: hey lucky
Laksh: lado maa what is the temperature of your room
Ragini: why, what do u mean
Lucky: dumbo, shona is angry na so temperature would be obviously high
Ragini: no no, not at all because she is not even upset with topper, she is just doing this to tease him
Laksh: oh god, and my bhai is tensed, now I m gonna tell him the fact
Ragini: no, you will not say anything to him, promise me.
Laksh: but why?
Ragini: because I m saying this
Laksh: okkk lado maa as you say n gud nit and tell your sister not to tease my brother.
Ragini: ohooo lucky. Wow n bye.
Swara( while Ragini is talking over phone, thinking about Ragini’s strange behavior.)
swara in her mind, lado was behaving so strange, am I right that someone in college, no lado would have told me.

Sumi: ohhh god, what has happened to my daughters, they are in study since last 3 hrs.
Swara: maa, you only ask us to study n now when we are doing you are making fun of us.
Sumi: okkk nautanki, lets go for dinner your papa n dadaji have come back, comeon
Ragini: papa came back,
Swara: yeah we last met him yesterday before going to college.
They shouts papaaaaa
Sumi: mad girls

Scene 2
dinning area of swaragini mansion
Swara and Ragini come to Shekhar and hug him tightly.
Swara: what papa, you are so busy you don’t even get time to meet your princesses
Ragini: yeah, we will punish you.
Shekhar: okk my princesses, I m ready.
Ragini and Swara sees their dadaji

Swara and Ragini hug their dadaji.
Ragini: even you deserve punishment dadaji.
Dadaji: okk my dolls.I m ready.
Dadi, dida and sumi are serving food.
Dadi: see them, at the time of food they remember us, but for giving love only papa and dadaji.
Swaragini in unison: dadi, dida n maa first feed us then we will give you our precious attention.
Dida: hmmm?
Swara: n yeah there should be gulab jamun.
Shekhar and Dadaji laugh seeing them.
Ragini: you both don’t laugh.
Swara: think about the punishment.
Sumi: okkk talk after having dinner, come
All have dinner happily.
after having dinner.
Dadaji: my dolls give me punishment before that I will give them surprise
Swaragini: surprise???
Shekhar: yeah

dadaji gives a veena to Ragini and guitar to Swara.
Swaragini: wow dadaji you are best. Okkm we forgive you no punishment for you.
Shekhar: and there are tickets,
Swara: tickets
Shekhar: yeah, there are 4 tickets of a music concert, it is fusion of western n classical.
Ragini: but how do you know, that we have a new friend
Shekhar: your maa told me
Swaragini: thanks maa. You are the best.
Dadi: and what about dadi, who made gulabjamun for you.
Swaragini: you are also the best
Dida: and this dida, who has hand made chocolates for you.
Swara: do you guys want something from us
Shekhar, sumi, dada, dida and dadi in unison noooo
Ragini: then why are you giving us so much surprises.
Dadi: can’t we pamper our dolls.
Swaragini: awww so sweet.
Dadi: no go get sleep, otherwise tomorrow you will show tantrums in waking up.
Swaragini says good night to everyone. And go to their room.
They sleep as they are tired.

Scene 3:
morning at college.
All in garden as there are no classes today.
Sanskar is trying to grab swara’s attention, whereas swara is smiling inside and showing anger outside and enjoying her friend’s attention.
Ragini and Laksh are watching this.
Ragini is enjoying whereas laksh can not see that his brother is suffering and moreover he can not see that swara is enjoying someone’s attention and thinking about someone else so deeply (Guys I m not saying that laksh love swara thats why he is jealous, he is jealous because swara is sharing swalak’s time with someone else)
Laksh: shona, now its enough
Swara: what???
Laksh: if you are not upset with bhai then tell him, why are you doing this.
Swara: lucky I was just teasing him.
Laksh: okkk, but everything looks good in limits and you are…
Swara: what I m, he is my friend n I will treat him however I want, I don’t need to ask you.
Laksh: do whatever you want.

And leaves angrily.
Swaragsanslak all are confused.
Swara is confused that why laksh is behaving like this.
Ragini is confused that what to do, go to console swara or laksh
Laksh is confused about his own behaviour
Sanskar is confused and happy about what swara said that he is my friend and I will treat him however she wants.

Screen freezes on separate confused pics of swaragsanlak.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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    update nxt part soon

  5. pls give importance to ragini also

    1. I will try my best

  6. Deepa can u tell me that laksh loves swara or ragini? im confused

    1. Hey they all are best friends and laksh admires swara, he just thinks that no one can be like her so he just wants swara to be happiest. Swara is his first priority but ragini… Ragini is the one with whom laksh loves to fight, laksh loves to spend time with her more than he loves to do with anyone even with swara.

    2. And yeah today if there would be Ragini at swara’s place then laksh would feel the same, because its human nature yaar. He is feeling like no one is giving importance to him thats y he is upset

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