Best friends 12


Thanks again to all reader whether they have commented or not and special thanks to regular readers.
And yeah I want to make something clear to you guys. I have tried to keep 3 past events
1. Dp and Ap has lost their son, and sanskar is mathur’s adopted son
2. As you have noticed that Ragini does not remember any thing about her childhood.
3. You have noticed Laksh talking with himself about swara’s past and in my starting part Ragini was also regretting her decision which she has taken in past for her shona.

Now I think I m ready to write next but I will request to readers to read above given points.

Recap: Ragini asking swara and laksh to answer sanskar’s question.

Scene 1:
In canteen.
Ragini: shona, lucky again you are not saying please tell me why I don’t remember anything about our childhood whereas you guys do.
Laksh: see we both are smart and we use our mind in useful things but you lado maa, you use your mind in obeying elders and shouting at me that’s why you don’t remember.
Ragini (looking angrily at swara and laksh)
Swara: don’t look at me like this, in this I agree with him.
And laksh and Swara give hi-five. And run from there.
Ragini: shona, lucky I m not gonna leave you.
Sanskar: even I will help you, I know you have small mind but how can they say it in front of you.
Ragini: exactly
Then suddenly Ragini realise that what sanskar said
Ragini: topper you also
All laugh except Ragini, she is trying to catch them to punish them.
Ragini hits her leg in table and act that she is deeply hurt.
Ragini( screaming for help): aaah aah shona, its paining
Swara: lado, lado what happened. I m sorry this all is due to me I should have not made you run behind us. I m sorry lucky, topper( she screams loudly, as they both went outside escaping).
Laksh(as soon he sees them): shona what happened to lado.
Sanskar: come on we will go to hospital. We should not get late as it can be dangerous.
Laksh: shona, don’t cry she will be fine, come lado, o sorry I forgot you cant walk, what to do.
Swara is continuously crying and Ragini gets teary eyed seeing their concern for her and specially Swara.
Ragini: but listen
Sanskar interrupts her
Sanskar: no but lado, we should leave lucky you get the car I and shona will come with Lado.
Swara: we are sorry lado( and is continuously crying).
Ragini: no I m sorry, I just acted to bring you guys here as I was not able to catch you but I haven’t thought that you guys will take it seriously. I m sorry( she starts crying).
sanlak come to her
Laksh: so what, why are you crying dumbo, its okkk
Sanskar: yeah lado, everyone acts, its not a big deal. Come on getup you both( to swaragini)
Swara is quiet.
Ragini: shona???
Swara: are you mad??? If something would have happened to you then???
Ragini hugs her
Ragini: sorry shona.
( one person can only perform one role in your life but a sister she performs all role
She hugs you and consoles you when you are not with your mother
She always brings chocolate and gifts for you, when your father is not with you
She protects you when you are alone just like a brother
She is the one who can keep all your secrets safe just like your best friend
She gets romantic to you to make you happy when you you miss your boyfriend
She teases you so that you can enjoy
She forces you to be happy always because she is you sister)
Swara: no lado I m sorry
Ragini: no shona
Swara: lado
Ragini: shona
Sanlak in unison: not again, save us from these mad sisters
All laugh and leave the canteen

Scene 2
driving classes
swara and sanskar on the road, outside the college gate with sanskar’s car
Laksh and Ragini are at the tea stall near college.
Swara: see master ji, I agree that you are my teacher but rules will be mine and you have to follow this otherwise you know na??
Sanskar: okkk student ji
Swara (smiles looking sanskar’s innocence): first rule you will not be hard on me and second rule you will not tell about my mistakes to anyone, anyone means no one, not even your dumbo bhai. Okkk???
sanskar: yes shona mam now can we proceed.
swara: ji master ji
Sanskar goes and open car gate for swara.
Swara goes to driving seat thinking that sanskar wants to see her driving skills.
Sanskar feels strange but smiles at her cuteness.
Swara: see topper I know basic driving but I get confused when someone comes in front of me and at curved turns also. I will show you
Sanskar: go ahead
Swara starts driving.
Sanskar: please tie your seat belt.
Swara: topper, I know traffic rules and see we are at turn what to do topper???
Sanskar: break
Swara: tell me what to do na
In this mean time swara’s car hits a tree.
Swara was falling as she has not tied her seat belt but sanskar stops her with his hands.
Sanskar: are you okk??
swara: yeah I m fine, thanku if you were not
Sanskar interrupts her and scolds her
Sanskar: what do you think of yourself??? I told you to tie seat belts but no you are shona, you always do what you want whether you are right or not, what if something would have happened to you???
Swara is crying and listening all his? scoldings with her eyes down.
Swara: No one except Lado has scolded me like this, you broke rule number 1. I wont take classes by you and I will not even talk to you.
Sanskar smiles at her childish complaints and swara get out of the car and starts walking to raglak.
Sanskar follows her.
Laksh is still upset with Ragini
Ragini: sorry lucky.
Laksh: no lado I m not angry with you I m just thinking what if you were not acting
Ragini: then you guys would be in hospital with me.
Laksh: stop joking lado and you should see shona’s face she was dying by seeing you like that. And I was dying by seeing her like that.
Ragini is happy seeing laksh’s concern for swara and pulls his cheek.
Ragini: don’t worry lucky, I m sure topper ooops your bhai will make her fine.
Till then swasan come there.
Swara hugs laksh
Swara: lucky your bhai scolded me, you will scold him na???
Laksh is confused what to answer and thought to keep quiet.
Swara: lucky you will not scold him
Lucky: yeah shona, I will but later. First tell me what happened
Swara tells raglak whole incidend and smiles but hide their smiles seeing swara’s angry face.
Swara: lucky drop me home otherwise I will drive.
Laksh scared for his car as swara is gonna drive it.
Laksh: yeah coming, but please you don’t drive my car.
Swara and laksh move towards car.
Ragini: what have you done, made her angry in your very first day.
Sanskar: sorry yaar but I got concerned
Ragini: I understand but
Sanskar: but I enjoyed her friendly scoldings
Ragini: you are mad topper
Sanskar: yeah for your sister and smiles.
Swara: lado, you are coming with us or not?
Ragini: coming shona.
They all leave and sanskar smiles at swara.
Laksh at gate of swaragini mansion.
Laksh: bye girls
Swaragini in unison bye

Scene 3
all at their respective residence
Sanskar is smiling remembering swara’s scolding and her childish talks.
Sanskar: she is mad but I love her.
Laksh is watching wallpaper of his phone, which is pic of swaragsanslak.
Laksh: I did not told you lado but I was not only dying to see pain in swara’s eyes but was also dying to see you in pain. I want you both to be always with me and smiles seeing wallpaper
Ragini: shona sanskar is continuously calling, talk to him
Swara smiling thinking about sanskar’s concern.
Swara: lado let me enjoy his attention na
Ragini: so you are enjoying topper’s attention
Swara: yeah don’t you enjoy lucky’s attention
and again swara get lost in thinking about sanskar
Ragini then thinks about laksh’s concern for her and smiles.
Screen freezes at sepparate pics of swara, ragini, sanskar and laksh smiling.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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