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Hey guys sorry for late update as I was traveling but I m here again. Nd thanks to all readers whether they have commented or not.

Recap: Sanskar’s meeting with gadodias

Scene 1:
Sanlak and gadodias( except dadaji n shekhar because they are in office) in main hall after having lunch.
Sanskar: aunty thank you food was really awesome nd I enjoyed a lot here
Sumi: no beta pleasure was all ours
Then sumi caresses his cheeks nd blesses him
Sumi: god bless you beta.
Sanskar: thanks aunty
Laksh: I m also here aunty
Sumi: god bless you lucky and caresses his cheeks also
Swara: see lado now mom has got her sons. So no one will ask us
Ragini: yeah shona I think we should go to ap aunt.( by making sad face)
Laksh: go even she will note love when she will know that you both are bhutiya.
Sumi: oo god what to do? Come here dramebaaz
Swaragini go to sumi
And sumi, swaragsanslak have a group hug
Dadi: now you all have mom so you will not come to grandmom
Dida: if it is so then I wont help you all in getting permissions from…
Swaraglak interrupt her and says in unison
We are coming.

Then they also have a group hug.
Sanskar: okk I should leave now. Its getting late.
Sumi: shona, lado go with him beta.
Sanskar bids bye to everyone n leaves.
At the entry gate of swaragini mansion.
Sanskar: thanks shona n lado I had a great time.
Laksh: ooo nd what about me.
Sanskar: okkk lucky thanks to you too.
Laksh: bas pagle ab rulayega ka kya, bhai hoke shukriya kehta hai.
All laughs.
Sanskar n laksh leave in their separate car.

Scene 2:
Sanskar( is thinking in his own mind) why they were behaving like this, as they know me n when lucky told them that I m sanskar mathur then they all get disappointed. But anyway I m happy because swara’s family liked me.
Then he blushes by her memories. He remembers when swara shaken him at college parking area nd feels her touch by touching his shoulders. He remebers when swara called his name for the first time (when you called me I felt like I m not the old one
When you touched me I felt like yes you are the one)
Laksh in his elder brother’s room.
Laksh is in front of their childhood photo.
Laksh: bhai, after you have gone, our happiness has also gone, thats why I have brought a new brother for me, a new son for maa, papa. Because I know you will not come back, I know we have lost you but I can’t say this to maa, papa. But I know the fact that’s why I m doing this.
Bhai do not ever think that I will give your place to him I m just doing this for my maa, papa. For our maa, papa.

Then he sees the childhood pic of swaragini n sanlak and smiles seeing swaragini’s pic
Laksh ( in his mind) shona whenever you show your care for me I just feel like I m in the heaven, that time you just climb 1 step higher in my eyes. Nd what happened 2 years ago an girl would have changed herself but you, you are just amazing n you know what you are at the top most for me. And then he sees Ragini’s pic
Lado what to tell about you I simply love you, I love to fight with you I love to spend time with you more than I love to do it with any one and moreover I love you because same as me for you also swara is most important person.

Scene 3:

In morning:
At maheshwari mansion
Ap: lucky finish you breakfast
Laksh: but maa,
Ap: lucky nd eyes him angrily.
Laksh: maa I will be late I have to go to bhutiya mahal, otherwise that shona will kill people by her driving.
Ap: don’t talk like this nd have this in your free hour with shona n lado, I have made it with my own hands.
Laksh: maa, say it directly na beta give these gulabjamuns to that bhutiya sisters make sure that they eat it completely.
Ap: go, now you are not getting late.
Laksh smiles: ok bye maa.
At gadodia mansion
Sumi: shona, lado come have breakfast.
Swara: yeah maa.
Swara: maa where is papa, he will not take breakfast today.
Ragini: nd dadi n dida is also not here.
Sumi: dear, he and dadaji came late yesterday so I thought not to disturb them. N dadi n dida went to temple
Ragini: maa, we are done, bye maa
Sumi: wait wait
Ragini: yeah maa
Sumi: take this kheer, I have made it for you all specially.
Swara: maa we know, you have made this for your sons not for us.
Ragini: yeah. We do not like kheer maa
Sumi: dramebaaz, go otherwise you will be late.
Sumi( in her mind, if this sanskar is mine then he will surely love this kheer)
Swaragini at their gate, when will he come.
Laksh: I m here girls.

At college.
Laksh: bhai has already come, here is his car.
Ragini: but where is he???
Laksh: how will I know, you are lado maa, who knows everything tell me where is he?
Ragini: no phattoo. He is your brother you tell me
Swara: lucky yaar call topper, I can not handle you both.
Laksh eyes her angrily
Swara: okkk sorry call your bhai
Laksh on the phone
Laksh: where are you bhai?
Sanskar: coming, nd for you all I have a good news, due to upcoming cultural fest, teachers are busy do there is no class today.
Laksh: yeah, come on bhai come fast
Sanskar: yeah I know you will be the happiest. Coming.
Swara: what happened???
sanskar: actually shona, for today classes are over.
Swaragini:( in unison) hurrah
Sanskar: o god, all are same. Okkk so now what we are gonnna do?
Ragini: we have a surprise for you both
Laksh: even I have for you bhutiye sisters
Sanskar: n I also have surprise but for all of us.
Swara: okk lets go to canteen

At canteen
Swara: our mom made kheer for you both,( in an angry voice)
Laksh: n what about my mom. She made gulab jamuns for you girls.
Swaragini: ohhh gulab jamun where is it???
Laksh: first you give us kheer.
Sanskar: but lado, shona how does your mom know that I love kheer.
Lucky: because she is a mom bhai she knows everything.
Swara: now what is your surprise topper
Sanskar: chocolates
Swaraglak: chocolates, wow.
All eat together
Swaragsanslak in unison moms are best.
Sanskar: so tell me something about your childhood memories
Ragini: do not ask me topper, I do not remember anything only they know about our childhood.
Sanskar: but why???
Swara: leave it
Ragini: always like this they both ignore this why???

Screen freezes on ragsan question mark faces nd swalak nervous faces.

Guys I m sure you would have noticed that always when swalak discuss about their childhood memories n sanskar they do not involve Ragini so what is the reason? You will come to know very soon

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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