Best friends 10


Thanks for you comments, seriously whenever I see nice comments on my post, I just feel like amazing. And yeah sanskar will come to know very soon that laksh is his brother.

Recap: sweet fights between swaragini.

Scene 1
Swara’s eyes are full of tears, she just feels like that her bestie group is complete now. She goes into flashback of her childhood where laksh, laksh’s elder brother and swaragini are having a group hug.
Ragini: where are you lost shona???( her voice clearly shows that she was crying sometimes before)
Swara noticed her voice and says
Swara: oh my lado don’t think that by crying you will get your chocolate back.
Ragini smiles.
Ragini: I don’t even want that, you just keep it and always keep smiling.
Swara: awww so sweet, okkk have one part.
Swara gives Ragini half of the chocolate.
Ragini: no shona I don’t want this, you keep it.
Swara: no lado, i have already eaten mine, it is yours, please take it.
Ragini: no shona
Swara: yes lado.
Sanskar is seeing swara and thinking she loves her sister a lot so sweet. Whereas laksh is being irritated due to swaragini talks.
Laksh: not again,
Then laksh imitates swaragini
Laksh: no no shona, yes lado, shona, lado.
Laksh: if you both will not eat these chocolate, me and bhai will have it.
Swaragini eat their share in just few seconds and sanskar is giving them disgusted look for how they are eating.
Laksh: bhai do not look at them like this, they are crazy for chocolates and gulab jamun. And you know what they share these two things with just each other not even with uncle aunt.
swaragini’s mouth are still full with chocolates and they are struggling to swallow it.
And sanslak smiles looking at them.just then Sanskar looks at the chocolate stuck on swara’s lips and signs her to wipe but swara does not understand. Ragini notices this.
Ragini: topper sorry i mean laksh’s bhai. Swara wont get it just wipe it with your handkerchief.
Sanskar wipes it and swasan shares an eyelock. Whereas ragini is busy in watching swasan and laksh is trying to call his mom to tell her that he will be late.
Swara: thanks topper.
Laksh on phone
Laksh: maa I will be late, as shona has joined new driving class and we will be there with her.
Ap: ooo wow. Okkk beta.
Swara listens his talk.
Swara: no we will learn driving from tomorrow.
Ragini: not we, only you shona(and laughs at her).
Swara looks at her making sad face.
Laksh: yeah right, we know driving and before taking leave ask your teacher.
swara made her face like a bechari( poor girl)
Swara: masterji can I take leave today, actually my dida is to come so we have to go.
Sanskar is overwhelmed seeing swara’s childishness. But is disappointed also as he has thought that while driving classes he will spend some alone time with swara,( its not like that he does not like to spend time with raglak he loves to but you know na, how this love is.)but he accepts her leave request and acts like a teacher.
Sanskar: okkk I accept it today but next day I will not hear any excuse. Any doubt???
swaraglak in unison: nooooo sir.
All laugh together.
All come into parking.
Ragini: shona, now I will drive.
Swara: jo hukum mere aaka.
Laksh: no need, I will drop you guys because if something happened to you guys then before shekhar uncle my papa will say, lucky you are useless, you can not even take care of my princesses, your friends. Just leave my house, I do not want to see your face.( he says all this imitating dp).
Ragini: but what about the car.
Laksh: call your driver.
swara: he is on leave mr.dumbo
Laksh: okkk I will call my driver ms.dumbo.
Swara thinks something and says in a teasing way.
Swara: what about your new girlfriend lucky??? If she would scold you then???
Laksh: shona, papa’s scolding is more scary than that of my girlfriend.
Sanskar: okkk guys. Lets leave
Swara: bye masterji and winks at him
Sanskar smiles looking them.
Then suddenly that childhood group photo comes in swara’s mind and she loudly says
Swara: sanskar wait.
Sanskar is happy that finally swara took her real name and his thinking goes on.
Swara shakes her
Swara: Sanskar, you again lost your senses.
Raglak laughs at sanskar
Sanskar who is still lost in thoughts came back to his senses.
Sanskar: yeah I mean, no shona leave it yaar
Tell me. What happened
Swara: can we all have a group photo. Actually I have to post it on social sites. That there is new entry in besties group.
Sanskar is happy and say sure.
Laksh is teary eyed because he knows, why swara is doing this and through his eyes he says her thanks and swara also says anything for you through her eyes.
Ragini is happy because she is thinking that finally swara is thinking something about sanskar.
They all smile and clicked a photo where swara and ragini is on middle and laksh is adjacent to ragini and sanskar is adjacent to swara.
swara: masterji why don’t you join us, i m sure my family members will love you.
Ragini: yeah topper plzzzz
Laksh: haan bhai, come.
Sanskar who can not lose the chance of impressing swara’s family impatiently nods yes.

Scene 2:
swaragini and sanslak at entry gate of swaragini mansion.
Laksh: see bhai this is swaragini mansion, palace of these ghosts.
Sanskar: lucky you, if these bhutiya will hear us then we are gone.
Ragini who is hearing them whereas swara is busy with door bell
Ragini: topper you also, okkk I will tell this to shona.
Sanskar: no no only lucky was saying.
Ragini: better for you.
Swara: lado no one is opening it yaar
Laksh: hahaha. Even their family agreed that they are bhutiya thats why they are not opening it.
Swara eyes him angrily
Sanskar: shut up bro, she will kill us.
Laksh: I m not afraid of her.
Ragini: look shona who is talking, i think we need to remind him that story.
Swara: yeah, you know what topper
Laksh interrupts her
Laksh: lado maa n u shona you guys wont say anything to my brother even he will consider me phattoo.
Swara: that you are n even your bhai should know how his brother is.
Laksh: if I m phattoo then you guys are bhutiya.
Sanskar: what story?
Laksh: bhai you wont listen to them , cant you do this much for me.
Sanskar agrees and smiles seeing laksh.
Just then the door opens.
Scene 3:
Sumi: ohhh god you guys are again fighting.
Swara: leave that dumbo maa. Where is dida???
Sumi: go she is waiting for you girls.
Swaragini runs to dida’s room without introducing sanskar to their mom.
Sumi: come na beta,
She then notices Sanskar
Sumi: come beta, are you their friends
Laksh: no aunty he is friend of swaragini only, but for me he is my brother.
Sumi: what! He is our sanskar. Beta you came back.( her eyes are full of tears, since laksh’s elder brother was eldest among all four kids so ap n sumi both loved him like his own mother and even shekhar loved him like father)
Sanskar is confused that how swara’s mother know his name.
Laksh just sees this and says
Laksh: aunty he reads in our college and came from mumbai. Sanskar mathur
Sumi then realises that he is not her sanskar and gets upset
Sumi: come inside beta.
Swaragini came to hall with their dida n dadi.
Swara sees sanskar and gives a naughty smile.
Swara: dida see I got new n perfect partner for you.
Dadi: shona, now your dida came so you forgot me. Where is my perfect match
Dida: ae marwaran, swara must have understood that no one can live with you.

And their usual fight starts.
Sumi, her eyes are still full with tears.
Sumi: come lets have lunch
All go to dinning table.
Dida and dadi comes to sanskar n says beta, what your name is.
Sanskar: sanskar
Dida and dadi got emotional and says beta you
Swara: dida. Dadi he is our classmate
Dida: ooo I thought,
Sanskar is confused with their behaviour.
but his happy that swara’s family is impressed with him.
at dinning table
Sumi serves food and all eats happily.
Screen freezes on everyone’s happy mood.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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