Best friends 1

Scene 1
Laksh (in blue suit, looking really handsome) waiting for Swara and Ragini (outside their house).
Laksh calling Swara …
Laksh: where the hell are you girls. I am waiting for you
Swara: o sorry sorry lucky to make you wait.
Swara: just close your eyes and we will be there.
Laksh: what is this drama n all??? And why to close eyes???
Swara: because I asked you to do. And you cant do this for me( making a childish sound).
Laksh: Shona your emotional drama always works.
Laksh closed his eyes and waiting for both…
Suddenly he heard the sound of anklets and bangles.
He then opened his eyes and saw swara and ragini he is just amazed to see them because before this he has only saw them in school dresses and night suits but today the are looking like princess swara in purple and ragini in chocolate colour gown.
Laksh you are looking like princess
Swara and Ragini: thanx
Laksh: making a funny face he said, you are looking like princess of bhutiya mahal(palace of ghosts ).
Swara: you… I wont leave you.
Laksh: ok ok take this revenge some other time we are getting late for our fresher’s party.
swara and ragini nods yes.
sumi and shekhar come and told laksh, beta my princesses are your responsibility so come on time
Swara and Ragini: dad What are you saying how can he take care of us, and by the way if any girl will hit laksh for cheating on her we will have to save him.
Laksh: yeah you dont know, they save me by showing their horrible faces( laksh teasing girls)
Swara and Ragini eye him angrily. And then they all start laughing
swara, ragini and laksh leave.

Precap: fun of fresher’s party and entry of topper sanskar

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