my best friend (chandara) – Intro

Hello all , this is varshini . i am here to write a story on chandr , dhurdhara that is chandara . i am disappointed with the way they have completely sidelined chandra and dhurdhara’s story though i like chandra nandini .this story will be half on the basis of the show and remaining on the basis of history. Moora will be in the jail of padmanand’s rajmehel but here no nandini is there

Dhurdhara : chandra’s maternal uncle (kanika’s brother’s) daughter . very caring but bubbly and a lil childish but at times she becomes mature to handle any situation. She is chandras best friend . 8 years old
Chandra : is going with chanakya as he has bought him . dhurdharas best friend . shares a very close bonding wid her . 10 years old
So here is the story….
Chandra says durdhara i need to go acharya , he has bought me .
Dhurdhara : but chandra u have to leave me , will u leave ur best friend and go with acharya chanakya .
Chandra: dhurdhara , i want my mother to be happy and i will fulfill her wishes . keep this wid u
And ties a thread in her hands

Dhurdhara : what is this chandra
Chandra : u keep this in the remembrance of me till i come back
Dhurdhara : chandra , dont make anybody ur best friend even though u get anybody good there , ok ?i am ur best friend forever ?
Chandra : meri ma , teek hai
Dhurdhara : promise on bua ma
Chandra : ok , i promise , and u wont forget me ?
Dhurdhara:i promise on my life

Chandra : life ?
Dhurdhara : ladoos , u know i cant liv without ladoos , i promise on ladoos that u will be my best friend forever
Dhurdhara hugs chandra and says i will miss u chandra
Chandra says i too will miss u dhurdhara , take care and goes off

Precap : 7 years later……

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  1. CHANDARA the name and the concept was totally my idea Na……..?????……Anyways…atb

    1. Have you posted the episode 4 in chandara shwetha

      1. Shwethaa

        no dear ill tell u when

    2. i always wanted to write on chandara , only chandara name is ur concept , except that , everything else , including the plot is my own . here the maximum story will be of their childhood only , but u have took the story forward . anyways thanks a ton for ur comment di

      1. Shwethaa

        nice…its ok i kno the plot is diff dats s y i said ATB

    3. i was always afraid to write something on history or chandara . u were my inspiration and gave me courage to write a ff on them

      1. Shwethaa


    4. when will u post the next epi of ur ff . eagerly waiting for it .

      1. Shwethaa

        ill tell dear

  2. It is good . I have read other the ff . I like Chandra and durdhara most . I am a fan of rajat tokas and Saanvi talwar . This post is also good . Plz don’t stop it . And shwetha continue ur ff . Thank you soo much for these beautiful stories .continue it !!!!

    1. Shwethaa

      thank u navya surprise to see many silent readers

  3. Nyc ff..keep writing varshini di…

  4. Show is Chandra Nandini not Chandra durdhara so how they will given central place .We like RAJAT TOKAS AS CGM and SHWETA as NANDINI, fictionanl or real and CN fans like their amazing chemistry so not interested in durdhara and Chandra story .in Show durdhara character was so confusing that due to her illogical fear she land with death and Nandini with banishment. RAJAT TOKAS AND SHWETA CHANDRA NANDINI ROCKS

    1. yes in show it is shown that dhurdhara had fear and died of poison . even i like nandini as portrayed in the show a lot , i just wanted to write a story on the real historical cgm . even i love rajat tokas and sweta basu’s chemistry as chandra nandini

  5. Aditimodak u can’t say anything about others feeling ….. some like nandini and some like durdhara . I didn’t say that to hurt you . If u r hurt I am sorry

  6. Varshini , as u r writing Ff on Chandra and durdhara plz put their cutest pic …. plz … this is a request

    1. This is public post and it is related to show which is on air so this thought is for written that DURDHARA not given importance. Nothing personal. Everyone has write to say their mind

    2. sure , will upload a nice pic in next update , thanks a lot

  7. NABANITA626

    awesome…….I love it from my core….
    You are varshini of skr page?do you remember me?

    1. thanks a lot di , yes i am the same varshini , obviously , i remember u , how can i forget u ? how r u di ?

  8. Chandara -the name is elegant.I cant wait to read d next episode.

    1. thank u , will update soon

  9. Jayani

    Sooooo sry ka… Cudn’t comment earlier… Loved dis new ff of ur akka… Deir relation is so beautiful… Waiting for d next epi akka…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. thanks a lot jayani dear , no problem , happy to see ur comment . will update soon
      jai siya ram

      1. Jayani

        Waiting for d update akka?

  10. When will u update d nxt episode varshini.I cant wait to……..

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