Vote for your Favorite Female Lead on ZEE TV

Zee TV has got all their gorgeous leading heroines with different characterizations. Every female lead is loved by the viewers for their unique charm, beauty and character.


While Vishkanya is the latest addition to the shows. Aishwarya Khare has won hearts of the viewers in short time by her sweet, mysterious and lovable role of Appu. Simran Pareenja as Kaali represents the humbleness and selfless character. Kaali sacrifices her own identity to protect Gauri’s life. Pari in Meri Sasu Maa, played by Hiba Nawab is strong, determined and a good hearted girl. She is bold and daring enough to change things around her. Everyone likes Jasmin Bhasin aka Twinkle’s bubbly and Tashan look in the show.

Nia Sharma as Roshni and Sriti Jha as Pragya are ruling the Zee TV at the prime slots since long time. Their love stories and separation with their partners is keeping the keeping the viewers engaged and longing for more romance. While Mahima Joshi is playing Rani Gayatri’s daughter now, Eisha Singh of Ishq Ka Rang Safed fame will be donning the grown up Rani’s role. The most struggling female character on Zee tv has to be Survi played by Sonal Vengurlekar. Survi has been facing tough time since her young age. Everyone female lead bring their own great stories of courage, love, equality and women power. Zee TV’s distinct leading ladies would surely be loved by you all. We would like to know who are your favorite ones. You can choose two options in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.

Poll Idea Submitted by Tanu


  1. Fatarajo

    Well I must say that zee tv leads are good. Well all the characters are good in their own way. Pragya’s character is good but that is overshadowed by the dragging done in the show and Roshni’s character I have nothing to say everytime getting seperated from Sid an her ego has a part to play in it. Well if I have to choose two charcters I will choose between Twinkle , Kali and Survi. Twinkle’s charcter is good she is not too dramatic or crying for no reason so her charcter is good and also knows the right person to trust. And Survi charcter I loved the way she battled with Tai’s ccharactr and negativity and gave her taste of her own medicine. But currently I will choose Kali’s charcter as she finally started to take her own stand and punish the right person in the right way, like the way she is challenging Gauri is recommendable and thank god no much of Rona dhona by kali so votes goes for kali

  2. omar salmah

    How come you all vote for Pragya and Roshni,they are old timer and have been dragging.
    Pragyas acting not nice not natural stale only same goes to Roshni.

    Pari is the best in Meri Saasu Maa. She is so beautiful, so talented and so natural. Meri Saasu Maa has the most beautiful family story.

  3. Mahi

    Definitely twinkle aka jasmine bhasin… She is the best and the most prettiest leans and any role on zee.

  4. karthika

    my sriti is the best…..she’s unbeatable…cute fuggi…and cute mogambo….she’s simply mindblowing…

  5. karthika

    who said pragya is worst%????she’s the best…i agree roshni is worst….i lyk twinkle too..but pragya is more derservant than twinkle….pragya u r fav..u vl be my fav for ever….sorry meera..i’m saying my views….i juz didn’t bear that u said pragya is worst….she’s best….

  6. Lily

    I like all the character in zee tv show except Rossini… I’m not sure she really acting… But vote for Kali my favorite

  7. Laiba

    My fav most beautiful sonal she is a versatile actress her acting iz amazing…..i love her ????❤❤

  8. Sruthi

    Actually all characters have their own values nd importance, bt charcter of pragya getting worst as she fail her all attempts to prove tanu so isn’t tanu is lead ya pragya? roshni and appu i dn’t knw them since i didn’t watch. ETRETR rani gyatri done by drashti is super and new lead is only entered now so she can’t judge easily. Kali ,Pari and Survi they are doing gud now their every struggle with husbands is intersting…hope KaYu KarVi unite soon, nd fight together.Twinkle is also best after Kunj is nt there i hate the show..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.