best enemy- Chapter 8


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Chapter 8:
Next morning Swara wakes up and sees Sanskar is sleeping outside on steps. She feels pity. While sun light is falling on him, then she ties her duppata so that he gets shadow. She unknowingly smiles looking at him.
Sanskar feels sweat, soon Swara takes a book and makes him get sufficient air, he sleeps peacefully. She sits beside him looking at him.

Kakali who comes out looks at the scene and calls her friend Mica to see the scene.
Kakali: cute they are…
Mica shouts in excitement: wow…!!

With her sound Sanskar wakes up and Swara runs into house. Sanskar smiles realizing what she did.

Sanskar comes inside house.
San: what did you do?
Swa: what did I do?

San: I know what you did…
Swa: I just took pity of you…
San: then why did you send me out?
Swa: haaa…

Sanskar suddenly takes her near and kisses on her forehead. She too didn’t resist. She thinks, ‘why didn’t I resist him?’

Kakali and Mica are looking through the window all this. they are laughing silently.
Kakali: ok…let’s go away now…
She drags her away….
{haha….guys, happy now?}

Sanskar keeps looking at her.
San: I love you Swara…
Swara comes into world and moves far from him.
Swa(sadly): I want to talk with my parents…

Then Sanskar calls to his mom. Ap lifts the phone.
Ap: haa beta, Shekar bhayya and Sumi bhabhi are with us. Don’t worry.
Later Swara talks with her parents. They ask her to stay in isolated place some days to avoid Sahil. She agrees.

Swara: because of Sahil, our families became friends again….
San: are you happy now??
Swara smiles. After having breakfast, they go out to see village.

Swara starts walking beside Sanskar. She doesn’t understand when, but she likes starting him. They sit under a neem tree, and they are receiving the cool breeze from the fields.
Swara: why did you risk yourself to help me…
San: bcz, I said I love you…
Swa: then why did your parents help us? We were enemies right…!
San: I have changed their mind…
Swa: but, ur mom scolded me..
San: after that only, there was a big clash and I changed their minds…

Swara smiles: will you do anything for me??
San: I’m even ready to kill that Sahil.

Swara becomes silent.
Swa: why didn’t you tell me while you are doing this much…even my parents didn’t said me… I have cried a lot that no one were listening to me… u people has no mercy at all…
Swara has tears.
San: we wanted to know Sahil’s real intentions. If he comes to know, that we are planning…
Swa: ok…I understand…

They start walking here and there again. Then Swara looks at a canal and a small bridge above it.
“Wow…” she excites and runs on bridge. Sanskar follows her.

She bends through the bridge and looks into water.
Sanskar keeps looking at her.
Swara: wow…in such a place… in such a place… no, in this place only…

San: haa…in this place?

Swa: I should have my first kiss…and it should be a full moon day
Sanskar amazes and his cheeks turn red.
Swa: hello, why are you blushing? I said about my hone waali pathi. Moreover, why I’m telling this to you??
She keeps going. Sanskar follows her.

Swara suddenly jumps on Sanskar scared to a thing.
Swara scares and shows her finger towards a thing. It’s a dog. Sanskar laughs and sends it away.
Swa: why are you coming close to me always??
San: swara, it’s you who came close to me…
Then she moves far.

Night time,
Swara is sleeping peacefully. Suddenly Sanskar wakes her.
San: come…
Swa: where??
San: just come. I had a doubt Sahil following us…
Swa: what??

Sanskar takes her somewhere. It is very dark around.
Swara holds Sanskar’s hand tightly being scared of dark. He takes her to the bridge.
Swa: why did you bring me here?

San: arey, you said you like this place…. And your first kiss…
Swa: I asked moon also…

Sanskar shows his hand in sky. The clouds get cleared and the round moon is visible. swara smiles looking at it. her face glows in that light.

Swa: haa… then where is my hone waali pathi??

Sanskar suddenly comes near her. drags her by waist and places his lips on her’s.
Swara shocks. She closes her eyes melting in that love. After few seconds Sanskar leaves her, Swara is about to fall being lost, Sanskar holds her.

Suddenly everything becomes dark around them. The moon is covered with clouds. But, they are still lost in the eyelock.
Rain starts. Still they are in same position. Then, a thunder strikes swara scares and hugs him tightly.

Sanskar too hugging her, “Hey Rain, give some more thunders… bless us with love…”
Swara gets far from his hug. She starts running back. “Swara…” shouts Sanskar and runs back of her.

She runs into house and closes the doors. Sanskar stands out. “Swara, I’m sorry. Please open the door.”

Swara starts crying disbelieved what she did and he did. “Why didn’t I resist him?? How can I do like this shamelessly? He is not my husband… then why??”
Swara keeps crying.

Sanskar remains in the rain out getting wet. He sits on steps.

Next morning, Swara opens the door. She sees he is sleeping on steps and he is shivering. She goes near him and places her hand on his head. His body is burning in high temperature.

Swara gets tears in eyes and a tear falls on his hand. He opens his eyes.
Swa: I’m sorry Sanskar… this is because of me…
San smiles: I never thought first kiss will be this much destructive…
Swara wipes her tears and slowly takes him inside.

She makes him sleep on bed. She runs near Kakali for medicine.
Kakali: what..? yesterday you had fever…today him?
Mica: this is called love…
They both laugh. Swara smiles and comes near him.

Now, she starts serving him. She keeps changing wet cloth. She brings Rasam with rice.

San: no I don’t want to eat that…
Swa: u have to eat hot rasam during fever.
San: but…
Swa: chalo, I will make you eat…
She starts feeding him with spoon.
Sanskar keeps looking at her.
He eats everything.
Swa: see…is it not tasty??
San: I will eat even poison with your hands.

Swara closes his mouth with her hand. He kisses that hand. She blushes and leaves.

Precap: hmmm…. Swasan scenes only…

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