best enemy- Chapter 7


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Chapter 7:

Swara sits in a seat. Sanskar sits opposite to her.
San: swara, if you don’t love me, it’s ok. But, why I’m I enemy to you??
Swa: bcz, all this happened bcz of you.
San: how???
Swa: if you wouldn’t have taken me to that lonely place, that idiot wouldn’t have recorded the video. And all this wouldn’t have happened.
Sanskar keeps looking at her.
Swa: what…
San: you are looking cute in anger swara…
Swara stops her smile and turn away her face.

Next morning, the train stops in some station and Swara is still sleeping. Sanskar wakes up and touches her hand and realizes that she got fever.
He takes her into arms and get down the train. She is not in conscious. He wanted to take her to hospital.
San: oh no, we came like this. now, where to stay? Where to go? Swara is also not feeling well. God….help me please…

Then he suddenly hears a shout, “Hai…!”
Sanskar amazes and turns back. A girl is standing before them.

That girl: hey Sanskar, didn’t you remember me?? I’m your school friend, Kakali… (hey kakali dear, happy now?? Haha)

Sanskar: ya…
Kakali: and Swara, what happened to her?? and enemies, very close like this…

Sanskar: I will tell you everything later, can you show us any accommodation? Swara is not feeling well…

Kakali: oh…just come to my house. It’s very near here…
She takes Swasan to her home. She arranges everything to them…
(you are so kind dear…)

Sanskar makes Swara to sleep on bed, and puts a wet cloth on her forehead. He keeps changing it.

Kakali brings them breakfast.

Sanskar: thank you so much dear…

Kakali: hey… no thanks between friends… ok, I’m going out on a work now. Nobody is at home. All will come at evening, so don’t hesitate to use anything. I will inform my family members.

Sanskar smiles…she leaves.

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand. She is still sleeping. After a while, she opens her eyes and amazes to see Sanskar close to her. she jerks her hand.

Swa: don’t you have any shame. How many times should I tell you to be far from me??
Sanskar remains silent. Just then Kakali comes.

Kakali: Swara…why are you shouting like that?? He cared you a lot… you should thank him…

Swara realizes her mistakes. She tells sorry to him.

Later Swasan start going away.
Kakali: where are you going?

Swara: don’t know…

Kakali: don’t do overaction. Stay in my house.

Sanskar: no yar…that…

Kakali: okok, I can understand your pov. You both guys want to stay alone right…
She laughs.

Swasan looks at each other in confusion.

Kakali: okok… look at that beautiful hut over there….

There is a beautiful hut like house.
Kakali: that is our out house. You can stay in that. If you want anything, you can ask me….

Swasan smiles and goes into that hut.

{Hey kakali….thnq so much… u have saved our swasan…}

Swara keeps looking at that house. Sanskar closes the door.
Swara: why did you close the door??

San: why means, simply…
Swa: open it….

Sanskar opens the door.
Swa: are you going to stay in this single room with me??
San: then?? You won’t get five star hotels in this village.

Swa: you stay out, when I’m in.
San: this is not fair.
Swa: ok fine. I will go out…
Swara about to go and slips in weakness. Sanskar holds her and makes her to sleep on small bed over there.

She simply keeps staring at him.
San: swara, I will stay out. But, you don’t step out. You aren’t feeling well.
Sanskar moves out and sits on steps. Swara keeps looking at him through the door. She falls asleep.

Then Sanskar makes a phone call to his parents.

Precap: swasan village times…

guys, I know this is a shorter update. A bit busy today. I will give long update tomorrow…****

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