best enemy- Chapter 6


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Chapter 6:

Swara runs into her room and closes the doors. She takes her mobile and calls to Sanskar.
Someone lifts the phone.
Swara: Sanskar, you have to save me now… it is none other than sahil who did all this. he wants me. My parents believe him a lot… Sanskar…plz help me…

Ap: hey stupid girl.

Swara shocks. It is actually Ap who has attended the call.
Ap: don’t you have any shame…

Swa: aunty, plz believe my words.
Ap: shut up. Your parents only don’t believe you, and why should i? my son is very busy and he doesn’t want to speak with you. He just took US flight this morning. And, stop disturbing us again.

Swara shocks with her words. ap cuts the call.

Swara: now who will save me??
She keeps crying.

Next morning ladies are making Swara ready. She remains as zombie.

She is brought down. Sahil is waiting for her down and her parents aren’t there. But, so many guests are there.
Sahil comes in front of Swara and smirks. Suddenly, Shekar comes and slaps him shocking everyone.
Sahil: uncle…
Shekar: shut up…! Sanskar has proved me everything.

Swara amazes and looks at one side. Sanskar is standing there. Sahil shocks.

Sumi: you have morphed swasan video and changed the dialogues, you have forcedly made them to hug and take photographs.

Shekar: we have trust over our daughter. But, we wanted to prove your evilness before everyone. That’s why we have to play this drama.

Sumi: we met Sanskar yesterday. We could get proofs. Not only you, we know cheating too…

Swara looks with teary eyes and hugs Sumi. She consoles her.

Sanskar: now Sahil, it’s just not over here. Police have come to arrest you.

Sahil laughs.
Sahil: do you think I’m a fool?? I know I may get booked. That’s why I came with my planning.

Swasan rest all looks on surprised.

Sahil: I have arranged the bombs around this house.
Everyone shocks.
Sahil: if you try to arrest me, I will blast this house. Don’t worry, I will die with you too…

Shekar: no… don’t do that.
Sahil: then send Swara with me.

Sanskar shocks.
Swara: I will come with you, don’t harm anyone.

Sahil: hahaha, I love this sacrificing character of yours Swara. Come…!

Sahil grabs Swara. All looks shocked.
Sumi: leave my daughter…

Sahil: no aunty, I have done all this for her. how can I leave her??
Sahil takes Swara out.
Sumi runs near Sanskar.
Sumi: beta, save my daughter.
Shekar: Sanskar, after saving her, don’t bring her back here again. Take her somewhere where Sahil can’t reach. You can inform me later.

Sanskar nods his head and runs out. He keeps chasing Sahil’s car. Sanskar stops his bike in front of his car. Sahil comes out holding Swara.

Sahil: Sanskar, don’t come near me. I will press this button which will blast everyone.

Then Sanskar holds a log and throws on his hand. The remote falls somewhere. Sanskar starts hitting Sahil.

They are on the bridge. As Sanskar hitting him strongly, to escape sahil pushes Swara into river.
Sanskar shouts: Swara…
And he too jumps into the river.

Sahil runs away as police come there.

Sanskar saves Swara and brings her to the shore.
She is unconscious. She is not taking her breath. Then Sanskar gives her artificial breath by placing his mouth on hers.
Swara starts taking breath. She is shocked to realize what he did.

She starts beating him. “Why did you do like this?? you idiot…!!”
He holds her hands strongly: otherwise you will die.
Swara: chi…let me die instead of doing like this….
Then Sanskar closes her mouth with his hands…
Swara: ummmmmmmm….mm..
Sanskar: shhh….!!! Someone is nearing us.

They look through the bushes, Sahil and his men are searching for them.
Sanskar removes his hand and throws a stone on other side to divert their mind. They all go in that direction.

Then they listen to a train sound.
Sanskar: come on, let’s catch the train.
Swara: are you mad??? It’s a running train.
Sanskar: no problem..!!
He says and starts running along with her.
Swara taking breath difficultly: no… I can’t run…

Then Sanskar lifts her and places her on his shoulder. She shocks. He runs like that and gets into train.
He makes her stand. She is still in shock.

Swara: omg…!! How you did that?? You carried me and got into a running train?? Do you know how dangerous it was??

Sanskar: train is going slowly, no problem with it. but, problem is you. You are very heavy…
Swara gets angry with his words. she shouts, “Then who asked you to carry me…!!!”

Sanskar laughs.

She is very dull.
San: hey, I’m sorry. I said it for fun.
Swa: I’m thinking about my parents.
San: swara, nothing will happen to them. They might have removed the bombs. And, we are proved as innocent. But, only the thing is, we have to be in secret place somedays to escape from Sahil. Until, police catch him.

Swara starts crying. “But, my heart is telling something bad…”

Sanskar feels sad while she is crying. He holds her shoulders, “Swara, don’t cry…” he says and about to hug her. but, Swara pushes him.

Sanskar falls on the wall.
Swara: can’t you be far from me. Why are you trying to touch me always??

San: but, I love you swara…
Swa: oh, if you love, that means you can do whatever you want??
San: you too love me right…
Swar: did I tell you that I love you??

Sanskar shocks.
Swa: you said that you love me. But I never said that I love you. So… be in your limits. And, you are my enemy still…!!

Sanskar even more shocks and looks on…

Precap: swasan lands in a beautiful village…

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