best enemy- Chapter 5


Friends…sorry for confusing you. Dp and Shekar were enemies from many years even before the birth of swasan. The kiss didn’t make them enemies. Hahaha… sorry for confusing you at that point. The both families were already enemies and so, they didn’t wanted swasan to be friends. So, after seeing Swara kissing San at L.K.G their mothers make kids far as they are enemies already.
Ok guys. There is no confusion right… if yes, you may tell me.

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Chapter 5:
Swara runs out of the college. Sanskar follows her. it’s raining. “swara, please stop..” he says and holds her hand. Swara turns back and slaps him suddenly. He shocks.

Swara: I understood that was all your plan. You need not fool me again. That’s why you have kidnapped me and took to a secret place, so that you can record a video of us and change the dialogues in back ground.

Sanskar: stop it swara!
She looks angrily at him.

Sanskar: what will I get if I do like that? My name has also ruined. Why I will let my name ruined??
She becomes silent. They both are getting wet in rain.
He holds her shoulders strongly.

Sanskar: I took you somewhere to propose you…
Swara shocks.

Sanskar: yes swara… I love you….
She is amazed.

Sanskar: I wanted to propose you, but I felt nervous and said we shall be friends.
She is looking at him.

Sanskar: believe me swara, why I will try to ruin the name of my loved one? I did all pranks on you, having love on you. Not because I hate you. But, I don’t know who recorded our video when we were alone. And, I don’t know that man who forced us to do romance.
Swara remains silent. Sanskar leaves her shoulders.

Swara: why should I believe you?
Sanskar then removes first button on his shirt and shows his chest on which ‘Swara’ words in tattoo. Swara surprises.

Sanskar: I don’t have any proof than this…. Swara, it is true that I love you and it is false that I have cheated you. I don’t know, who did that video, and who is the man who forced us.
Swara bends her head. She keeps moving away silently. Sanskar looks on…

Swara reaches home. Sumi and Shekar are waiting for her. as soon as she looks her Sumi comes and slaps her. swara remains unreacted.

Sumi: you have to degrade this much to gain your love? You could have said us if you loved him. Why to fool us like this? you made us to bend heads.

Swara remains silent. Shekar comes near her and holds her angrily.
Shekar: don’t be silent like that. Tell us, why did you do so….

Sumi keeps slapping her. Swara remains unreacted reminding Sanskar’s words.
Shekar stops Sumi and Swara goes into her room.

Swara keeps reminding Sanskar’s words, ‘I love you…’

She sleeps like that only. In Sanskar’s home even Ap and Dp start scolding him. No one believes their innocence.

Night time,
Swara was sleeping, suddenly she hears some sound in balcony and goes there. She is amazed to see Sanskar over there,
Swara: Sanskar, you at this time..!! go away… if anyone see you…

Sanskar: can I have few minutes to talk with you…?
Swara takes him aside. They sit on steps.

Sanskar remains silent.
Swara: Sanskar, what you wanted to talk? Tell me fast…

Sanskar: this whole world is misunderstanding us Swara. I don’t care if this universe don’t believe us, but I’m very concerned whether you also misunderstanding me.

Swara remains silent.
Sanskar: swara, believe me. I have not done anything. If I did that intentionally, I wouldn’t have asked you excuse right…

Swara: I believe you Sanskar….

He amazes.
Swara: I know it is not you. I can read your eyes… but, I’m just thinking who did all that…

Sanskar keeps thinking looking at the moon. Swara looks at him. Then he looks at her. both have a brief eyelock, after that she too looks at moon. Sanskar smiles.

Sanskar: you remembered, we were friends actually.

Swara: yes. We became enemies just because our mothers said.

Sanskar: I was enemy to you swara, but you were never enemy to me. I have loved you always. Trust me, it is from childhood.

Swara: then, why did you behave with me like that….
Sanskar: because I wanted to be close with you. At least as a enemy. And, I have loved you, so I wanted to tease you. That was all just for fun…

A brief silence…

Sanskar: you know, actually our dads are best friends. But, the business issues made them enemies. From then your mom and my mom were also enemies. And they wanted to us to be enemies.

Swara: I never known that they are friends.

Sanskar keeps looking at her. swara looks at him. He just looks at her.
Swara: what…?
Sanskar: your eyes are so tired. Did you cry much? I know, your parents might be angry with you. Even I have faced their anger.
Swara: I don’t know, they believe something else but why not me??
San: everyone will think like that only. Don’t misunderstand them….

Now Swara keeps looking at him.
San: what?
Swa: why do you love me?
San: haha… plz never ask me. I don’t know.

Swa: ok…it’s getting late. You go…
San shakes his head. He leaves. Next Swara goes inside her room and shocked to see Shekar over there.

Shekar slaps her. “So your story came till here…! From today, you are house arrested.” He says and locks the door.

Swara doesn’t feel sad as she is feeling the completeness of san’s love.

Next morning, Sumi comes near Swara and asks her to get ready fast. Swara gets ready as her mother said.

She comes down.

She looks at a new person over there. Sumi and Shekar are talking with him. That person is Sahil.

Swara doesn’t recognize him. Sahil walks towards her and gives her shakehand. Swara looks at his hand and shocks. She sees the same mark on the hand of that masked man.

Swara: maa, papa, he is that culprit. He did everything.
Then she holds his collar.
Swara: hey tell me…!! Why did you do like that? It is you only right, who made that video.

Sahil looks innocently at her parents.
Sahil: uncle, I have took pity on your daughter that no one will marry her. she has done a big mistake. Still I was ready to marry her, only because I love her.

Swara: shut up…! Now I understood why you did like this. you wanted me right…!

Shekar shouts: swara…!

Sahil: no uncle, don’t shout on her. I can’t see her hurt. Please just leave us alone for few minutes. I will talk with her.

Sumi and Shekar go out.
Swara: what did you do to my parents? Why they believe you more than me??

Sahil: it’s their helplessness. They can’t turn against to me and they can’t believe you. I once asked your dad, to give me you. He rejected. So, I did all that drama to ruin your name. no one will come forward to marry you now. Now, your parents has no other choice.

Swara looks shocked.

Swara: don’t think I’m that helpless. I can fight for myself….!!

Sahil: I know you are a strong lady, but this whole world is against to you. They believe the video than you. They don’t understand it’s a morphed one. How can you prove your innocence? There is no other choice than marrying me Swara. If you don’t marry me you have to remain married less being a burden to your parents.

Swara slaps him. Sahil looks angrily at her.
Swara: it’s better to remain married less than marrying you….
She shouts and runs out near her parents. Sahil comes back of her.

Swara: maa, papa, he is a cheater. Believe me. He want to ruin my life. He did everything to get me.

Shekar: swara, I know you love Sanskar very much. But, I can’t give you to the enemy son. Because, they will also harm you. I feel, that Sanskar has trapped you. Now, Sahil has come to save us. Why don’t you understand??

Swara cries. “why papa? You don’t believe your own daughter? You believe this outsider??”

Shekar: once we have believed you a lot. But not now. Beta, Sahil is a nice person. I’m your father. I think about your goodness always. So, just close your eyes and do as I say.

Swara looks him shockedly.

Shekar: sahil, tomorrow will be your engagement.
Sahil: sure uncle…
He says and goes away.

Swara runs to her room and closes the doors.

Precap: Swasan run away…

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