best enemy- Chapter 4


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Recap: flash back of Swasan as Tom and Jerry.

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Chapter 4:

So, like this there are disputes always in between them. Even their family members
don’t like each other.

Once, while coming out of college, someone kidnaps Swara. He takes her somewhere.

Actually, it is Sanskar.

Swara: hey…! You stupid, idiot…! Why did you do like this? If my father comes to
know about this, he will kill you…

Sanskar keeps looking at her. Swara stops her scoldings.

He moves towards her looking at her, she gets scared and steps back. When she is
about to fall down, he holds her. She looks at him. After a brief eye lock, they move

Swara: what…?

Then Sanskar takes out a gift from his coat.

Sanskar: advance happy birthday Swara.

She amazes.

Sanskar: in three days we are going to finish the final exam, later we will go in
different directions, we have been in same place all these years just as enemies, can’t
we end it now??

Swara keeps looking him amazed.

Sanskar: I’m not telling we shall be friends, but let’s end this ego. Your birthday is
after five days. I can’t wish you on that day, because our final exams will be over…

Swara: so, you can tell this to me in college. Why did you bring me here??

Sanskar: my friends will laugh at me. They will tease me. All these years we were
enemies, suddenly if I changed, they will surely tease me. That’s why… please don’t
take this to heart. I’m sorry if you are hurt….

Swara feels amazed to hear sorry from him.

Swara: I can’t believe this, my best enemy is telling me sorry.

Sanskar smiles and gives her gift. She takes it and says thank you…

Sanskar: but Swara, in front of our friends we are enemies still…ok.

Swara: why are you afraid so much? Come on, they won’t tease you…

Sanskar: you don’t know about them. And they will put many relations behind us for
breaking our enemity. So,…

Swara: okok, I understand….

Later Sanskar leaves her at home. The next day all that Sahil incident was happened.

Flash back end…………..

Swara reminds all the happened story. Just then Sumi comes near her.

Sumi: shona, why are you not telling what happened? You should not hide anything
from your parents. Come on, tell me the truth.
Then Swara cries and says how Sahil forced her and Sanskar to hug and kiss.

Sumi listens to that and consoles her. she makes Swara sleep and comes out. She
informs Shekar about that.

Shekar doubts Durga Prasad about the incident. But, he didn’t react as he should have
the proof.

Next day,

College has given tight security. Swara and Sanskar as usually come to college. They
came compulsory because, it is last exam day. At entrance, they both look at each
other. Swara bends her head, and about to go. Sanskar stops her. All the students
amaze and look at them.

Sanskar: swara, forget about that. We are friends now. I won’t let anything happen to

Swara smiles.

“Oh ho… best enemies have become friends now…” says rest all boys and girls come
near them.

Sanskar: yes, we are friends now…

He says and looks at her. she silently smiles.

They go to exam hall.

After writing the exam, all are discussing. Swara is talking with her friends and in
between she keeps looking at Sanskar who is talking with his friends. Even, Sanskar
was looking at her.

One girl: really, it was so great, that you have moved forward for us. But, what that
kidnaper has done with you, that you turned as friends?

Swara bends her head and keeps rubbing her hand in nervousness. Sanskar is about to
answer her, but one boy comes.

That boy: moved forward for us….! We all are fools. And, these both have cheated

Swasan confused.

Sanskar: what are you talking??

That boy: not me, this whole city is talking. And whole internet is talking.

He says and shows the images of Swara Sanskar hug and closeness. Swara shocks and
she feels land under her feet trembled.

Sanskar: this..this is, all that man’s plan. He forced us to do that… otherwise, he threatened to kill you all….

That boy: aahaa, then what will you say about this video….

Swasan and others look at the video. In that, Swara and Sanskar are talking.

Swara: what shall we do Sanskar? Everyone are thinking that we are enemies.

Sanskar: how can we tell them about our secret love…

Swasan are shocked listening to that.

Swara: what happens if we open up and say truth to everyone?

Sanskar: all will laugh at us…. So, we shall implement a plan. We shall act a kidnap
plan and makes our friends believe that Sahil forced us to do this and that… they will
pity us. Our way cleared. And we shall act as if we became friends.

Swasan are shocked to see that.

Sanskar: this is all false.

One boy: what is false? The people in this video is false?

Sanskar: but we didn’t talk that. I have gave her birthday present and it is true that the
man has threatened us. We don’t know anything.

Girl: no one will believe your lies. You made all of us fools. You were enemies before
us, but secret lovers…!!

Swara gets teary eyes. Sanskar looks at her.

Sanskar: no, believe us. This is not my plan. It’s true that we met. Actually, it is me who has kidnapped her to surprise her. But, someone took the video secretly and changed the dialogues.

Other boy: dude, it’s ok…you have done all this to make us believe…it’s ok. I can
understand the pain in love…

Sanskar holds his collar. “Stop talking Nonsense.”

Then principal comes.

“Swara, Sanskar… you have ruined college name very well. Now, don’t create a
scene. Please go out….” Says princi.

Swara keeps crying and runs out. “swara…” shouts Sanskar and runs behind her.

Their friends keep laughing at them, “they aren’t best enemies, best acting love

Precap: Swara slaps Sanskar. Sahil comes to Swara’s home.

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