best enemy- Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:
Sanskar keeps thinking about that masked man Sahil. Swara stops crying and keeps remembering incidents between her and Sanskar. Both Swasan goes into flash back….

15 years back,

Swara and Sanskar were 5years old. They both have joined in same school in L.K.G.
At first, both were friends. They used to sit beside each other and eat together. They were best friends in childhood. Once, Swara kisses Sanskar on cheek. Their mothers will see this scene. From then itself Shekar and Durga Prasad are enemies. So, Sumi and Annapurna are also enemies. Now, they did not like little Swara and Sanskar as friends.
They induce enemity in their minds also.
Sumi: no beta, you shouldn’t be friendly with that boy…
Swara: but maa, he is my friends…

Ap: Sanskar, she is your enemy…
San: no maa, she is my friend.
Dp and Shekar also divert swasan mind. At last, swara and Sanskar changes their minds.

Next day in school,
They come before each other…. Swara pour orange juice on him, soon Sanskar pulls her hair. Start…now the fighting of Swasan starts.
Complaining on each other near teachers, robbing the books, tearing the progress card, putting mud on uniform, etc…etc…

It continues till their 10th class.
Once, they have exams. To take revenge, Sanskar puts copy slips in Swara’s table desk. Exam starts, invigilator check everyone’s desk. Swara doesn’t know about copy. Invigilator checks Swara’s desk and gets furious on her. She looks at Sanskar and he smirks.
Swara: sir, you caught me… there is another thief still… please check that boy.
She points to Sanskar. Invigilator goes near him. He checks him and finds out a chit sticked on Sanskar’s shoe bottom.
Sanskar shocks and looks at Swara. She smirks. Previously, she puts a bubble gum on that paper and makes it to stick to his shoe.

Invigilator sends them both out…

Sanskar: hey…!! why did you do like that…!!
Swara: why did you do…for that only i did…
Sanskar: you idiot…
Swara: you stupid..
Their fight continues until stopped by their friends. Both gives title to each other, “My best enemy…!!!”

They came to college. Fortunately or unfortunately they join in same college. Sanskar sees her. He decides to tease her again. So he puts beard and moustache so that she doesn’t identify. He comes before her. He says that he is senior. Swara doesn’t identify him…
Swara: sir…
Sanskar: come on, I’m going to rag you now… sing a song..
Swara sings something.
Sanskar: hmm… stop it. Your voice is worst.
Swara gets angry but keeps calm as she thinks he is senior.

Sanskar: now, say I’m waste and you are great…50 times.

Swara: i’m great, you are waste….
Sanskar: hey stop! I said tell me as great and tell yourself as waste..

Swara looks angrily.
Sanskar: do you want to go to class or not? Tell me sorry 100 times for looking me angry.

Swara: i’m waste, you are great. I’m sorry sir. I’m waste, you are great. I’m sorry sir……
She keeps telling and slowly his moustache falls. She shocks.
Swara: you……
Sanskar laughs and goes.
Swara: you teased me. See, what I will do…!!!
She looks at senior girls. She plucks a flower and goes near them.

Swara: senior mam, that boy has given flower to you…
She points to Sanskar.
Senior: who is he? Is he junior?
Swara: yes mam…
Senior: how proud he is. He is giving flower to me…!! girls, let’s teach him a lesson.
Swara smirks.

The senior girls go near Sanskar.
Senior: you gave flower to me??
Sanskar: mam?
All girls throw their bags on him.
Senior: hold them and come with us….
Swara keeps laughing. Sanskar looks angrily at her. He carries their bags to canteen. He serves them food with his own money and next they take him to shopping and make him pay bill…
At last they leave him.

Swara: that is Swara. Don’t try to play games….
Sanskar: you will see what i’m i from tomorrow.

Their enemyship continues. Again complaining to lecturers. Sanskar writing love letters to male faculty on Swara name, and she is writing to female lecturers in Sanskar name… again fighting, boxing….. their qurallel continues as Tom and Jerry.

Hence they grew as best enemies in the college. They even compete in studies. Always either swara or Sanskar is topper. They don’t give chance to others….

Precap: flash back continues…

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