Best enemies(RiKara) Episode 4: Is Ishana alive?

Episode 4: Is Ishana alive?

Hola Twistinians I’m back as Shailjabanthia requeted for another part and I can never say no to my lovely readers.

The Oberois left Malhotra mansion and went home. Tej was very happy, because his plan worked.

ShivIka’s convo
“Shivaay are you alright?” “She opened up the wounds that were healing.” Shivaay said. “You have to be strong my Mr. Tadibaaz Singh Oberoi for our family.” “I will have to for them.” “I’m always with you!” “Thanks Anika you are a great friend.” Shivaay said while he hugged her. “I know we both don’t love eachother, but we can’t live without eachother.” Anika said. “Who said that I don’t love you Anika?” He turned around and saw that she wasn’t in the room. “I’m falling for her.” “I love him!” Anika said. Both of them had mixed emotions.
End of their convo

RuMya’s convo
“Are you okay Rudra?” “I’m okay!” “You can let your feelings out, if you want to.” Saumya said. “Sumo, I miss her.” “I know I miss her too!” “It was my fault that Ragini bhabhi, Ishana bhabhs and my Bhavya died!” “No, it wasn’t your fault, it was Mr. Daksh Khurana’s fault!” “But I still feel guilty, because of what happened to them!” “Rudra, I was never your fault!” Saumya shouted at him, soon the bitter realisation dawned upon him. “I’m sorry Saumya!” He cryingly said, without uttering anything Saumya hugged him and he hugged her back.
End of their convo

Omkara’s convo with a star
“I miss you Ishana.” He talked to a star, which was shinig very brightly, a person felt his pain, because her heart was paining. “I love you Ishana, I can’t forget you, but I have give the wifely rights to Gauri and maybe I start loving her as well, but my love for you will never fade away.” “Good night Ishi, sleep well my jaan.” He then went to his room and slept while hugging a photo.
End of the convo

Meanwhile at the Malhotra mansion

MehBeer’s convo
“We have to tell Gauri and Omkara the truth, that…” Meher said. “Yes, we will, but let them get married first, then we will tell her that she had an heart operation, that Ishana gave her heart to Gauri and that she saved her.” “We have to talk to Tej.” Abeer said. “Yes, we have to.” Meher said.
End of their convo

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