Best enemies Episode 3: Murderer!

Episode 3: Murderer!

Heya Twistinians I’m back with this one, I know that I’m late, I’m really sorry guys for my inconvenience.

Recap: Gauri doesn’t want to marry Om.

The Oberois meet the Malhotras
I can’t marry this guy, because he is an murderer!” Gauri shouted, Omkara angrilly looked at her, but he didn’t say anything. “Oh, wow mom, you wanted me to get married into a family of murderers.” Gauri said. “Shut up miss. Malhotra, you don’t know what happened that day, when I lost my wife!” Om shouted. “You killed your wife Mrs. Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi, just like your both brothers killed their first wives.” “Just shut up miss. Malhotra, not a word against my O and Shivaay bhaiya.” “Can you see the paintings every where at your place?” Rudra asked her. “Yes, I can!” “All these paintings were made by Omkara Singh Oberoi, the artist in our family, who died the day his first love and his wife Ishana died.” A matured Rudra said, the Oberois were proud see him like that, no one noticed a smirking Tej. “Ehat about Mrs. Ragini(she was good in this story) Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Bhavya Rudra Singh Oberoi?” Gauri asked sheepishly. “They got tortured and killed by our enemies!” “Tortured and killed by your enemies, I don’t believe you guys!” She mockingly said. “Slap!” “Slap!” She got slapped by AnYa and then they shouted at her: “how dare you call our husbands murderers, they would never kill anyone!” “My ex-husband killed, tortured and raped them, I was to late I wanted to save them, but I couldn’t protect my sister Ishana my great friends Ragini and Bhavya!” Anika said cryingly, she broke down infront of everyone, Shivaay and Omkara supported her. “Look what you have done!”
End of their scene

Omkara’s pov
“Look what you have done!” I shouted at Gauri, I grabbed her, she tried to protest, but there wasn’t any use to it, because I was angry at for insulting my family, so I took her to a room and locked the door. “Let me go!” “No, I won’t until you say sorry to my family for your false accusations!” “I won’t!” “Okay then get ready to marry me!” “What you can’t force me!” “I can miss. Gauri Malhotra or the deal between the Oberois and Malhotra breaks, because of you!” Then I went leaving her in that room. “How can this girl be so rude and arrogant?” I asked myself.
End of his pov

Gauri’s pov
After Mr. Omkara Singh Oberoi went downstairs, I went too. My parents and the Oberois were happilly talking to eachother. “We have forgiven you Gauri!” They said and I was shocked, until I looked at OSO, who was smirking, so I knew that he must have said something.” “We are happy that you said yes!” Dad said. The realisation dawned upon me and I knew that Omkara lied to them that I said yes and asked for forgiveness. “Now wait and see, what I will do to destroy you Mr. OSO.”
End of her pov

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