Best enemies CS and Episode 1: What the hell!

CS and Episode 1: What the hell!

Hey Twistinians, are you ready for the character sketch  and the first chapter of this story?

Gauri Malhotra
She is the only daughter Abeer and Meher Malhotra(guys imagine MehBeer as oldies). She is modern, sweet, beautiful, every guy falls for her, but she hasn’t found her Mr. Perfect yet. She is 24 years old. Her mother made a business deal with the Oberois and now she has to marry Omkara Singh Oberoi, the guy she hates the most, but the reason is unknown. She is a singer by profession just like her dad. She is played by the cute Shrenu Parikh

Omkara Singh Oberoi
He is the second eldest son of Tej(he is different than IB, a little bit of a mysterious character) and Jhanvi(same as IB, but not in a drunken state)Singh Oberoi, his elder brother is Shivaay Singh Oberoi(Same as IB, Tadibazz bhagat billa), who lives in New York with his wife Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi(Same as IB Khidhki todh), then there is his younger brother Rudra Singh Oberoi(he is a “genious”)who lives in London with his wife Saumya Rudra Singh Oberoi(Same as IB), both his brothers are businessmen just like him and their father. He is kind, sweet, handsome, funloving, every girl is running after him, his father made a business deal with Gauri’s mom, so he has to marry her, but he doesn’t mind marrying someone. He is played by the handsome Kunal Jaisingh

Oberoi mansion

Malhotra mansion

So now we all are going to follow the journey of RiKara and how they become eachothers heartbeat!

So the scene starts with Meher and Tej’s deal
“Mrs. Malhotra, the deal is great, so we will archieve even more popularity amongst the other Business people.” “Yeah and our companies will be the wealthiest soon.” “But the clause is that my daughter Gauri has to marry your son Omkara, am I right Mr. Oberoi?” She asked him and answered back: “yes, that’s right!” “I’m glad to have a great businessman as my son-in-law!” “Where is he by the way?” “I’m here dad and Mrs. Malhotra!” “Hey, Omkara!” Both said.
End of their scene

Omkara’s pov
“Are there any serious issues, because of the deal?” “Nope, only that you are getting married in a month!” Dad said. “What the hell!” I said, because I was shocked. “Who is going to marry me?” “My daughter Gauri!” Mrs. Malhotra replied back. “Oh, I need time to think about it!” I said, then I went home.
End of his pov

Meanwhile in the Malhotra mansion

Gauri’s pov
“Princess, wake up!” “Dad let me sleep!” “No, you have to record a song, so you have to get up and get ready.” “Okay dad, what’s for breakfast?” “Your favourite nutella pancakes.” “Yummy!” “Get ready fast!” Then he went downstairs. I got ready as fast as I could, then went downstairs, ate my pancakes, bid good bye to dad, took my the key of my car and drove to the studios. Soon a guy came into my way and I dashed into him.
End of her pov

First meet of RiKara
“I’m sorry!” Om said to the girl, who dashed into him. “What did you just say?” She angrilly asked him. “I just said sorry miss.” “Miss. Gauri Malhotra!” She said and he said: “oh, then you are my soon-to-be-wife!” “What the hell did you say!” He didn’t reply back and he went.
End of their first meet

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