Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?


Well, the fact is the vamps add spice to the show, and to realize some goodness, some evil show is also needed to keep up the balance. We have listed few from the top shows.

Minty (SS): This lady is determined to show down the Shastri Sisters at the cost of ruining her sons’ happiness. She has been hurting the girls ever since they landed. While she is unable to accept Anu as her bahu, she has Devyaani also in her kitty as Neil’s love interest.

Shagun (YHM): Shagun has been torturing everyone around by her silly moves and same plans to use her children against her ex hubby and his current wife. Well, she is the one who makes the viewers cry by making the angel Ruhi and her sweet miraculous Ishi Maa cry.

Aaliya/Tanu/Neil (KB): These trio don’t have any sharp motive to be Abhi and Pragya’s enemies, but they are time passing and making the homely revenge more remorseful.

Dada ji (MRMRW): The elders are also getting insecure and selfish in love that they are deciding to break their loved one’s marriage, be it this show or SSEL. Radha and LD have proved their love and still Dada ji is planning against them.

Dadi/Rags/Menka/Soumya (SSEL): Suhani is bearing the torture by so many vamps in the show and the choice between these four is tough to do, as all are very cunning with same motive, that is to hurt Suhani.

Nivedita/Pam (IKNMP): These two are always after the poor Ragini, as they get insecure that Ragini will get back in Neil’s life and make them exit. While Pam adds the anger factor to the show, Nivedita adds the jealousy. Everyone like to watch them by their western looks and sophistication.

Let us know, which vamp/villain of Indian Telly is your favorite in this poll and choose a maximum of three from the list. Also, comment below about your opinion.

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  1. none other than shagun.

  2. Shagun or Dadi/Rags/Menka/Soumya

  3. Shagun is evilest women she is butiful and has a good body figer i think shagu should die and then the serial should take a big leap where ruhi looks just like shagun

    1. I also think like DAT……

  4. All 4 got tanveer 4m QH nd sanam 2 also. Both villainous villain ever

    1. Same here yar

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  6. dadi/rags/menaka/sowmya r real vamp

    1. Dadi, Rags, Menaka are all good actresses portraying evil, malice and cruelty…Kudos to all three vamps!!!!
      However Neha Yadav-Soumya is not conveying her character well. She has difficulties in expressing her emotions, she has to gain more experience and skills….or she has to be replaced!!!

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  8. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  9. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  10. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  11. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  12. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  13. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  14. […] Also check ‘Best Current Vamp/Villian on Indian Telly?’ […]

  15. Of course Tanveer and Samrat !!!! They forget them


  17. Raman is the villain in his own family… Do u ned anyone else

  18. Why isnt there samrat’s and tanveer’s nama because they are the real vamp

  19. Samarat,tanvir,shagun

  20. Tanveer and Samrat only them!!!!

  21. tanveer shagun

  22. 1 & only Shagun…….

  23. Shagun is the biggest vamp..

  24. The best Villain for me is SAMRAT AND TANVEER.There was another one on Jodha Akbar ,she was his adopted mother and she died.They are my villain.

  25. Other than all,minty is the most wicked

  26. Shagun isn’t that bad minty is the most dangerous vamp

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