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Life Ok has always come up with interesting concepts in all its shows. The shows which ended this year like Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai, Welcome, and Dil Do Ek Jaan were also good. The current shows on the channel are named in the poll list. Let’s tell you the brief track synopsis of what’s going on in the show right now.

Baawre: This show started recently and replaced Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai. This story is unique in itself. It is a story of two opposite characters, Nikumbh and Yamini. Nikumbh is a theatre director and Yamini is a famous singer, who is trying her hand in Nikumbh’s play donning the role of Shakuntala. But her scared eyes, suppressed nature and lagging behind attitude, makes Nikumbh decide to make her bold, brave and fight for her right just like Shakuntala. The current track is how Nikumbh is converting Yamini into Shakuntala.

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev: The show completed 700 episodes and is still going strong. It is the most acclaimed show on Life Ok, despite being mythological, it has gained high TRPs. Bhilini Devi entered the show and her track is being loved by all. Some new twists are lined up in the show.

Ek Boond Ishq: The hit love story of Tara and Mrityunjay. The most famous character in this show is Kalavati. The show has now turned into EBI Ek Naya Rang, with Tara being forced to live the life of Sia, and Kalavati still troubling her. With Mrityunjay back, the show has brought good twists.

Gustakh Dil: Lajjo has been working hard to become a dancing star, with Sagar’s support. Ratri takes their pics where they got closer accidentally and is now blackmailing Lajjo to leave the competition, else she will print the pics in media. Sagar assures Lajjo that he will not let Ratri harm her. Nikhil, on the other hand, is getting involved in diamond scam being unaware of his boss’ intentions.

Nadaan Parindey: Iqbal has returned in Pind to take Sameer’s place. But he has started falling in love with Meher. Bebe’s love is entering his heart too and he now feels he should not betray this mother. He gets distracted and Malik orders him to focus on mission, else Meher will lose her life. With Iqbal trying to stay far from Meher for her safety, she bumps into him to bring out his pain and make him live a happy life.

Tumhari Pakhi: Pakhi finally got back to Shimla with Anshuman and Anuja. She is thankful to Rohan for bringing them together, by making their love more strong. Anuja’s son Aryaman enters the show and he looks like Anshuman. With the brothers uniting after many years, this track promises something new.

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  2. […] Also check ‘Best Current show on Life Ok’ […]

  3. […] Also check ‘Best Current show on Life Ok’ […]

  4. […] Also check ‘Best Current show on Life Ok’ […]

  5. […] Also check ‘Best Current show on Life Ok’ […]

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