Best Couple Moments (Game)

It’s me again! I have become addicted to this website 😀
Anyway, I want to do something different… a game… Hiw about in the comments we pick our fave couple in SSEL and make them have a little moment!
Like for example I will pick…. Bhavna and Sharad!
you have to think of a scene (from your own mind) and make them have a little romance! haha The best one I will post separately and extend it!
I feel this is a great way to get our SSEL fan-base together to have fun, and its different as well 🙂
Ok my example:
Bhavna has just come out the shower her new designer dress, a baby blue studded with silver diamonds, and a towel around her wet hair. Sharad was facing away and didn’t notice she came out, he was too busy hiding something under the bed sheets… Bhavna looks and him and creeps up, suddenly the floor squeaks and sharad jumps slightly. Bhanva laughs hysterically and her towel falls off her head- the droplets from her hair slowly hitting Sharad’s face… Mesmerised he walks slowly to her and Bhanva steps back, nervously.
“sharad.. umm-” she was cut off as she trips on to the sofa
Sharad laughs “Uff-fo Bhavna what are you doing?” He picks her up and twirls her around to the bed
They laugh, and Bhanva feels something weird under the bed, and picks it up, She jumps on Shard and screams
“OML OML SHARAD I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH, I CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE GOING TO EGYPT!” Without realizing Bhanva kisses Shard and Sharad goes red
“Oh im sorry sharad…”
“Bhavna… I love you too, I want to spend every day together…” Sharad whispers while looking into Bhanva’s eyes and holding her hand.
“well sharad… umm I have something to tell you…” Bhanva slowly says…
“What Bhanva are you ok?” says Sharad worriedly
“… You will have a new child to look after… I’m Pregnant!” She says with a huge smile
Sharad stunned… “MAAAAAAAA, MAAAAA!” Sharad hugs Bhanva
Maa comes running and Sharad with tears in his eyes says “im going to be a father again…”
So that was an example yours doesn't have to be that long, when i Pick a winner i will extend it 😀 Hope you have fun!
(To pick the winner u reply to the one that u think is best! Try write ur own as well!)
Hehe be imaginative, Love you all

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  1. Guys shall I start a ff soon?

    1. Ya sure.. Looking forward for ur 1st ff.. All the best.. 🙂

      1. Thank you Napsh u are soo nice u treat me like a sister <3

    2. Pls do start ur ff

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