The best choice i made – Kaira FF- Chapter 9

Chapter 8- Karan gets hurt and Naira takes care of him

After having a good conversation full of laughter and happiness, little did they know that chotu Karan jumped off the bed and hurt himself. How did he fall? He fell from the continuous of jumping on the bed multiple times only to hurt his head. He cried and cried, but his mami came towards him and cradled him in her arms. She kissed him everywhere on his face and checked for injuries, but later found a bump on his head.
Her concern was so severe that she didn’t want anything else to happen to him.

Keerti’s pov:
How amazing it is to see Naira taking care of my Karan. I was jealous of their bond but was happy in return. She cradled him in his arms and Karan stopped crying. She put him on the bed and applied a wet cloth on his bump. A few minutes later Kartik came to see a tensed and worried naira taking care of chotu. I saw his face and he was happy. He knew that he was incomplete without Naira and that he’s lucky to have a life partner like her.

Kartik’s pov: I hurriedly came to my bedroom as i heard my chotu’s cries but to my surprise, he was smiling at Naira. Naira who was applying a wet cloth on karan’s head was crying because she couldn’t save him from falling. “I must say, when my chotu princess comes into this world, my Naira will be the best mom ever as she has proven today. How im lucky to have her?”
I walked towards Naira and she says “Sorry didi, yeh mera galti hai. Meri vage se karan chout (injury) agayi. Im really sorry.”

Keerti: “Nahi Naira, yeh tumhara galti nahi hai. Agar ham Karan dekh leya to wo kuch nahi hota. Please don’t say sorry.”

As Karan fell asleep, Naira kissed him on the forehead and put the blanket over him. She still felt guilty but with Kartik and Keeti beside her, she is strong. Both Kartik and Keerti are happy to see the bond between chotu and Naira. They all felt complete with each other beside them.

That’s it for now, will update here shortly. Thanks for reading

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