The best choice i made -Kaira FF- Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – Business deal and Keerti arrives with her son

Kartik moves his way over to the office which was located near their bedroom. He works on the files and creates a presentation. His thoughts is clearly on Naira but decided to give her some time to spend with the baby. 5 minutes later a doorbell rang twice and only to be open by one of the servants which kaira had kept from the start of her pregnancy. To Kartiks surprise, Keerti had arrived with Karan who was just 2 years old. He picked him up and pecked a kiss on his cheek and played with him. Karan was habituated toward his mamu and loved playing with him until he cried for his mother.

Keerti and Karan went towards a restlesness Naira who kept pacing up and down as she didn’t know what a soon to be the mother feels like. Yes she was 1 month pregnant but her hormones kept rising as if she was about to hit someone. Her cravings again grew but when she looked behind she saw Keerti with some fruits and Karan beside her. Naira was elated to see Karan but Karan seemed to be more happy so he ran towards his mami. Naira picked him up and took care of him as her own. She loved children but Karan was special. Whenever karan comes to visit Naira he would behave and never cry. If he would cry then that means he needs Naira. Naira was a like a second mom who took lots of care when needed.

Keerthi walked towards Naira and said “Kya hua Naira? Tum itni pareshaan kyu te? Bache vage se kya? I know how you feel Naira. Jab me pregnant ti, mujhe yeh feel hua ta. Mera cravings, hormones bi bara ta. Sirf ek sala dena chahti hu, stress mat kar. Acha nahi ho ga tumhara liye.” Naira put karan on the bed and hugged Keerti. She knew she will only feel better by listening to Keerti. She wasn’t stressed but she was worried how face the entire 9 month journey.

Naira “Thanks di mai janta hoon ki tum sirf mere balai soch ti ho. Tumhara vage se mai ab shant hoon. Thank you for coming, actually mujhe bored hor rahi ti aur tum ai ho to kuch kaoge?” Keerti and smiled and said “Nahi Naira mujhe bhook nahi par tum ka lo. I brought fruits for you.”
Naira: “Thanks di”

They both had a lovely chat and Naira was happy to embark on this journey and kept asking for advices. Both the mothers couldn’t be any happier.

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