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Here’s another poll on the best bahu of Indian Telly, and luckily we have many contenders apart from the yesteryears best bahus Tulsi and Parvati. Everyone is familiar with the list of names included in this poll and they don’t need any description. Star Plus leads in the race by giving many good examples of an ideal bahu and all the shows depict good character and family oriented woman. Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum and Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are running since long, and Akshara and Sandhya are still covering the prime slots from 9-10pm. Saath Nibhana Saathiya for famous the adorable character of illiterate girl who turns out to be a perfect bahu and wife, having the provided mould by her mother in law Kokila. The show has been running quite well and Gopi bahu is still Kokila’s favorite.

The late entries on the channel are IPKKND2, SSEL and YHM which became instant hits on odd time slots. IPKKND2 worked wonders on 6pm slot and recently shifted to 5.30pm. YHM was superhit at 11pm and got at 7.30pm now. With SSEL remaining at 6.30pm, its surely some magic created by the bahus of the shows as they are very obedient bahus and go getter to win the audience.

Coming to Pragya of Kumkum Bhagya, she is Abhi’s Dadi’s choice and has been doing a good bahu act since she came in his house. Finally, Pragya has discovered love in her marriage and the romance twists is working good for the show. Anandi needs no introduction as she got the best grooming by Dadisaa and she has always been a best bahu. With Shiv’s death in the show, Anandi will showcase more of her strength ahead. Ishani of MATSH has recently showed her greatness by taking the blame of diamond theft in her and saving RV, though Amba dislikes her to the core. Ishani will surely win Amba’s heart by her best bahu actions. Simar is always shown fighting the bad people and safeguarding her family. She is a sacrifice idol and her great actions have made her a famous name on Indian telly.

Finally, Radha of MRMRW got married accidentally and became the bahu of a very traditional family. She has come to Mathura to stay with LD and his family. Though they are very opposite in lifestyle, she is learning to adapt their living and is qualifying in every test given by her inlaws. Shobha of ADHY has always been supporting her inlaws, after her husband went to jail. She has maintained her dignity and balanced her life. With return of her cruel husband, Shobha has now decided to safeguard herself, kids and family from him, and also do a favor on country by giving an example to every woman to stand for themselves. Everyone choice in the list are example for women empowerment and have best qualities depicted for which the audience loves them and make them their role models. Let us know your choice of a best bahu in this poll. You can choose a maximum of three choices.

We recommend
  1. Suhani ,ishita

  2. preethika rao

    The one and 1ly rajshri rani pandey as suhani

  3. Suhani:-D

  4. ishitha nd akshara great bahus.

  5. only suhani and no any one

  6. Ishita ….Ishita….& Ishita………not only best Bahu……..but best Daughter……..Mother …….Wife……&&& Most important Best human being too…

  7. plz vote suhani she is good……SUHANI….

  8. Rolly is a perfect bahu ……. because she has helped his sister
    and fight for the families sake

  9. ishitha is best. in tamilnadu also

  10. deepika samson is the best

  11. ishita raman kumar bhalla <3

  12. SIMAR is also good because she always sacrifices everything for others.

  13. suhani is best not only cares for his saas but also everyone SUHANI is the BEST

  14. I donno wats der in ishita.really over acting lady.pls keep voting for suhan n pragya

  15. Suhani is the best love u suhani

  16. None can be a better bahu than akshara she is the best best best bset
    One and only one akshara

  17. Aastha ,
    who stood against domestic violence
    who changed d life of shlok
    who bring changes and happiness in d AGNIHOTRI MANSION
    she is d strength of shlok and anjali
    I really love AASTHA (shrenu) u r my role model because u stood against domestic violence
    so my vote is only for aastha.

  18. All are really good bahu’s,but ishitha,astha are good managing bahu’s for their families……

  19. ishita is best

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