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Hiii everybody ISHITA is back. This os is v inp as its my first os. Pls read this os and pls do comment. 5

Best Badminton racquet——————-
The best badminton coach came in a temple. A group of girls having obsession of badminton spots him and run towards him.
Girl 1β€”hi sir i am nxt sindhu
Girl 2 – hi sir i am nxt nehwal
Girl 3β€”sir i am first suman
Yes she is none another than suman, the girl who wants to be first not next.
The coach was shocked and surprised. His was tear eyed. You…my……
————————————————————————————————————————————–here was an idea of my os. IF u all want me to complete this os then only i will.
Then coming down to my ff i.e. kuch kuch hota ha ii think of leaving it because a very few people read. So i am thinking of leving i
@ Fatima
@ sumo
@ nikita
@ sona
@ lilly@
@ Fatarajo
@ Ariana
@ Nandini aka nandu
@ Preety Preeti
@ Sharmansangle
@ kaya
@ Angle_pari
@ Anamika
@ Deotima
@ Silent reader
Thank you for commenting and supporting me. Agar mai kisi ko bhul gai hu to maaf karna agar spelling mistke ho to bhi maaf kr dena aur agar kisi ka naam same same ho aur maini ek hi baar likha hai uske liya bhi sry
To keep supporting me thank u all
Now if u all want me to give full os then let me know through comments.


  1. Anushika

    |Registered Member

    Pls don’t ever stop Kuch Kuch Hota gain and do type this OS as well….I love your works and was soo pleased when I came to know about a FF on Shraman…I have read all your parts but have not commented …
    I love the idea because I play Badminton and it is my favorite sport…..
    Lots of Love

  2. Ufaaq

    |Registered Member

    Hey ishu
    I hope u dnt mind if I call u ishu ,will u???
    The os sounds to be very interesting
    Its amazing but suspense ful
    So I m requesting u to post soon
    Now some personal talks
    Will u be my friend???
    I m ufaaq 16 years age 11th standard and belong from pak
    And u ????
    So friends???
    Take care

    • IME


      u can call me ishu all my frde call me ishu or ishi…………thank you i would post as soon as possinble…..we are frds now… i am 15 yr old nd in 10th std and belong to India……

  3. Neeti

    oyyeeee di, wat do u mean by will nt continue, u will hve to continue…I ws nt cmnting due to studies…. plsssssssssss cntinue…. this 1 also… luv u- bye Neeti

  4. Ariana

    |Registered Member

    1stly thanks for remembering me sweeto. Now u must continue. Like u MUST!!!!! Even the Kyun ki is going brilliantly. Pls post soon

  5. aishana

    hey ishita I m loving ur idea of the os
    so its a request plz continue…
    and plz post the full part soon.
    and ya don’t worry wit time u will get many comment…… give it a start

    waiting ……… soon

  6. Smile

    Hi ishita
    I want to be ur new friend
    Friend request ””””send
    I really want you to complete it
    I really loved the. Way u started
    Plzzzzz I request u to plzzzzzzzzzzz continue

    • IME


      hey smile i am ur frs now
      Friend request””””””””””””’ accepted
      i would surely completely

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