Shivaay Singh Oberoi entered his room after a hectic day from office to look happily at his wife sitting on their bed crossed legs and watching TV.
“Annika… this is your new smart phone”- He gave her the packet,”I didn’t broke the mobile last night by any intention, it just slipped from my hands while peeping through your chat with unknown girls over telly updates”.
She sat straight still, all her attention on the television screen .
“Annika.. I am talking with you here”- Shivaay grabbed the remote from her hands to turn the sound mute,” I am sorry yaar..meri baat suno meri Maa”.
She just resume the sound back to normal and then the volume increased to high sound.
“Oh jaana….Oh jaana….”- The music from that particular serial filled his ear. She remained glued to her place on the bed grinning slightly.
“I know you are was your day Shivaay??”- Annika gave a little attention to her husband. The serial took its break for few minutes.

“Good..but hectic. I am very tired”- Shivaay took his coffee towards his lips after preparing it for himself,” You are watching the repeat telecast of the same episode for the fourth time by now”.
“I love this serial so..”- She pay attention as the sound again came to her ear,”Shhh… the break of advertisement is over..aap beech mein mat tokna please”.
Shivaay sat annoyed then opened his mobile to check mail but soon couldn’t take the fact that his wife is ignoring him for some unknown serial character that are complete fiction and doesn’t exist at all.
“Aww… See here Shivaay”- Annika forced him to watch the show with her,”Nakuul Mehta is going to kiss Surbhi now”.
“I am going to pool side”- The tadibaaz Billu left from there a little angry.
Annika paid no attention at all.
“Shivaay the chand bracelet of the heroine “- She find her husband missing and called,”Shivaay..”.
The serial came to end after half an hour of happiness and pleasure..
“Shivaay”- The serial loving wife find her husband sitting on the edge of pool head deep in his mobile,”Why are you sitting here alone??”.

“I came home earlier to spend my time with the large tree by the pool , with the water, with my own smart phone and with the silent darkness .”- He show more tadi , disappointed at her behaviour,”go back to drool over your that Nakuul Mehta and his Surbhi . No need to come and join with me here”.
“Shivaay.. Last night I loves their simple hand kiss so only watched it several times”- Annika explained ,”you also loved it last night when we both were watching it”.
“We were watching it Annika..Really!!”- He answered with a hint of sarcasm,”You were drooling over that man and I was tolerating that only for you”.
“But he meant nothing to me even when I drool over him”- Annika sat beside him .. on the same edge of pool very close to his limbs,”and you angry Billu means the world to me”.
“Stop buttering me now”- Shivaay started to leave the pool area but was pinned to his original position by his naughty wife.

“Shri Shri Shri…ek hazaar aath Shri kanji ankhen wala bhagad Billa ..Shivaay Singh Oberoi is jealous because his wife is watching a serial and praised the hero of that serial a little”- Annika Shouted dramatically,”Khannaji will be shocked at this Shivaay”.
“Yes..that Khanna, the other day he was also asking me about the stupid serial”- Shivaay rolled his green eyes in unbelievable way ,”You are always discussing about that serial with any one with out keeping watch on time, place and people”.
“You even discussed its story with me, OmRu, Dadi, Gouri, Soumya , Priyanka and even Khanna”- Shivaay gave long list of people in the fandom of that serial from his family,”All are asking me about you and that serial..I am better at office then being ignored here at home”.
“Your eyes..”- Annika touched his kanji eyes slowly lingering her finger relishing his expressions,”They are always green .. In normal state and in jealous state too”.
“Whatever!!”- The neglected husband became a little calm now,”Not that I don’t like the hero and his heroine…I also love them but I love you more then I love them”.
“Dekha..Its their magic”- Annika lift her imaginary collar proudly,”No one can stop from loving serial and its characters”.

“I agree..They are adorable and lovely”- Shivaay accepted,”those kisses on her band was so nice and romantic”.
“I know that..I know that”- Annika clapped happily,”You will watch it with me from tomorrow Billuji”.
“Why do you love this particular show this much Annika”- He asked out of curiosity,”tell me the reason”.
“May be you missed..but eyes of that hero resembled your eyes.. he have two brothers like you have and a sister too like Priyanka and the last thing is”- Annika counted with the help of her finger,” that hero is also a businessman like you..he always reminds me of you Shivaay like I am watching you on screen”.
“But you always praises him and his romance “- Shivaay pouted cutely,”I am sad here “.
“He just kissed the hands of his heroine but”- Annika sat very close to her husband , pur her arms around his waist to rain kisses on his face..all over his face..where ever her lip reach..a shower of pleasurable kisses,”now happy”.
“Ok happy for now”- Shivaay smiled ,”I must act like being upset with you often to get this type of gifts”.
“I am going to share some romantic ideas with my friends on TU page now”- Annik ran inside to browse through the internet.
“Paagal..”- Shivaay opened his laptop for some work,”crazy still cute”.

“What the wuck!!”- Shivaay shouted again,”you are watching another show,”I am not gonna watch it with you”.
“No…No..its not another show. Its the same show concentrating on the love story of the hero Nakuul plays in our favourite show Ishqbaaz”- Annika gave a meaning “just the hero is here some one else..his brother”.
“Its called spin off”- He used his English that held no meaning to his
engrossed to TV screen wife,” This Kunaal Kulbhusan Jaisingh and Shrenu Parikh”.
“Come and join me here”- Annika invited ,” I like this show too”.
“I am coming now”- Shivaay wanna watch the details about the makers and production house name,”Its interesting too”.

“Its the anniversary of our favourite show”- Annika pouted her lips ,”We deserve some gifts on this occasion”.
“Rabba ve…oh Rabba ve”- A sweet sound filled both their ear,”Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon” with a sub title..’ek baar our’…
“Yay yay yay!!!!”- Annika danced on their bed all like a crazy girl, escaped from Ranchi mental asylum,”I love that show”.
“I like that hero Barun Sobti too Shivaay”- Her excitement knew no bound,”The third season of IPKKND is the best gift for us on the anniversary of Ishqbaaz”.
“I see..but you have to give me return gift also”- Shivaay demanded for more kisses like last time,”I did that for you and your friends”.
“You did this for us!!”- Annika cupped her mouth ,”how??”.
“well I saw the name and details of that production house and requested them for another show “- Shivaay ran his hands over hairs in his signature style,” I read the messages you all chatted on TU page and helped you all”.
“You are the best”- Annika attacked her husband with wide arm to hug the hell out if him,”I love first two season of IPKKND and this third one will be the best too”.

“Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do anything and every thing”- Shivaay hugged his Annika to share this happiness she got,”I promise..I will watch this show of Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon with you daily”.
“Sweet Singh Oberoi”- Annika pulled his cheek before kissing him unlimited..,”I like the serial..its heroes but I LOVE YOU and Only YOU”.
“You can show that to me”- Shivaay invited,”I am waiting for that..Annika you are blushing”…….

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  1. Nita D

    Aastha…..I knew it was you…..shivika watching Narbhi…..what a concept…..lovely os…..

    And ya….I am back…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nita dear… welcome back home with numerous hugs .
      Crazy mind and this la la land of Shivika did this crazy thought…
      Ha ha ha Shivika watching Ishqbaaz and Narbhi lol ha ha..

  2. Awww akka ????. y i feel that annika is my akka

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Poonguzhali.. of course Annika is all our Akka as she is crazy for Ishqbaaz like us.
      I tried this crazy thought and now happy as you all like it.

  3. Awesome….
    Shivika watching IB & DBO…..Superb Idea….
    Jealous Singh Oberoi is too cute….
    Shivika & Narbhi r adorble…. 🙂

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shivika… yes they are adorable. You too imagined Shivaay’s jealous face like I did ..ha ha.
      Thanks yaar.

  4. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous mind blowing no words to say dear I loved it to the core ??????what a concept

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Sweety Darling Niriha. Thanks for loving this crazy concept of Shivika watching Narbhi ,Ishqbaaz and DBO .

  5. Mehakchalag

    I knew it di only u can write this wonderful os.U r so talented.Your stories r unique and unique things r always intersting.Keep writing di.I think u r very excited for IPKKND 3.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mehak..You are correct I am excited about IPKKND-3 . Thanks yaar and I am flying in sky with your this much praise.. I will try to write like this always.

  6. Arthi

    When I read the first line of is I had a hint that it might be the great Astha di…….and yup she is……and it was great…… words didi…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arthi…ha ha.. This title is not weird like my type but the start “Shivaay Singh Oberoi” it always happens with the starting of my stories.
      Shivika is amazing, Ishqbaaz is unbelievable we are just abnormal crazy fans. I am flying high at your praise( blush blush)..

  7. Wonderful di.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Dwet dear..wonderful!! I thought your head will spin with this OS. ha ha…Thanks yaar.

  8. Jerry_36

    Aastha di, I have nothing to say about this one, you left me speechless. The way you wrote, flawlessly just made me admire this more. I enjoyed every bit of it.
    This one was the bestest os,ever by you. Amazingly beautiful. The concept !! Omg, anika loves Nakuul. The way you linked the things were commendable.
    Just wanted to ask, has it happened in real life with you too ? Hope you don’t mind. Love you❤

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Jerry.. this happened with me ?? What Ishqbaazi?? No dear not till now. Hey just feel free to ask me any thing. You don’t have to ask for any sorry specially with me. OK dear.
      I am glad that you loved this OS and enjoyed this Shivika and Narbhi story. The concept , I am going crazy for them , Annika loves Nakuul like we do and reaction of her husband Shivaay ha ha ha….Keep reading always. Happy weekend.

  9. astha dr it was so nice actually iam great fan of ur analysis ana ur ff . u roked this too as usual

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shiny.. I felt very nice meeting you here on my story. Thank you yaar.

  10. Alekhika20

    Lovely os

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Alekhika dear. Enjoy your weekend fully.

  11. AMkideewani

    Superb dear sis you are getting crazier with your ideas, like this crazygirl over here?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha ha Sanaa , Its your profile name as “Crazy girl” but like you said I am getting more crazy about Shivika in each proceeding days.
      Happy weekend dear.

  12. Surbhi Sharma

    Di , as usual amazing. Ani and ShivU going through tu pg , best thing . ????? . Hope yr it could happen some day .
    I totally loved the concept di . Totally different as you . ???
    But di , frankly speaking , I am afraid . Actually, I didn’t watch ipkknd 1 or 2 coz I was too small that time na . But di , I really hope this doesn’t effect ib . I mean ipkknd fans u won’t leave ib na. And I know u won’t also. But to all ipkknd fans , u should not stop watching ib , I mean ….. ahh I can’t expansion di .
    Waise di , I saw the promo , it’s amazing . ??
    Love u ????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Surbhi.. I also never saw IPKKND 1 and 2 on TV as I was in college that time. Later I watch only season 1 on hotstar with ek jashn. I will not leave IB and Shivaay Bhaiyya ever.
      Thank you and congratulation Chhoti , this time is both our first time experience with IPKKND. Guess what I am only a 4- lion production house fan so…. it will just add on to list, not be replaced.
      Love you.

  13. Fantabulous os aastha..
    Quite a cute one…
    Shivika were watching IB and DBO ??..
    U just struck us in awe and amazement with your writing and the most importantly the story…
    Hats off to you and your unique out of the
    Box ideas ??..
    Waiting for more such khidkitod OS of yours ?…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Sofiya. I will try to post like this. ha ha ha Shivika were watching IB,DBO and are planning to watch IPKKND-3.

  14. Haridhra

    My god once again di … Once again u proved that how beautifully u can give romance a tint of humour. I’m glad to find another person like me who is crazy on Ishqbaaz ( Anika di n off course u too Astha di)…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haridhra…Here a lot of girls crazy for Ishqbaaz like Annika so our list will be very very long( reality still my fun, only kidding) .
      Thank you dear.

  15. Ha ha ha mere ko pata tha ki aise ajeebo gareeb atrangi weird ideas only asthababy ko a sakte he…kaise karti ho…i can’t stop laughing ??????????????????

    Tumne toh apni bhaiya and meri didi ko OMM kardi..??? this one is most hilarious.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita Darling… Ajeeb and atrangi is fine but not gareeb yaar ha ha ha…
      I wrote like a normal story then but is laughing after all your comment like a crazy maniac girl.
      Shivika watching Narbhi, darling dimag ka dahi bhi saath mein Gangaram with what the wuck!! ka sauce not only oh my maatha ha ha ha…

  16. Wow!!!!! di shivika watch narvi….. Mindblowing concept…. Luv it…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny… Thank you dear. Shivika are also crazy like us so were watching

  17. Superb os dear..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Ankita dear.

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Good morning di….
    Shivika watching IB n DBO! What an madamji!! Funny at the same its lovely di…. Awww!! Jealous Singh Oberoi is soooo cute…I want to see this shade of Shivaay for some time in IB! And the anniversary gift…really unbelievable di!! IPKKND-3 is ur bhaiya’s gift?! Lol…. Like sister like brother…. Both are unique……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Gayathri.. IPKKND-3 is a gift from Shivaay Bhaiyya.. ha ha ha true bhai behen dono crazy hain lol. Thank you thank you(little blushing)…. We love you(Shivaay bhaiyya and Astha)..
      Like Annika bhabhi you too keep watching IB, DBO and wait for our anniversary gift IPKKND-3. ha ha ha..

  19. Aashi26

    superb………tellyupdates and ishqbaaz involvement was very unique and icing on the cake……it was funny , cute , sweet and lovely……..would u like to accept me as ur little sisoo di…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aashi… love you dear always. I already met you from Shraddha’s fan fiction “She colour my canvas”. Hope we will be friendly sibling in TU page soon.
      All are very loving here in TU and I particularly can’t write all name here so just TU and Annika’s unknown friends to share !dea about her favourite serial “ISHQBAAZ” was my cherry for the cake of this story.

  20. Woww..seriously i was also thinking that this can be your OS…nd yeahh at the last when I saw ur name i was like woww..thats why it is amazing… awesome as usual…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Zaveesha…aww.. Thank you . I am super happy here( blush blush).

  21. Nila

    Omg astha it’s u? after I read the OS i find this Astha’s wow superb concept crazy anika and IPKKND-3 ? wow

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nila..I think this is Astha only original one not duplicate(wink wink) ha ha. This is me only with a little more craziness. Annika also loves Ishqbaaz like we do. Thank you yaar.

  22. Hey astha di it’s amazing…the way you wrote it flawlessly n linking everything is nice.
    SHIVIKA watching NARBHI too good.
    N our jealous SHIVAAY is also cute.
    Keep writing such crazy stuff.
    Like all of us ANIKA also likes NAKUUL.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Madhu… thank you yaar.
      Annika also loves Nakuul like us in this story. and she is also waiting for Ipkknd-3 like us. Keep reading ..keep loving.

  23. Navz

    Aastha…I can see myself in Anika..I think everyone here will feel d same…awww mujhebhi Shivay jaise pati parameswar chaahiye..Joo mere saath mere crazy serials dekhte Hein..????. Sry for late comment ..I didn’t open tu page for 2 days and I missed this cute crazy story from my crazy Aastha dear.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya..A husband like Shivaay to watch serials with you..hmm seems very difficult lol.
      You didn’t miss this crazy OS dear.. you read it and loved it. Enjoy your oops!! I mean our serials to the full

  24. astha di aap eaisi crazy os kaise likthe hoo its really very amazing

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shabana..I don’t know ha ha ha..

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