The best of me I always YOU…! An OS

Hey guys….! How r u all…?? Well, I’m ready to face ur shooting daggers on me. I know most of u would be angry on me for not even replying to ur cmnts…..but pls I’m extremely sorry….I have no other options left except this as I was not around for past 20 days. And I couldn’t get a proper network in the place I’m. Sorry….!
And yeah firstly I like to apologise to every writers of the krpkab fandom in TU for not commenting in ur posts,

Priya, Richa, Riti, Aamu, Shruti, Harshita, Akshada, Darshana, Nishi, Samyra, Ayushi, Nivu I’m extremely sorry guys…! I couldn’t cmnt in ur posts..! But I read …….believe me if u can…. it was really wonderful…I really have no words…to explain those…
And I’m sorry if I missed out any…!
And yeah I have also seen few new members in TU…! I would like to intro myself to them, hey I’m Heshine. Thank you all for ur love and extra support, I would try being regular..!
So as I said before here I am with an os….but this contains only English dialogues.
So I’m here…!

Sona and her family have reached the Dixit mansion. Except bijoy everybody felt comfortable. Dev sensed this and tried cheering up their mood with his usual nok jhok but in vain. Soon everyone had their dinner and Elena came up with an idea of playing.
Elena: OK OK.. It had been a long days let’s play something now.
Dev: Yeah correct Elena ……sounds interesting.
Mamaji: Okok let’s play antakshari. It had been since long.

Dev: Antakshari?? No mamaji pls, its really boring.
Everyone agreed to dev and started thinking wat to play when few gave their ideas in but few resisted. At last came the idea queen with a great idea.
Elena: Got it….! Why don’t we play “The best of u”
Mamaji: Matlab?
Sona: Elena, no let’s play some other game. This would be kinda boring.
Soha: Mashi, what is about the game.

Golu: Haan Ma bolo na…..yeh kya khel hai.
Elena: Sona main pata….but we r gonna play only this. The game is about….everyone should say the best out of their life. The best thing happened in their life. Okay?? Sounds interesting right.?
As soon as Elena completes sonakshi eyes dev only to find her ex- husband already looking at her merely. Everyone agreed for the game. And it goes like this.,
Elena: So first who would like to say about their life’s best happening.?
As Elena asked soha popped out.

Soha: I would say first. Everyone encouraged and asked her to continue.
Soha: There had been more Best’s in my life but two that have happened to me was considered as my the best out of my life. One is my Mumma. She had been there with me in every case. She would never scold for what I done rather she would encourage me for what I should suppose to do. (Soha said looking at her mother who now opens her arms wide letting her happy tears come out of her beautifully Kohl eyes just to hold her daughter as near as she could to her heart. Soha runs to Sona and hugged her mother)
Elena: So what’s the second my bacho?

Soha: Of course Mashi, my second the most best thing that happened to me was my super Papa. (Dev’s eyes brimmed with longing tears for his daughter) Yes, he was my super daddy. (She chuckled) I know he was not there with me in my childhood but that’s not his fault nor mine. But when I came to know about him I was the happiest person in the world. But I didn’t express it to him. Though he was wounded he played for me to ensure his love for me is pure. I already know that my father will be a super man but I never know that he was the only super man in the world.(she smiled at him. Dev who was looking at his daughter with eye moisten chuckled at her statement) But I made a mistake. I didn’t trust at first that I asked him to prove me that he is the best father in the world. But he already was. I’m sorry papa. But I love u the most.

Soha said and ran to her father who engulfed her in a tight hug wiping his tears behind.
Dev: No problem beta, indeed u r my best daughter. And I love u too.
Listening to the father and the daughter everyone’s eye moisten. Even bejoy’s face laid down to wipe his tears formed in his eyes due to the everlasting father daughter duo. Later, to control the emotional situation Elena resumed the game … went well and it was turn for sonakshi now.
Sonakshi looked around to say what or whom and looked at dev who was looking away.

Sona: The best thing that had happened in my life is ………is …..mere bete suhana hai.
She had not been only a daughter to me. But also a friend. My life had had many ups and downs but her smile heals out all. The time when I need d…(she stopped and looked around and managed to speak again covering up her words) someone for my support I just would see her pure bright smile ….I would say I get rid of every problems. Though she was very young but she managed to understand me and my situations and never tried to be against me or my wish. She always understand what I said ….whatever may it be…to be frank…..even about her father. I’m very proud to say that I’m suhana’s mother. She is my daughter.

Sona said in a go when soha who was sitting in her father’s lap crawled to Sona and pecked her cheeks saying “love u mumma”
The game went around and ended up in dev. So its his turn now. He was confused what to say and what not to say. But he started.
Dev: So its my turn now. The best thing that had happened to me is…. Sonakshi.
Elena stopped him for a second and asked soha and golu to go and play. As obediently they obeyed and went off.

Everyone was shocked as dev said but to keep up their shocked face he continued.
Dev: Yes, she was indeed my best. Not only me or u everyone here knows that may be sonakshi too. Those days were the only days I was very happy. Rid of tensions, stress, every non usual stuffs haan yes even my sleeping pills and also black coffee. I have no words to say my happiness those days but now it seems like a fairy dream as she would always say.( Sonakshi looked up at him with his open statement about her fairy tale) I know everyone would have witnessed my change when we were in a relationship better to say may be hidden relationship(he smirked heavy heartedly) but those were the days I loved most. Naturally, I have never been in like of colours or gesturing persons with sweet words but she taught me to do that. She made this dev Dixit into completely a different person but in return I just gave her a title of bad….

When he was about to say a “bad mother”
Sona: Dev….enough..
Dev smirked a little and continued…
Dev: Even now she is trying to save me. But shame on me.
Ishwari bowed her head down couldn’t meet anyone’s eyes.

Dev: I was always been illogical to her. She would have been at least be safe and happy if I had not created a mess in her engagement with Ritvik.
Sonakshi was all shocked by now.

Dev: But all in vain.
He said and excused himself and looked at sonakshi once who was bending her head down busy wiping her sad yet happy at his confession tears. This did not went unnoticed by dev. Later, Elena lit up everyone and they started playing antakshari when sona excused herself and went in search of dev.
She reached their old room and knocked at the door. Dev who was weeping silently with the portrait of his and sona’s in his hand started wiping his tears loud and hid the portrait.
Sona enters in and sat next to dev.

Sona: dev WO….actually….
Dev: Sonakshi, pls ……I might be wrong before I know I’m wrong….I might not be true to u….but today ….the words I said is from my heart. I never lied today. I just want to relieve myself but still I couldn’t.
He cried in front of sonakshi. Though they were been a so called just friends now….sonakshi couldn’t see her ex husband crying. Sonakshi consoled him hugging him tightly close to her heart.
Dev sat back straight and continued,
Dev: I know sonakshi, seven years before our relationship broke and I admit that its just because of me.

Said dev which passed like electric shock to sonakshi. She couldn’t believe this and tried waving a “no” to dev but dev was dev.
Sona: Dev…..(after a long pause) no dev….it’s not ur fault alone…even I’m at fault but we both failed to agree and accept.
Dev: I don’t know about that sonakshi, but in these years I had never been myself when I feel when I’m with u. U know what, there is no one for me to console me, no one is there to put my sleeping pills away, to say to use coloured shirts, no one asked me to shave my beard, no one is there to kiss my forehead when I’m sick and said that I’m OK.
After a very long silence,

Dev: sonakshi, if u don’t mind can u give me a second chance. I’m sure I will not leave u and soha this time. Think about it once.
He said and went out of the room in no minute. Sonakshi sat there with her eyes fully moistened and tears rolling down her cheeks failing to stop though she wipes it away. She sat there completely confused whether to carry her rest life with dev or should she be single handedly carry up on soha though dev is there at distance. But her promise to her baba flashed on front of her making her all insane over her thoughts.

The End. …

So guys, how was it…? Hope it wasn’t bored. I’m sorry of it is. And also I’m sorry if it is too emotional. This one just popped on my mind today morning so, thought of penning it down.
Pls give ur views guys….I would love to read ur cmnts….
So pls cmnt in the cmnt box below …..
Silent readers pls, give me your suggestions too…!
Thank you ….
Love u all..!

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