Best 8:00pm show?

So 8:00 is really a prime time in tv so what is the series u think is the best

Siya ke ram (starplus)

Ramayan from Sitas perspective is portrayed aptly and the mythological stories are researched and presented. Sita ram and laxman urmila are really great to watch. It is really thought provoking and gives values but not great trp.

Sankat mochan mahabali hanuman
As the name depicts the whole hanuman life is depicted with every small instance missed out in Ramayan. And the young hanuman won hearts. And the speciality is it is depicted from Krishna and rukmanis viewpoint. And I guess 2 mythological shows in run

Both offer a fresh perspective

Balika vadhu( colours tv)

It is about a social issue but is is really lengthy series to even follow the storyline. It started off well and did rule the trps and now too it has its loyal fans and new characters are often added up.

Tashan e ishq( zee tv )
It’s love hate relationship of twinkle and kunj and often yuvi creates problems but the lead couple has a great fan following and they share good chemistry. It has an unpredictable trp

Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai (and tv)
A story of two sisters whose lives revolve around music.

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant (life ok)
A fresh new comedy show on Life OK.

Which is ur fav 8:00 show

-Article submitted by Sanjana


  1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Di I love bhr also a fresh light comedy but I love siya ke ram and so my vote goes to skr.. Love Siam lakshmila n there others also perfect graphics nice show is awesome…

  2. Sanjana

    Thanks tu for posting it
    And am sorry for not adding life ok and and tv
    Thanks for posting on my behalf missed it

  3. Sanjana

    Bahu hamari rajnikant a super human robot who is so perfect that her family gets bowled over

  4. Sanjana

    Pls note
    Voting only once will be counted ur second time votes are not counted will declare result as per ur votes in the end of week

    My vote for Skr and hope it wins but there seems to be tough competition
    Guys pls do vote
    I know most Skr family members won’t visit tu but guys inform in hangouts we ought to prove our loyalty haina

  5. Fatarajo (KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Well there are two shows here which I love a lot Tashan e Ishq and Bahu hamari Rajnikant. I love both these shows a lot. Really very difficult choice for me. I love Tashan-e-Ishq because I m a big fan of Twinj and I love Bahu hamari Rajnikant because of comedy. Well finally I decided to vote for Bahu hamari Rajnikant because I hate the current storyline of TEI because Twinj is gonna get seperated 🙁 infact Twinj is my current one of te fav two jodis

    • Well Bahu hamari Rajnikant don’t have much story only comedy like no specific story but at te same time it’s very entertaining. And if they add an interesting track I m sure BHRK can at least be in top 5, if I m not wrong it’s in top 10 already I m not sure. And TEI I wish cvs never seperate Twinj nonsense trackof TEI. As for Siya Ke Ram it’s not bad but I don’t watch mythological shows at all but my aunt sees it so I saw it b4 it’s actually good and Balika Vadhu no comments actually I like Mahi-ruslaan acting but I wish tey wre in a fresh show Balika Vadhu is too outdated and hanuman same comment as Siya ke ram I don’t watch mythological shows and meri awaaz I have no idea about this show as I have no &tv subscribed I only know about Ganga and begusarai and bhabiji in & tv . Well as far as I know meri awaaz seems to be inspired from Lata-asha story

  6. siya

    I am a big fan of Ashish Sharma aka ram and madirakshi mundle aka siya and my vote goes to show

    Siya k ram

  7. fan

    Al r awesome shows clashing on 8 o’ clock I like almost all like bahu hamari Rajni.. Tei.. Sankatmochan,,. But I started watching skr wen my sis said and now I’m completely mad for it so my vote is tho

    Siya ke ram…

  8. prerna

    I used to watch sankatmochan den tashan e ishq and then started skr as my mom used to watch all r awesome but I want my cute sita to win ?

    My vote goes to siya ke ram

  9. Emz fasa

    None of the above bcoz for me 8 pm slot best series are EK HASEENA THI and IS PYAR KO KYA NAAM DOON

  10. crazy

    Jai sita ram if it has been in 2014 I would have voted for Mb but in 2016 now I love skr badly.., I just snatch the remote n see the show.,, my vote for skr

  11. Ranaji

    Tashan-e- ishq is best..but Bahu hamari rajni kant..also votes equal..!!!!!!tashan-e-ishq 34.76%..bahi hamari rajni kant 33.99%…….siye ke ram 22.48%top 3 followed by balika vadhu,hanuman and another show

  12. Sanju

    Bahu hamari rajnikant 34.54
    Tasman e ishq 33.73
    skr 23.46
    Balika vadhu 3.69
    Sankat mochan mahabali hanuman 3.11
    Meri away penchant hai 2.46

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.