Best 10.00 pm show?


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste (Sony TV):

This show pairs are superb. No other words to say about this show. Story line moves slowly but the best… In chaska meter this show is 2nd position. This show is little promising than other shows.. This show gets less TRP then also.. It has huge fans which other shows does not have till now..

Kasam (Colors):

Tanu and Rishi chemistry is nice.. But now Rishi will be marrying other girl. Tanu will feel jealous and she will tell the love towards Rishi.. I think.. This show is little good.. TRP is 2.4.. Good TRP compared to other 10pm slot shows.

Yeh Vaada Raha (Zee TV):

I will say this show is not on correct path because this show has turned into evil no.1 show. I don’t know how Karthik is sparing Tai till now. Survi too. Survi should stab tai and they both should lead happy life. TRP is 1.6 due to current track otherwise this show TRP is 2.0!!!

Tamanna (Star Plus):

This show is good because they have started with cricket as main theme.. Tight performance, but again lacks TRPs. I will see this show repeat some times. I like this very much…

Other show is Begusarai on &TV.

So which one is your favorite 10pm show? Vote now..and comment below why.

-Submitted by Narendran

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  1. TAMANNA is a superb serial…
    i like it coz its connected to woman’s aspirations..
    But I dont know why its TRPs are low from the start..
    May be the timing is wrong or competition from other shows at that time…or may be the housewives who are the majority of TV serial watchers like fake drama type ones & not this practical ambitious one..

  2. Ek dooje ke vaaste… <3

  3. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    I like ek duje ke vaaste only… I have did this so that many will watch that show.. Now ek duje ke vaaste on lead.2.kasam and 3. Tamanna and 4. Yeh vaadha raha and. Finally begusurai..

    1. Hi bro semma idea

  4. Feeling sad 4 edkv….it has got most votes,despite it has low trp?

  5. Only ek duje ke vaaste

  6. Well Ek Duje Ke Vaaste is low at TRP but we don’t care bcoz SONY TV never look out for Trps. They believe in Realistic Drama not that Saas-Bahu Crap.So Yes this online thing is helping Us everywhere..everyone is just aware that our so is big hit if we consider Online viewers+accounts

    Keep Calm & watch Ek Duje Ke Vaaste#NiMik are killing as #ShraMan

  7. Ek duje k vaaaste ….only

  8. Edkv amazing show than all

  9. noooooooo doubt EK DUJE KE VAASTE one and only

  10. Ek duje ke vaaste

  11. Kasam is the best show at 10’o clock


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