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Recap- With lots of difficulty and reluctance adi tells zoya that he can’t marry her He gets some urgent call n leaves  A shattered  zoya n goes

Zoya cannot believe what she heard

Tears keep rolling down her eyes

Everything appears blur to her

Adi is shown driving in tension

Adi’s words echo in zoya’s  ears

She gets up n starts walking

She trips

Somebody holds her

Zoya looks up

She sees a confused n concerned  yash there

Yash -zoya Zoya are u ok what r u doing  here??y are u crying ??Zoya Zoya is everyone  fine at home zoya

Zoya hugs him

She breaksdown

Yash is confused

Scene shifts

Yash n zoya are sitting on bench in garden

Zoya has told him everything

Yash offers her tissue to wipe tears-Zoya His parents came to your house n proposed this marriage n u told me he was excited also so what happened zoya didn’t u question him How could u let him go away Zoya

Zoya (lump in throat )-He got some urgent call

Yash-u he needs to answer  he cannot  just run away like this breaking  ur heart

Zoya-am worried for ammi n abuu how will i tell them

They will break

Yash-zoya u need not say a word

His parents  came with alliance  so now they or adi should directly  inform Aunty n uncle

Zoya pls u Dnt tell them pls be strong  zoya pls

Zoya returns home

She is upset

Roshnaq -zoya what happened beta

Zoya-nothing ammi am Tired

Wasim-beta pls take care of urself inform in hospital that ur nikaah is fixed u may need leaves.beta u should rest n take care of urself

Tears drop from zoya’s eyes

She secretly  wipes it

Zoya-jii abuu I will inform them i am going in my room i need some rest

Zoya enters her room

She breaksdown

Just then her phone rings

It is adi’s call

She disconnects

Adi keeps calling her repeatedly

She switches off her phone

Adi gets tensed

Adi sits in his car

N starts driving

Zoya is sitting in her room in corner

Adi enters siddqui  house

Wasim n Roshnaq are shocked to see him

He greets them

Wasim-Adi all fine beta

Adi-jii uncle actually  I wanted to urgently talk to zoya n her phone is switched  off

Roshnaq -beta is everything fine since zoya returned today from hospital  her mood seems low

Wasim (gives angry look to Roshnaq )-Roshnaq she said na she is tired y are u asking  adi zoya was in hospital how is adi suppose to know what happened

Adi-Actually uncle zoya was with me we had a little arguement so……

Wasim (laughs)-noo problem  happens go convince her take her outside go beta

Roshnaq -but….

She is worried

Wasim interrupts -Roshnaq  take adi to her room let them talk n sort out

Roshnaq knocks  at door

Roshnaq -zoya beta open the door beta see beta adi has come  to meet u small quarrels  happen

Talk to him pls


Zoya is shocked

She opens door

Adi looks at her

She looks miserable

Her eyes are swollen n nose is red


Roshnaq leaves from there

Adi-zoyaaaaaa pls give me 2 mins I need to tell u something very imp pls

Adi-Zoya I was joking yaar i didn’t  know  u will take this seriously zoya I want to marry  u yaar am sorry it was a prank

Zoya is stunned

Zoya (irked )-prank, ????

Adi am sorry very sorry Pls Pls Dnt tell about this to anyone  I just thought  to tease u a little N then I got call of my friend he met with accident  so I left without  clearing things am sorry Pls

Zoya is still stunned

Adi-I need to go home now i hope u have forgived me pls switch on ur phone now am going  let me know bye

Adi leaves  Zoya  is still shocked


Zoya is shown talking  on phone to yash

Yash(shocked)-how could he play such a silly prank u were so hurt  ?Doesn’t  he care for u??how can one harm somebody  for whom u care

Zoya-I Dnt know I cannot understand  he told me not to discuss this with any one what should I do

Yash-zoya its question of ur life what if he was really serious  when he refused to marry u n something  compelled him to say yes

Zoya-how should  I come to know this ??

Yash-Anjana Aunty



Anjana  make zoya wear bangles for hooda bahu

Zoya -Aunty is Aditya readily marrying me??

Anjana  is worried

Anjana -yes beta yes very much yes he is so close to u

Anjana’s  pov-am sorry zoya but trust me once u get married everything will sort out n u both will walk happily on path of love I hope u will understand my mamta forced me to lie today

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  1. Haas 😌😌 chalo adi atleast now agreed to marry zoya 😚😚 waiting for the next chapter post soon plz can’t wait

  2. Jasminerahul

    liked yash supporting zoya in this painful moment.liked adi agreeing to marry zoya.but what made him say yes?good that zoyash yash are not believing adi blindly .will zoyash be able to find why adi yes said?

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