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Recap-zoya’s family comes to hooda house

Arjun arrives and clears misunderstanding

Adi refuses to marry zoya

Harshvardan makes excuse of Anjana’s masi’s death and make Siddquis leave hooda house

He requests adi to handle matter peacefully as he doesnot want Siddquis to be hurt

Zoya calls adi

Adi cuts her call

Adi looks extremely tensed

His phone beeps

Zoya’s msg

Hi Aditya pls dnt worry stay strong Anjana Aunty needs ur support pls take care of her Make her have food time to time and medicines let me know if u need anything

Adi blinks his eyes reading her text

Adi’s pov-zoya u are really sweet I Dnt want to hurt u but I have no choice I think I shd end all this soon

Zoya looks at her phone expecting  a reply

She keeps looking  at her phone

Noor notices her

Her eyes well up with tears

Noor-what happened appi

Zoya-Am worried for Aditya n family

Noor-Appi pray to Allah to give them strength

Zoya closes her eyes n prays

Noor feels bad

Noor’s pov-Allah y are u being  so unfair to my appi she will break after knowing  the truth Give her strength

Adi tries to sleep

He is unable to sleep

He tosses in his bed

Smiling faces of Siddquis flash before his eyes

He remembers Anjana crying

Adi gets up-No adi no u cannot mellow down no Adi u cannot marry no u cannot

Zoya too tries to sleep

She too is tossing in her bed

She gets up goes near moon

Smiles looking at moon

Adi too looks at moon

He is upset

Hawayeein plays in Bg

Sun rises

Anjana is sitting upset in templof house

Adi looks at her


Anjana stops him from coming near to her-Adi pls u go now i dnt want to talk to u i want to stay alone for sometime pls

Adi still tries going near her

She stops him

Adi-maa I cannot keep siddquis in dark am going to tell them everything maa pls look at me once I need strength

Anjana  (teareyed )-Adi u Dnt need anybody u r strong enough Go do what if feel right

Adi leaves being disheartened

Zoya is in her room

Roshnaq calls her downstairs

In living area a huge bag is kept

Zoya (pluzzed)-Ammi who is going where??

Wasim (laughs)-Nobody This is my treasure for u

Noor looks on being sad

Wasim-Every year on ur bday I would buy something to gift u after you get married

Wasim opens the bag

Its full of clothes jewellery

Zoya is extremely happy

She hugs and thanks him

Roshnaq is smiling

But Noor is sad

Roshnaq and zoya sit and take outhe everything

Wasim’s phone rings

He starts talking

Wasim-Yes vikram u heard right my zoya is getting married to Aditya Hooda

Aditya arrives at siddquis house

Door is open

But nobody  notices him

He overhears wasim talking  excitedly about marriage

He notices zoya n her ammi wearing different jewellery

Adi moves away

He takes a long breathe-No no no I cannot be that heartless

Adi is showing driving when his phone rings

It is zoya

Adi reluctantly attends


Zoya-Hellooo Aditya how r u i mean u all how is Aunty uncle Did Aunty have her medicines Did u check her BP

Adi feels bad

Adi-Zoya relax all is fine zoya can we pls meet pls

Zoya is puzzled

Adi-zoyaaaaaa it’s something urgent pls


Adi-So lets meet in one hr at soma cafe near ur hospital

Zoya smiles and ends call

Zoya rushes to wardrobe

She looks at different dresses

She is confused

Finally she selects one dress

At Cafe

Adi is nervous

He keeps drinking water

Zoya enters

Adi looks at her

Yes she is looking drop dead gorgeous but adi cannot feel it

Zoya smiles at him

She sits

Adi looks in her glittering eyes

Adi(mustering courage )-Zoyaaaaaa I. …….I. ………I actually

Zoya-Aditya is everything fine Aditya

Adi -Zoya I will get direct Zoya u are too good very nice

Zoya is blushing

Adi-Zoya u are perfect but…….zoya I cannot marry u i dnt want to get married  pls understand I didn’t  want to hurt u or ur family actually  it was all a big misunderstanding

Just then adi’s phone rings

Zoya is shocked

Adi attends call

Adi (dumbstruck )-what ???Am coming

Tears flow from zoya’s eyes

Adi notices

He keeps his hand over hers

Adi-zoya am sorry I need to rush am sorry I never wanted to hurt u Zoya am very sorry Pls take care I need to go

Zoya cannot understand what just happened

She is completely shattered

She is unable to react

Precap -Zoya is crying  on her bed

Her phone rings

Its adi

She cuts the call

She throws phone away

Adi is shown driving in tension

Adi comes to Siddquis house

Roshnaq knocks zoya’s room door

Roshnaq -Beta Aditya wants to talk to u He has come to meet u

Adi looks at zoya

Adi-Zoya it was all a joke am sorry I want to marry u Infact I was not am very excited for this marriage sorry

He holds his ears

Zoya smiles teareyed

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  1. Wow amazing yaar , bechari zoya 😭😭😭😭 bit the precap was awesome yaar , I think that phone call which adi got would be of Arjun stating him that Anjana got heart attack or something 🤔🤔🤔 post soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    adi told zoya that he cant marry her.poor zoya.what ph call did adi get?what made adi change his decision n to marry zoya in d precap?

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