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OK so I just wanted to share one more thing with u

I dnt know how many of u actually watch Biggboss 12

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OK so let me tell u something more about him

So he is one of 6 finalist

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So dear jasmine sia anuva , Shanya Varshini anu thanks a tonne all of u n once again merry Christmas

Thanks my silent readers

Iam very glad that u all are liking current track

It matters alot

Initially this ff was not getting enough response

But I am overwhelmed with current response Thanks

I wish I never disappoint u


Recap-zoya takes care of pari pari gains senses she is shocked to see adi on wheel chair Zoya explains her when pari makes out zoya is adi’s wife she gets angry but adi tells her Zoya got him to her so she befriend zoya n apologises

Adi makes pari sleep

He is caressing her hair

Zoya makes her wear blanket

Adi kisses pari on forehead

Zoya -Aditya u have not taken rest since yesterday pls i will stay with pari u Dnt wry u pls go n sleep in room pls

Adi-no Iam fine

Zoya-Great then I will call n tell Ma everything

Adi is shocked

Adi-zoya u give dhamki’s also

He smiles

Zoya-what to do some ppl dnt understand plain language

Adi-ok pls dnt get angry Dr zoya Iam going in my room

Adi starts pacing his wheelchair

Zoya goes to help

She places hand on his hand

Both look at each other

Intense eye lock takes place

Zoya breaks eyelock

Zoya brings adi to room

N supports him to sit on bed

Zoya is about to leave

Adi holds her hand

Zoya is surprised

Adi-Thanks zoya Thanks for everything I dnt know what more to say Thanks

Zoya-Its ok Aditya

Can I ask u something


Zoya-Aditya y did u tell pari that Iam ur wife Isn’t she too small to understand all this

Adi-Zoya pari is my life I cannot hide things from her I told her that God wants me to get a new member in family so I have to marry I told her my wife is a dr actually I told her everything

Zoya is still confused

Adi-Dnt wry pari understands everything

Zoya nods her head

She walks out

Adi keeps staring at her

Adi’s pov-how can anyone be so pure so good at heart

He smiles

Zoya comes to pari’s room

She checks her fever

She gives her a peck on cheek

She sits on sofa

Zoya -How can God be so unfair to a little innocent child like her

Sun rises

Adi n Sakshi come in pari’s room

They notice zoya sleeping on sofa

Sakshi has got tea

Adi paces wheelchair towards zoya

Adi-wake up beautiful girls

Pari Zoya wake up

Pari yawns

Adi hugs her

Zoya too wakes up

Adi offers her tea

Zoya thanks him

Pari-Good morning papa good Morning nani good Morning Dr Aunty

She gives flying kisses to all

Zoya-Time to check ur fever

Adi-First drink tea

Zoya keeps tea aside

She checks her fever

Zoya-good good fever is going away slowly slowly

Adi smiles

Pari-So now i can play games u will play with me na Pls today pomise me

Zoya-yes yes but first good girl must take bath with hot water then good girl must eat breakfast then we will play

Zoya takes pari in her arms

Tears well up in adi’s eyes

Sakshi -I will make her bath

Pari-no nani pls let Dr Aunty help me Iam a big girl I will not trouble her more

Zoya nods at Sakshi

Zoya takes pari

Zoya is shown making pari’s hair

Adi comes

Pari-zoya Aunty is best Aunty I had so much fun papa n now she my plates I love her

She kisses zoya

Adi-Yes she is best

Zoya smiles at him

Adi n pari are busy colouring

Zoya comes with soup bowl

Pari-whats this

Zoya-palak soup soupy time

Adi-palak soup Yewwww

Pari too makes faces

Zoya-shut up Mr papa n baby do u want fever to stay permanently with u no na chalo zoya Aunty will make u eat come on come on then we will play

Zoya feeds her soup

Pari insist adi too

Make drink

Both together make her drink soup

Pari-Lets do pillow fight

Zoya-what if u get hurt

Pari laughs-who gets hurt with pillow pulzee pls

Pari throws pillow at adi He throws back at her they laugh pari throws at zoya

Zoya pinks it up n keeps it aside

Adi n pari laugh at her

Zoya is confused

Pari-Aunty throw it

Zoya gently throws

Pari throws back at adi

Adi throws at zoya

They look at each other

N get lost

Pari yells

Zoya throws at pari

They enjoy giggle n have fun

Sakshi looks on with smile

Zoya walks in corridor

She notices door of room open

She goes to close it

She notices that its pooja ‘s room

She enters

There are pooja’s pics everywhere

From her childhood to college day

She goes through

Suddenly she notices pics of her n adi

Tears well up in her eyes

Adi comes there

He watches her quietly

She goes through pics

Zoya notices Adi

She is about to leave

Adi holds her hand

Adi-Iam sorry zoya I have given u a big pain Iam sorry

Zoya leaves

Adi feels sad

Tears fall from his eyes

Tears fall from her eyes

Dard Diloo ke kam ho jaate mein aur tum agar hum ho Jate

Plays in Bg



Adi is scared to get up from wheelchair

Zoya encourages him

Pari cheers him

Adi-no I will fall

Zoya-Aditya u need to make an attempt u cannot give up

Adi-no no no no

Zoya is sitting upset in a corner

Pari comes to her

Pari-I have a plan papa will get up

Pari tells her something

Zoya gives her hi fi n they hug


  1. Anuva

    It’s very emotional… I loved their pillow fight… I wish soon Pari should call Zoya as Ma… As Adi say Zoya is really good at heart n loveely person… I wish your fav person in bigg boss will win…

  2. Yaar bas ab jaldi se adi thik ho jaye , amazing yaar and Tessa plssss plsss thode adiya romantic moments dalo yaar 😂😂😂

  3. Wowwww too good……….
    How did pooja die?????
    Hope Adi realize his feelings for zoya

  4. Wow it’s fantastic yaar.its too there is strong bond between pari and zoya.hope soon everything become good.and I also watch big boss some times.wish Deepak will win….

  5. Jasminerahul

    loved adi saying that pari is his he can’t hide anything from her.tea scene. .soup scene. .pillow scene were cute.adi holding zoya’s hand n saying sorry was emotional

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