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N my dear silent readers

Recap-zoya brings adi to hospital where Dr tells that adi is recovering n will be able to walk soon

Zoya keeps adi’s letter in her purse

Yash tells her that adi cheated on her n adi has a daughter in Usa n her name is pari

Zoya breaksdown on hearing truth

Yash goes near her

He tries to keep his hand on her shoulder

She wipes her tears

She gets up

N starts walking

Yash tries to stop her

Adi is in garden

He is lost

He  wonders what will happen  when zoya reads letter He hopes she would understand n support him

He sees zoya walking towards him

Adi’s eyes are filled with guilt

Zoya’s eyes are welled up with tears

Both are looking  at each other

Agar tum saath ho plays in Bg

Zoya (firmly )-Aditya who is pari

Adi senses she has read letter

Zoya-Why are u quite tell me Dnt dare to hide anything

Adi-zoya she is my daughter

She is my n pooja’s daughter

Zoya-Aditya why did u do this to me.How could u

Aditya marriage is not just About u n me Its was about our families too

How could u cheat on all of us

Adi tries to speak

Zoya-Aditya ur no justification can justify whatever u have done

Ur life is urs but my life was nothe urs Who gave u right to play with my life

Aditya  foundation of any relationship is Trust

U always said u treat me as a friend

Who can do this to a friend

N till today u are playing with my feelings

I was being cheated

N i was clueless

U have  a family

A wife a daughter in Usa n u married me

Adi is shocked

He tries to explain

Zoya-Aditya when u should  have spoken u didn’t  today u will not speak

Aditya today also I came to know  truth from yash

U have made a joke of my life

Of our relationship

Aditya  everything is over

Zoya walks away

Adi is puzzled -Yash ???How does yash know about pari.

Adi yells-Zoya u know just the half truth zoya listen to me

Zoya Zoya

Zoya walks away

Adi moves his wheelchair

He tries to pace faster

Its painful for him

His phone rings

He ignores

It rings again

He sees

Sakshi ma


He picks up

Adi is stunned -what How did this happen Dnt wry I will come i will come anyhow

Adi yells zoya Zoya

He observes her sitting  at far away bench

He paces quickly

With tears in his eyes

Zoya -Aditya leave me alone Pls

Adi-zoyapls just a minute Its something  really urgent pls listen to me just once Pls

Zoya looks away

Adi folds his hands-Zoya I know I did wrong I did very wrong Iam very sorry Actually sorry is very small word I have deeply hurt u Zoya punish me Pls Do whatever u feel like but Pls help me now pls my pari needs me She has very high fever She is unconscious since evening n just taking my name Zoya I need to reach usa anyhow pls help me Pls

Adi is weeping

Zoya -I dnt care Aditya

U are no one to me everything is over Do whatever you want

Just leave me alone

Zoya gets up

She is about to go

Adi yells-Zoya u just know the half truth

I have written everything in that letter

Well pari is my life

N nobody can stop me from going  to her

I will manage anyhow

Iam her father n her father is not so helpless

Adi starts pacing his wheelchair in other direction

Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

She runs inside

Yash stops her

Yash-where were u Zoya Zoya pls listen to me You didn’t hear the whole thing

Zoya-yash let me go its urgent

Zoya runs

She reaches her cabin

Adi reaches near his car

He requests driver to help him board In car

With drivers support

He sits in car

Its painful  for him

Zoya tries to search her purse

She looks here n there

She gets


She opens n finds letter

Adi is shown calling Arjun

Arjun is in meeting

He disconnects his call

Adi-I think  I will have to go alone

Dnt wry pari ur papa is coming

Zoya reads

Dear zoya

I actually dnt know how I should start I wanted to tell u something very imp

Zoya u have always supported me I dnt know if u will support me after reading this letter

Zoya  I have hidden something from u

That day in cafe

I wasn’t joking

I seriously didn’t wanted to get

Married i couldn’t get married

I had some responsibilities

I didn’t  want to ruin anyone’s life


U remember that day I got a call

That was Arjun’s call

Ma’s Blood pressure had risen

She was in terrible condition

Her heart beats had increased

Dr said she was very critical

In that condition she took a promise  from me

That I will marry u

I couldn’t say no

I hope u understand

I promised her

N we got married

Zoya u know everything about pooja

But there are certain things pa n ma also dnt know

Zoya today Iam telling u biggest secret of my life

I am ready for any punishment u wish to give me

Zoya 5 years ago pooja broke our alliance on our engagement day

I was shattered

For two years I was in depression

Finally I decided to move on

I applied for job in usa

In usa I met Sakshi ma (pooja’s mom)

She told me pooja passed away 4 years ago

While giving birth to our baby girl

Yes I have a Daughter

My n pooja’s daughter


I was clueless about this

When I met my 1 year old pari

I got attached to her She is my life zoya

Sakshi ma looks after her in usa

I keep visiting her from time to time

I dnt know how u will react

I never had guts to tell anybody about pari

Because I feared they Willnot let me meet pari

As they hate pooja

But whats pari’s mistake in this

Pari needs love

Pari needs me

Iam sorry zoya

I hope u will forgive me

Your best friend



Letter falls from zoya’s hands

She breaksdown



Dr Watson calls zoya

DR Zoya I wanted to tell u something very imp This period is really crucial for Aditya He should not strain his knees more otherwise he may never be able to walk

Zoya n Yash reach airport

They look out for adi

Adi is on wheel chair

Airport authorities are telling him that he is not physically fit to travel n they cannot permit him He should be accompanied by someone

Adi is begging them

Just then zoya declares

Zoya-Iam travelling  with him

Adi is surprised

  1. Anuva

    I love precap scene… Hope zoya will forgive Adi n accept Pari…

  2. Very nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Amazing , poor adi the way adi was begging actually to zoya for help was really very emotional 😢😢 , post super soon can’t wait to read the next chapter that how will adi react to zoya when she say that she LL go with him

  4. It was amazing.shocked to know that pari is adipoo’s daughter.adi begging and zoya also in a sorrow condition was so the next soon.

  5. Amazing dear. Please post the next part soon. Can’t wait for it.

  6. Jasminerahul

    adiya scene was very painful.shocked to read adi’s letter.poor pari.adi rushing to see pari in this condition was a heart wrenching scene .what adi did to zoya was betrayal.but though pari is born out of wedlock how he cares for her is touchy

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