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Thanks alot dear silent readers

Recap-Yash finds out that pooja has passed away 4 years ago

Yash is puzzled who is the girl in adi’s life

Adi in his dreams murmurs a name pari

Zoya is confused Who is pari

Want to know

Pls read on

Yash gets thinking
Something strikes him
He smiles

Adi is sitting on bed
He seems bored
Just then he hears a knock at Door
Its yash
Adi gestures him to come in
Yash greets adi n gives him flowers
Adi-Finally somebody came to spend some time with me thanks yaar Iam getting very bored
Yash- no worries adi Iam here
Lets play a video game my favourite video game Iam a champ in it
I have got cds
Adi-ohhh Dr Yash u r wrong Iam a champ in every video game
I think u cannot win if you play opposite to me Actually nobody can win opposite me
Yash -ohhh woow I love ur confidence Lets see then
Yash makes adi sit on wheel chair
They both start playing
Zoya comes
She is surprised to see i
Yash there
Zoya-Yash u r here
Yash-yes zoya I wanted to meet adi n spend some time with him
Zoya -what about ur appointments
Yash-zoya yaar i took break pls dnt disturb let me focus on game adi is too smart yaar
Adi (smiles )-I warned u Dr
Zoya-but yash
Yash-r u getting in secured seeing us enjoy

Zoya laughs

Adi-zoya u pls get us some juice n pls stop disturbing us

Zoya -This is indeed rude

Zoya smirks n leaves

She smiles seeing them enjoy

Zoya’s pov-strange whats wrong with yash whatever it is Iam glad that after so many days adi seems happy

Yash tries to touch adi’s phone

While adi is busy in game

Adi notices.

He gives him a look

Yash -Actually I was just checking time

Adi takes phone n says -2.15

Yash -2.15 I need to make an urgent call in hospital

Adi-ohhhoo so Dr is losing so making excuses well I will pause the game

Yash takes out his phone

Yash-ohhh no battery died
Zoya is in kitchen I will go n ask for her phone

Adi-yash use my phone
Yash -u sure
Yash thanks him
He pretends to make call

He signals that he cannot hear

Yash comes out of room

He checks adi’s call log
He finds a no Adi calls on several times in day

Yash -Iam sorry but I have no other option

Yash dials the no

A lady picks up

Lady-Haan Adi beta Pls dnt worry pari is fine she is not angry with u

Wait am in kitchen I will make u talk to her wait haan

Yash is puzzled up-who is pari

Lady-pari pari beta papa has called pls talk to your papa

Yash is dumbstruck

Papa ????

Adi has a daughter

Pari is Adi’s daughter

Scene shifts a lady is shown convincing a very adorable 4 years old kid to talk to adi

But kid very cutely says-nahi nani am cuttie with papa

(Dear sia n anu ur guess was vertu right pari is adi’s daughter

Anuva thanks for guessing n sorry jasmine pari is adi’s daughter

Pari’s character will be played by pari from silsila kunal n Nandini ‘s Daughter

I hope u all will enjoy this twist pls do let me know)

Zoya taps on yash’s back

He gets nervous

Zoya-what happened Yash

Yash is sweating

Yash-nothing was talking to nurse u scared me

Zoya -oh sorry u continue

Zoya leaves

Tears fall from Yash’s eyes

Yash enters room

He returns adi’s phone

He cannot meet adi’s eyes

Yash -Am sorry there is an emergency I will have to leave

Adi-i know ur excuses Dnt wry game is on pause mode

Adi smiles

Yash leaves

Zoya gives juice to adi

Suddenly his shirts button fall

Zoya-i will stitch it

Zoya opens cupboard she opens drawer n takes out a box

A photograph falls

Adi panics

Adi -ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Zoya-what happened

Adi-my knee suddenly it’s aching

Zoya-come let me make u lie down

Adi-zoya pls get my medicine pls

Zoya leaves

Adi picks up photo by bending

Its pari’s photo

Adi takes a sigh of relief

Adi hugs photo

Adi-I miss u Pari papa misses u alot should I tell zoya will she understand

Adi keeps photo in his pocket of jeans

Just then zoya comes

Zoya makes adi eat medicines

Adi-Am fine relax

Zoya starts stiching button

Shecomes close to adi

They share eyelock

Suddenly needle pricks her finger

Zoya –


Adi grabs her finger

He caresses it

Adi-what sort of Dr u r dnt know to handle a small needle

He picks up cotton ball from side table n wipes blood

Zoya smiles looking at him

Precap-Adi gives a letter to zoya

Zoya-Adi am sorry I will read afterwards I need to go to hospital to meet Dr Watson

Yash (angry)-stop bothering so much about adi He doesn’t deserve it He is cheating on u

He has daughter in usa

Pooja n his daughter her name is pari

Zoya is dumbstruck

She breaksdown

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  1. Hi Rushi. Nice story. I have been reading your story from the beginning. Its amazing. And today’s update was fab. Can’t wait for the next. Please update next one soon. Lots of love and best wishes.

  2. Amazing , hey is pari adi and pooja adi s daughter or Kunal and nandini s daughter in this story 🤔🤔🤔🤔 I am confused , post soon

  3. Anuva

    I too dumbstruck yaar… But if pooja died means ok… Zoya will take care pari as her own daughter… It is an unexpectable twist… Awesome…

  4. Jasminerahul

    oh as I feared pari is adi’s daughter.but is she adipoo’s daughter or adopted daughter?you know when I read about Pari in the precap itself I was imagining silsila pari.button scene was romantic. adi is so caring to zoya now

  5. Hey!It’s an awesome twist yaar.but is pari adi’s and Pooja’s daughter or he adopted her.want to know it.waiting for the next post soon.

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