Bepannah: My opinions on the current track

My opinions on the current track.

Please note that this is strictly my opinion. Do feel free to share your’s too but no hatred please. PEACE OUT✌️.

Track of Pooja’s diary revelation.

After Pooja’s diary revelation ,the dynamics of all the characters have been revealed..


I am most impressed by Zoya and her decision to still fight for Yash even after realizing his cheat.Her husband cheated her but still she is ready to fight for him as a friend.She is broken up but not broken down..Only if Yash knew Zoya had such a side to her too. But in all of this, i feel she is kinda supporting EMA saying she is at fault,she never understood Yash and so on..No Zoya,you are a human being with flaws and I feel Yash is at fault somewhere.


(Pls note that my analysis on Yash is one sided as his point of view hasn’t been released yet. So the opinions might change in the future)
Now this is one complicated character coz his side of the story hasn’t been revealed yet. So I’m sure once that’s out,my opinions about him will definitely change. As of now, I repeat ,as of now,I am most disappointed with Yash.He never opened about his problems thinking Zoya as weak and emotional.Yes Zoya grew up with all the comforts and pamperings of her family but if she was ready to leave them for Him,then she definitely would have understood him if he had opened his mouth once. But no,he found help outside in the form of Pooja.

And about Poosh loving poetry,Yash my man,in every relation you have to adjust a bit,just like you weren’t a big fan of kkhh,similarly Zoya  too wasn’t a big fan of poetry.
Now I really wonder what Yash saw in Zoya when he fell in love with her.I completely lost respect for him when he decided to leave her for Pooja..was Yash actually ready to accept Pooja’s child as his own?..but that girl Zoya left her family for YOU dude?.If he was soo concerned about Pooja’s happiness, then what about Zoya..what would she have done. As per the current revelations, Yash seems absolutely careless about Zoya’s emotions for him. But I still haven’t lost hope because if you look closely,you will realize that each character is right from their viewpoint. So once Yash’s side is revealed, he too would probably turn out to be right from his shoes.


Coming to Pooja, I find her decisions very mature. And that must have been her biggest turn off about childlike Adi. I love that she herself understood she was helplessly falling for Yash. Being very mature romantic at heart ,she wished Adi too would talk romantically abt her, look at her in a different way, (not in the filmy way but  probably like how poetry-loving Yash does). She even appreciated the way Yash spoke about Zoya. I also love that she cares a lot for her childhood friend and also for Zoya ,because despite falling for Yash , she very well knew that any such action of theirs would break their partners’ beyond repair.


And my opinion,he has committed some mistakes but probably unintentionally. First of all, although he keeps saying he loved Pooja he loved Pooja on and on..and yes he did love her BUT never as much as she loved him.Again it’s about adjusting. He never attented poetry nights with her saying they are boring.If he loved his wife as much as he says,then he should have gone with her just for her happiness. Her smile should fill his heart with happiness right? But I have no hatred towards him because he never knew how deep the idea of ‘LOVE’ was for Pooja.Coz she didn’t open her mouth.I guess she must have expected him to understand her coz they were childhood friends but there genuinely would have been no harm if she openly said what she expected. The biggest point is..For Adi ,love was always friendship (PYAAR DOSTI HAI) and for Pooja, love was passion

I really wish Pooja had opened up to Adi saying “boy,listen, you are an adult now, having fun and being a child at heart is all great BUT everything has limits! I understand we are friends first but we are now hus n wife too and I want that dynamics between us… ” That was the only thing she wanted right? And she had all rights to ask it too. But she always put Adi’s emotions and happiness above her’s. Pooja deserved to be happy too.. i feel so sorry for her.

Concluding,the girls’ definitely loved their partners’ limitlessly and cared for their lives’. Zoya was ready to fight for what made Yash happy and Pooja was not ready to break Adi despite knowing the action would break her for life. Meanwhile,the guys’  too, have loved  their partners’ but only to an extent. And that extent doesn’t seem to be greater than their OWN happiness.Right now, I feel the girls’ deserve much better…What about you?

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  1. Kashaf

    Bepannah is one of the show which points out the perspective of each character but without justifying ema. this track has made me cry because of Jennifer and harshad’s acting. This is two are blessing for Indian television. Literally they are the best. Hands down they deserve all the awards for this acting

    1. Rithu17

      So true…the cast is perrrrfect!!!???

  2. Nina

    Bepannah is one the best show where there are the ideas in the script to the development of the characters and the amazing duet of the leads actors. Authors are rightly making this story ambiguous. Aditya long thought that the worst crime his wife could commit was in fact adultery. But in practice, life is rarely that simple, and there are the complicated cases which need to be considered.

  3. Agree with you completely. To be honest, I kind of feel Pooja never stopped loving/caring for Adi. While Yash signed off the divorce paper she didn’t. Some people blame her saying she hid her pregnancy from Adi. But I have actually faced similar situation where even after saying what I want or wish for, the other party was negligent. After that, I lost all expectation. So I definitely don’t blame Pooja. After literally spending most of the time of your lives together if he still can’t understand you, you’ll surely lose your patience.

    Adi took Pooja’s love for granted while Yash didn’t value Zoya as an equal.

    I feel both the girls loved their spouses unconditionally.

    But I would want to know what made Yash fall out of love.

    1. According to me Adi was at fault in the pregnancy case , because he never showed the maturity one gets after getting married. For him, he was still in his college life phase, playing video games, planning vacations ,etc. I mean after marriage your life is just not your life, your decisions can affect your life partner in an adverse way. Even Pooja considered Aditya as her best friend, but after marriage the relationship was meant to change. From immature besties to mature and responsible life partners. But there was no such transition on Adi’s side…… ??

  4. By reading your opinion & the comments from other people, I would like to share my own experience with my wife before 7-8 years. There was a moment when I was experiencing some of the struggles in Professional, Financial & personal issues. I was not giving attention to my wife during those days as I feels that she may not understand my problems & above all, I don’t want to give any tensions to her. During those days, one of my friend was regularly visiting us & trying to resolve our issues. But, I was not concerned about the issues & I was in the illusion to solve my issues ASAP. One day, our fight were gone beyond the limit & at the moment, my friend visit home. My wife was opened up her emotions to him & for consoling her, he give a hug. I was not comfortable by seeing this. On that particular night, My wife talked to me by starting a sentence that she was not comfortable with my friends hug. She told me that she hugged him as a friend but his touch made her uncomfortable. I asked him why you need to express your emotions to him. Then she told me because of me as I was not ready to listen her. I started to share my problems. After listening me, she came to know my issues & from that day onwards, she was my pillar to my all problems. Now I am out of country, but still we are talking 3 times a day just to share our issues like a friend.

    In Poosh cases, whatever be the reason – whether they are matured or childish, the main reason is lapse of communication with their partners. They never tried & came to the conclusion that their partner never understand them.

    1. Nina

      I think if someone is considering the spouse like the closest friend it’s a sign of intimacy attachment and trust.

    2. Ooshi

      Now it’s just reminds me a saying
      It’s good either it’s late
      Dair aae drust aae
      Happy to know that u saved the relation as it matters the most

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