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bepannah mohabbat ki shuruvat


Hey guys, thnx a ton for your support and i have decided to continue it . . I am damn sorry for late update . So, this is my first episode . Please do comment . Here is the intro link ( in case you forgot the story 😜😜 )
N: Nandini
M: manik
D: Dhruv
A: alya
The episode starts with a fresh, beautiful morning in Mumbai . A big shopping mall is shown , two girls are shopping. They are our Nandini and alya . Nandini was wearing a pretty churidar and was looking very cute and alya was wearing a blue dress. Alya has a trolley full of clothes while Nandini has a few in her hand . Alya picks a beautiful red dress .
Alya: Nandu, look at this. God!!! Its too goood. Try this na once
Nandini: no ways alya , its so short .
Alya : arre nothing will happen, just try na once. I swear you’ll look hot . ( she winks and smiles mischievously)
Alya pushes Nandini into the trial room. After five minutes, Nandini doesn’t come out . Alya gets impatient and bangs on the door .
Alya: Nandini, come out na plz
Nandini: no , plz plz, noo
Alya: Nandu, if you don’t come out naa, i swear i will break the door .
She bangs the door even louder . Nandini comes out, the red dress suited perfectly. She was looking beautiful. Nandini keeps pulling it down .
Alya : Nandu, if you keep pulling , it won’t get any longer . So please, leave it . You are looking awesome !!;) you should definitely buy It.
Nandini: no ways alu, its too costly yaar, just see its 7,000 . No ways, plz.
Alya : its not so costly, come on I will buy it for you . But then you have to take it.
Nandini: no alu, thnx but I wont and I cant . You know what I mean na ??
Alya: ok,my miss khuddar, buy it yourself later. Ok, now lets go .
They come out . Nandini is driving the scooty and alya is sitting at the back and blabbering . Their scooty hits a big black car . A boy wearing buff coloured jeans and a dark blue top steps out . ( yeah, its manik ! ) .
He comes out of the car with dhruv , alya and Nandini also get down . Manik looks at alya and gets mesmerized .
Dhruv was busy in his phone, he looks up at alya and she also looks back . They have a cute eyelock . Nandini was furious by then, she scowls at manik.
Nandini: oh hello mister, cant you see. What would have happened ?
Manik doesnt pay attention to her and looks at alia.
N: excuse me, I am talking to you !!! Where are you lost ?
Manik comes to his senses. He looks at Nandini from top to toe and her clothes.
M: oh, hello miss behenji, stop. Nothing happened right so stop panicking .
N : what ? How dare you call me behenji? Anything could have happened nah, then ?
M : then what ?
Dhrulya come to their senses .
A : leave it na Nandini, lets go .
M : see your friend , she is so beautiful!
Everyone stares at him . Manik realised what his just said .
M: I mean sensible ! She’s so sensible ! Nothing happened so now go home .
N: how will we go home ? You have damaged our scooty.
Dhruv: ok, ok, we are sorry . We’ll drop you and mend the scooty fine ??
Nandini: yeah, fine. See your friend is so polite !
M: plz can u plz just shut up??
D: ok now lets go.

They get into the car. Manik and Dhruv in front and girls at back . Manik looks at alia through the mirror and alya looks at dhruv. No one spoke for sometime till dhruv broke the silence.
D: so, what are your names girls? I am dhruv , dhruv sharma. And he is manik Malhotra.
N : I am Nandini murty , and she is alya Saxena .
M : alya, nice name.
A : thanks. So, Dhruv where do you live ?
D: I live nearby here . And you ?
A: I live in Saxena mansion .
Nandini was thinking about something .
D: and Nandini? Where do you live ?
N : I have seen him somewhere!!
A : whom ?
N: manik.
M : me ? Where ?
N : in the newspaper . Wait ! Plz dont tell me you are manik Malhotra, son of nyonika and Neeraj Malhotra!!!
M : yes, I am.
A: Nandu, who are they ?? ( alya is weak in gk.)
N : alya, you don’t know them ? They are the Malhotras . God !! The owners of Malhotra industries !!
D: yeah, you are right . He is manik Malhotra the great !!
Manik: shut up Dhruv.
A: ok, so mr. Manik Malhotra we have reached plz stop the car .
M : what so soon ??
N : what do you mean so soon ??
Manik stops the car and they get down . It was Nandini ‘s house small but cute .
A : ok, bye ! Thnx for the ride.
M: our pleasure ! Bye good night.
In car :
D : manik, what happened?? So happy?
M : I like her.
D : who?
M: alya.

Dhruv pretends to be happy but he was sad because he too had started liking her . In Nandini house : navya, Nandini and alya are chatting.
Navya: what ? You guys were with manik Malhotra?! Wow?? So lucky!
A : but navya , I still don’t understand.. Who are these Malhotras ??
N : aree yaar, see this is todays newspaper. They have come in the headlines today.
A : omg , but you know what I liked him better .
Nandini: who ??
A : wo, Dhruv. He’s such a chocolate boy and also too cute.
N : yeah, he is a good boy . But that manik is such a jerk!
navya: oh plz, he is so hot !!
A : yeah, he is not bad for Nandu right navya ?
Nandini : shut up. Alya.
Nandini throws a pillow on her . Alya throws it back but it hits navya. The trio have a cute pillow fight . Screen freezes.

Precap : manik comes to Nandini’s house to give the scooty . They fight and Atta falls on both of them.


Ok, so here is my first episode. Plz comment guys . It takes a lot of effort to write so plz do. And also tell me how it was . Criticism accepted.😊😊

Credit to: jazz

  1. Tash

    Cute it was..BT I don’t like Manik getting attracted towards Alya…BT whatever u do..ll read it n hope Manik doesn’t fall for Alya…BT overall it was superrrrrbbbb…keep going dear…πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Thanks tash, no the story will take a twist, so chill and thnx fr ur comment..

  2. Inu

    sweet .manan nokjhok is awesome.nice story.good going.

    1. Thanks Inu

  3. Mahi13

    It’s amazing. Plz continue. Ur story is interesting. Update soon πŸ™‚

    1. Thnx mahi wiil try to update soon πŸ˜‰

  4. Superb yar…… Really it was awesome and I don’t have words to describe……
    Waiting for next….

    1. Thanks a lot ..

  5. Awesome update jazz…waiting eagerly to read more from you….πŸ˜„

    1. Thanx anandi 😊


    1. Thnx anwesha , will update fast

  7. Manan_0206

    Hi jazz … Sorry for not commenting on intro…. I read both today and liked it very much … Do continue it … It’s just awesome !!

    1. Thnx a loot . I love your ff too .

  8. Pls pls pls update

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