Bepannah Aashqui FF Twelfth epi

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Recap-zoya n adi together are working for getting zosh events out of all problems
They come close doing so
Also they miss their college days.
Adi desperately tries to get contract
Zosh events get contract of marriage of sanchi n Veer from sdch
Adi gets interns to work for zosh

Zoya is tensed looking at interns
Mahi smirks-Aditya Hooda a fool like zoya what can interns do they have no experience

Adi looks at tensed zoya

Adi-Zoya don’t wry just have patience everything will set right

Zoya tries to smile

Adi is distributing work among interns a peon observes

Adi smiles

Peon goes to existing employees

Adi while talking to interns notice existing employees eavesdrop

Adi (smiles)-Guys put in ur best efforts if we complete this contract successfully trust me I would promote u all N not existing employees. They can’t understand if finances of our Co improve we can not only pay unpaid salary but also give a substantial hike

Existing employees start discussing among themselves
Adi winks at zoya

Existing employees come to adi

One Employee- sir we are sorry but Pls give us one chance we too want to work for benefit of zosh

Anyways we have experience

Mahi is shocked

Adi-Ok can give u a chance but Pls put in ur 200%

Existing employees thank adi n commit to work with complete dedication

Zoya is glad

As employees leave
Zoya cannot content her happiness
She hugs adi tightly

Mahi leaves in frustration

Just than sanchi n Veer enter cabin where zoya is hugging adi

Sanchi looks at them admiringly

Zoya-Adi thanks thanks alot am so incomplete without u actually I just can’t do anything without u

Adi is enjoying the  moment

He realises  that  San Veer have arrived

He frees himself

Zoya too notices them n feels awkward

San Veer n Adiya greet each other

Sanchi(excitedly )-I always  wanted my marriage  to have  the most unique theme n trust me retro is best theme

Thank u so much  I would  like to see more of it


Adi-sure sanchi our presentation  is ready zoya will show us

Veer-sanchi yaar atleast let me spend some time with my buddy adi am meeting him after so long.

Sanchi -yeah sorry actually  am so excited  I just cannot wait sorry

Adi-no sanchi its fine Veer we can talk latter  also first lets just go through  presentation

Veer nods


Zoya is initially  little  nervous.

Adi signals her to look at him

Zoya confidently  presents

San Veer seem extremely  happy

Infact sanchi  holds veers hand

Suddenly  zoya starts coughing

Adi rushes to her with water

N makes her have it

Sanchi looks on

Adi is making  zoya drink water

Sanchi -awww my God u both r such a lovely  couple  just like me n adi made for each other  types

Adiya look at each other

Veer-sanchi they  are not a couple  they are best friends

Sanchi  (awkwardly)-Am am am very sorry  but I feel ur friendship n bond will give us best wedding

Adiya nod

Adiya n San Veer are shown talking  n having  coffee

Mahi looks from outside

Mahi-This Aditya  Hooda is very smart  .He has solution  for  everything This cannot go on I have to do something


Employees of zosh event start decorations

Zoya n adi are running  here n there

They are busy supervising

Mahi looks on with angry eyes

Mahi is having  a cutter in her hand

Mahi-Zosh events can only spread darkness  it can never  spread  happiness  n light

Mahi is shown angrily  cutting  some electric  connection of decoration


Adi will supervising notices her but doesn’t  react

Zoya looks at decorations

She takes a sigh of relief

Zoya -Finally  I think everything  is just  perfect.

Adi’s pov looking  at decorations-everything  was perfect  but not now but I will set everything

He looks angrily  at mahi

Mahi is smirking  looking at decorations

Adi is doing  so thing with decoration


Adi’s pov-God knows what this mahi has done I cannot  make out

Just as he is busy to understand. Mahi switches on the electric connection

Zoya waits to see the decoration  but shown they see adi fainting  but nothing  much happens to decorations

Zoya yells


Mahi is irked

Precap-zoya is weeping  everybody is trying  to bring adi in senses zoya runs inside malhotra mansion she gets Veer

Adi slowly  opens his eyes

An emotional  zoya hugs him

Zoya (angry tone)-what exactly  where u doing  there adi.if there was any problem u could  have  informed  me what was need for u to do all this we could  have called electrician

Adi is amused by zoya ‘s concern

Zoya takes his hand in hers constantly  rubs it

Veer looks on with a smile

Adiya are shown dancing  romantically  on dil di galliyaan San Veer too are dancing

Adiya are lost in each others  eyes


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