Bepannah Aashqui FF Seventh Episode


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So tdy u all will come to know a fact regarding this ff

This ff is adapted from a very famous Bollywood flick

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Recap-Zoya’s family arrive .Nahi continues her rude behavior.siddquis are shocked to know that yash had affair with Pooja

Adi is broken He is about to come in front of zoya’s cab she saves him.she goes behind adi she notices adi going deep inside water n beach n pulls him out She tells adi that she needs him n he cannot go anywhere They hug tightly


Zoya brings inebriated adi to his house

Servant opens door

Zoya is holding adi’s hand n supporting him

Zoya-where r uncle aunty n arjun

Servant-They have gone to police station to lodge a missing complaint for adi baba I will inform them that baba is back home

Adi starts laughing like mad

Adi-ha haaa haaa haaa zoya they think am a kid someone will kidnap me ha haaaa

While laughing adi notices pooja’s photo n a Garland put across it

Tears fall from his eyes

He walks towards photo

Remembs that Pooja lied to him about going to Katmandu

He remembers Pooja holding yash’s hand

He kicks Pooja’s photo in full aggression

Servants n zoya are dumbstruck

Adi yells-pooja is a cheater naa  naa naa

In zoya’s ears it echoes

Zoya is a cheater zoya is a cheater naa naa

Zoya is about to smile she notices adi trembling

She supports him

Zoya-Lets go to your room adi lets go

She takes him

She makes adi lie

She puts a pillow below his head

N removes his socks n shoes

Adi holds zoya’s hand

Adi(lump in throat)-zoya Pooja toh cheated me n went away u pls don’t go pls pls

Zoya sits besides him-Adi u pls rest am here

Adi feels better

Adi slowly falls asleep

Zoya looks at adi

Adi is holding her hand

Bepannah aashqui hain tumse plays

Zoya somehow releases her hand

Zoya notices many pics of Pooja n adi in room

Suddenly she sees

A pic of basket ball court


Adi is playing football

Zoya comes there

Zoya’s hair are very short she looks like a boy dressed in jean n T-shirt

Adi puts ball in basket

Adi boasts-Am a champ am a champ

Zoya snatches ball from his hand

She goes close to basket n nicely with her hands put it in basket

Adi laughs he starts teasing-zoyaa is a cheater naa naa naa zoya is a cheater

They look in each others eye

Flashback ends

Its a pic of zoya n adi looking into eachothers eyes at basket ball court

Zoya smiles looking at pic zoya notices a collection of zoya n ADI’s college pics she notices collection of friendship bands she had tied him

Zoya is smiling n suddenly she sees adi n pooja’s marriage pic

She looks at it

Tears well up in her eyes

Zoya-pooja I always thought u loved adi I had seen it in ur eyes I felt u can keep him happy N yash u too claimed u loved me

Is love so meaning less

Is love so fake.


Tears fall from zoya’s eyes

Anjana comes running to ADI’s room she notices adi sleeping n zoya sitting besides him

Zoya looks at her

Anjana comes n hugs zoya

Anjana (lump in throat)-Thanks for looking after my adi thanks am sorry about whatever happened

Zoya hugs her n cries

Precap-anjana is trying to make adi eat adi refuses

Zoya comes she makes him eat anjana smiles

Zoya tells adi that she is going back to mussorrie she cannot stay here in Mumbai

Adi is broken but doesn’t say anything

Anjana begs zoya not to leave adi n go .

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  1. Its kuch kuch hota hai right the episode was not so good and please post tge next episode soon

  2. No mention plzz dii…ur ff is forcing me to comment..I was a silent reader but not anymore…as usual ff was mind blowing…luved the kuch kuch hota hai scene.. I wish it was a real episode…so cute…amazing ff dii… Can’t wait for the next one..????…just one thing to say
    ?Bepanah bepanah pyaar he apki ff se?..???

  3. It was awesome, post the next soon

  4. Update it soon yaar

  5. heyyy Rushi thankx a lot dear sorry for soo late i’m commenting on it….actually I was in some work hope u understand btw the epiii wassss justttt fabulous. bye tc.

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