Bepannah Aashqui FF ninth epi

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Recap-zoya comes to meet adi at his home she informs him that she is leaving for mussorrie Adi is upset but can’t stop zoya as he feels Zoya will experience more pain if she stays in Mumbai
Zoya n adi feel upset for each other.They want to see each other happy
Anjana pleads zoya not to leave Mumbai as adi needs her.Anjana tells her that adi feels comfortable only with three women zoya sakshi n pooja

Anjana is weeping
She is standing in front of zoya with folded hands
Zoya hugs her
Zoya -Am sorry very sorry Aunty I can’t stay her but I will be in constant touch with adi.

Zoya returns to her room
She is constantly thinking about adi
About whatever Anjana told her
She remembers Anjana’s tear filled eyes

Tears drop from zoya ‘s eyes
Zoya notices her alter image standing in front of her
Alter image laughs at zoya -Zoya whats wrong with u how can u be so mean??From past five years every single day u missed adi u claimed to be his best friend
Zoya(lump in throat )-Am compelled to leave him n go I too don’t want to leave him like this but my heart………
Alter image (interrupts )-u don’t have heart zoya , He is your best friend first n u can’t leave He will ruin himself u know him he will quit zoya

Alter image disappears
Zoya breaks down

Noor comes She hugs zoya

Zoya (sobbing )-Noor I can’t leave adi n go but ……I can’t stay with him either I am getting weak .u know everything Noor u understand everything.

Noor-Appi I understand but now u just think as a best friend
Appi u need to control ur feelings

Zoya-Noor am yash’s wife I cannot. ……

Noor interrupts -He can cheat on u n u can’t help ur best friend am not telling u to marry adi…

Zoya yells at Noor
Noor feels bad
Zoya hugs her
Zoya-Am sorry my kohinoor but am so confused I don’t want to go but there is no reason to stay here what shall I tell ammi n abuu?I can’t hurt them more I have already hurt them alot by marrying yash not more mummy jii n mahi are so angry .Ammi n abuu will not be able to take all this humiliation

Noor pacifies zoya

Roshna(calls out)-zoya Noor beta we are getting late we need to leave for airport come ……

Noor n zoya look at each other

Zoya helps Noor’s hand as they walk out of room

In cab on way to airport
Zoya is looking all lost
Wasim senses it
Zoya ‘s pov-Allah mihaah Pls guide me I don’t want to leave adi Pls do something I don’t want to hurt ammi n abuu Its a big dilemma Pls help me

Siddquis arrive at airport
As they are removing luggage from cab
A guy wearing hood is shown starring them
He is looking at them
His face is not shown
He is looking at zoya
As Zoya’s hair cover her face due to wind n she struggles to remove her bag

It’s shown that guy is adi
He takes off his hood
Adi’s eyes get welled up with tears
Adi’s pov-i cannot stop u but at least I can see u zoya for one last time I don’t know if we will ever meet again I promised u but I don’t think I will be able to keep up my promise. I Will not be able to survive DON’T GO ZOYA


Adi n zoya are thinking about each other

Siddquis are about to enter
When mahi comes
N calls out at zoya

Wasim gets angry seeing mahi there
He asks zoya to come
Mahi-zoya Pls one min Pls Bhabhi

Zoya is dumbstruck to hear word Bhabhi for first time from mahi
She gets emotional
Mahi folds her hands
Mahi-zoya I know I have always been rude to u ,but Pls just one min listen to me.Zoya u r daughter in law of our house .we need u zoya Pls don’t go
Maa has lost her son
She doesn’t want to lose u Pls understand Pls
Zoya Pls come stay with us.
N zoya bhaiyaa’s company. Zosh events is on verge of bankruptcy. Today out lawyer told me u r Co owner of company. Its bhaiyaa’s dream project Pls save it zoya Pls

Wasim -she doesn’t know anything about business
N ur Bro was cheating my daughter she can’t stay her she can’t get more hurt u Pls go

Mahi is weeping

Adi is looking on all this

Zoya feels bad
Mahi-zoya u r bhaiyaa’s life partner Pls zoya

Wasim tries to take zoya with him

Zoya stops

Zoya -Abu I want to stay back

Wasim gets angry -Zoya beta don’t act stupid beta u know nothing of business

Zoya -Mahi is there she will help me

Zoya looks at mahi with hope
Mahi nods with smile on face
Her eyes are still filled with tears

Wasim looks at zoya sternly -Zoya is this ur final decision

Zoya nods

Wasim-Allah bless u , while marrying yash also u didn’t obey us n u have seen consequences n again u r doing the same zoya I wish best for u but we don’t support ur this decision

Zoya feels hurt

Wasim asks noor n Roshna to come with him
They hug zoya
Zoya tries hugging him
But he leaves
Noor-Dnt wry aapi his anger will melt soon
Roshna -Take care zoya
Roshna n noor leave too

Mahi hugs zoya

Adi looks on he smiles
His pov-zoya u r not going am happy but equally tensed n worried I have seen mahi’s behaviour she can’t have a change of heart may be there is some motive behind all this…..I will have to be alert zoya is a big emotional fool

As mahi is hugging zoya
She smiles an evil smile

Flashback shows

Mahi n lawyer talking
Mahi gets frustrated -What the hell this house is on zoya ‘s name n she is also Co owner of company what has bhaiyaa left for us
Lawyer-Look mahi be calm am ur friend also so am giving u one advise see house is now on her name but if she signs pars it can become on ur or Aunty’s name.see she is very rich n I have observed very emotional too .If she starts sympathising with u she will herself surrender this flat n regarding Zosh events it’s on verge on bankruptcy just make zoya fail make her file for bankruptcy if that happens we can claim insurance money

Mahi smiles

Flashback ends

Precap-Adi is holding some pprs in his hand
Tears are falling from his eyes

Zoya is at Zosh events
Nobody wants to work
All employees are not listening to zoya
Zoya is weeping
Shareholders r questioning her
She sees adi enter he talks to shareholders n convinces them to give Co some time
Zoya is shocked
N so is mahi
Mahi asks adi to leave
Adi-mahi ur bhaiyaa has borrowed 5 crores from my wife am a Co owner of this company n I have rights to take decisions

Zoya hugs adi n tells him how worried she was
Adi’s pov-thanks pooja because of ur fraud because of ur conspiracy at least am able to help zoya though it broke me at least I will be able to protect zoya

Adi promises Zoya that he will save the co

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  1. The episode was good but it is same as that of serial and u have made very slight changes i hope u make adi and zoya a couple soon cant wait for their romance and please post your episodes sooner

  2. It was just fabulous Di, and happy that zoya is not going to mussorrie , and than your precap also make me too much happy , actually I am a very big fan of adiya , so I read all the ff from tu , and yours ff is just awesome , and also thank you for posting it soon ?, love you❤️ , also post the next soon , waiting eagerly ?

  3. Anee

    Heyyy Rushiiiii Just fabulous yaarrr…. it’s really good that mahi came between to stop zoya from going. Rushi please make mahii’s character positive here… it is completely on ur choices actually I love Vaishnavi so much and want to see her positive… that’s it. and yeah yarrr jo bhi ho btw tum humare liye toh ho na… such a talented girl hmm?? bye luv u tc.

  4. Don’t mind us dii be very comfortable…we r just tooooo excited… today’s ff was mind blowing just like the others…I got goosebumps while reading your ff dii…whaa..kya baat hai… Can’t wait for the next update..take care diii..??

  5. Jasminerahul

    nice to see anjana pleading zoya not to leave adi unlike the show where she wants zoya to leave adi.loved adi visiting zoya in the airport. sad that zoya is not going back for the fake mahi hurting her will be different from the show if you make mahi positive

  6. Sorry dii for not commenting to the last episode. As I was busy in my admissions. But this ff is just incredible I am waiting for zoya and Adityas romance pllls pls post the next episode sooner. And take care of yourself.
    Yours lovingly rimjhim.

  7. Fenil

    Awesome episode with Adi’s wish to see Zoya for the last time before she goes to masourie , Mahi’s drama started pls changed her into positive after some time.
    Precap is love.

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