Bepannah Aashqui FF First Episode

Good Morning My Lovely Readers

World’s most amazing feeling is when ppl like n appreciate ur work.A big thank u to dear


fenil,rimjhim,jayshree thanks a lot for showing interest in this FF.

Its wonderful to find my very dear reader in the comment section

Jasmine Rahul

Dear u have always encouraged me thanks a lot

Am so glad to find u on this tu forum again

It feels marvellous when readers remember me n welcome me back after several months n that too when am working on a new show

I hope to form a SPL bond with all my readers

I hope to find a new family

A family of bepannah aashqui

Silent Readers I love u too.

I hope u all would enjoy this roller coaster rides

So I start this FF

By taking lord ganesha’s name

On shree ganeshaa namah.

A beautiful bungalow is shown

Sounds of arti n bells are heard

A woman glad in green saree is performing Pooja

A room is shown

A charming man is shown to be getting disturbed in his sleep due to continuous chantings n arti he tries to cover himself with bedspread n tries to cover his ears

He is irked he murmurs

“Pooja aur uski rooz ki Poojaaa”

The lady in green sari comes in the room n says

“Adi come on yaar wake up n take arti.Its already noon”

(So the charming man is Aditya and Lady in green sari is pooja)

Adi(in kiddish tone):Pooja yaar let me sleep I came home at 5am yaar

Pooja goes close to him n kisses him fondly

Pooja(lovingly):Baby wake up na sunna I need to go to kathmandu for my book exhibition

Adi wakes up with jerk:Pooja yaar pls don’t give these kisses n all I just dnt like them u know na am not a baby

Pooja-Awwwwwwwww u r not a baby I know u dnt like thats y I gave because thats the only way to wake u up

Adi(irritated):pooja I dnt understand what pleasure u get in attending these book exhibitions

Pooja (sarcastically):As if I understand what pleasure u get in flying from here to there I mean flying ur silly plane.

Both make faces

Adi:U know what pooja we dnt match at all I really dnt know how god made our jodi?

Pooja(holds adi close):Opposites attract

Adi releases himself :only in movies.Pooja at least let me get fresh.Dnt come close again n again there is something called hygiene

Pooja-Adi we are husband n wife

Adi-pooja we are two individuals also

Pooja is disgusted.

Adi goes to washroom

He splashes water on his face

He looks at his face in mirror

And sees a small pimple

Adi smiles

Adi’s pov-Zoya I again got a pimple,if u would have seen this u would have scolded me ,u would have told me that I always eat oily food n get pimples n spoil my face

Zoya Zoya Zoya It has been 5 long years since we met but every small thing reminds me of u ,

The way u hated my eating aloo parathas

Where r u Zoya??

U understood me so well

Adi keeps smiling

Scene Shifts

A beautiful place

A hill station like place is shown

Mountains trees are shown

A dense garden is shown

N a beautiful mansion is shown

A lady dressed in white anarkali is shown working in kitchen

She is running from here and there

She is making. Dough n smiling

She puts potato b dough n smiles

Lady’s POV:Adi u know what in 5 years ur Zoya has changed a lot now I know to cook aloo paratha how I wish u could taste parathas made by me.

A man comes n holds the Lady affectionately from behind while Lady was lost in her thoughts

Man-So Zoya u r again missing ur best friend Adi right?

Zoya:Yes Yash

So Lady is our beautiful zoya n man is yash

Yash:Good for me ,I get to eat these yummy parathas whenever u miss him.y dnt u meet him Zoya??

zoya remembers something n smile disappears from her face

Zoya(trying to change topic):Yash u r going to Mumbai to meet mummyjii n mahi Yash its been 3 years since we have got married I think I should accompany u

I too want to meet them

Yash hugs Zoya

Tears are dropping from Zoya’s eyes

Yash seems tensed

Yash:Zoya if I take u n mom or mahi say something to u I will not be able to take that So pls wait for sometime u have waited for 3 years pls wait little more trust me Zoya they will understand n then accept u wholeheartedly pls give me some more time

Zoya nods

Yash kisses her

Scene shifts

Pooja is packing her bag

Adi comes

Adi:Pooja lets go to airport together.

First I will see u off then report on job today I have flight to Dehradun

Pooja is worried:No adi I will manage

Adi:Pooja u only always keep saying I never show affection I never see u off today when I want to do y r u stopping me?U women r so complicated Only zoya was simple what was in her mind was in her words no manipulations

Adi smiles thinking of Zoya

Pooja is irked

Pooja’s pov-Again zoya Adi is so obsessed with this Zoya Its 5years since he has met her n full day Zoya is on his mind Disgusting

Pooja:Ok honey drop me no problem.

Scene shifts

Yash is ready to leave

He hugs Zoya

Zoya:Yash pls tell mummyjii that I want to meet her I want to stay with them

Yash hugs her:Dnt worry Zoya I will explain mom n mahi u pls take care of itself n pls go n meet ammi Abu n noir

Pls dnt stay here alone ok

Zoya nods

Yash bids her good bye

Adi is shown bidding pooja at airport

Both yash n pooja seem worried.


Adi gets a phone call

He starts sweating profusely

Adi:How can.this happen?I dropped her at airport n she boarded flight to Kathmandu

How can she be in train

Zoya is shellshocked n phone drops from her hand.

So readers how is it???

Pls honest feedbacks

See u soon

  1. Anee

    Heyyyyyyy!!!!!! Rushi You here??? and with Adiya story also…. Do you remember me?? Yaarr we miss you so much in SDCH forum You promised us that you will be back in the month of Jan with second season of PSR…. How are You?? I hope you are good… Good to see you here… and the storyyy it seems really interesting as like your other work….. keep writing dear…Bye tc.

  2. Fenil

    Cool update.
    Loved it.

  3. Jasminerahul

    AdiPoo r already feeling that they r a mismatch as a couple.Pooja is jealous of Zoya as Adi is always thinking of Zoya.Nice to see Adiya as best friends n still thinking of each other.Yash seems to be supporting their friendship.Is he really good or is he pretending?
    Glad that u remember me.Once I had messaged u regarding the Ishra ff u never continued after the intro

  4. That’s very cool i loved it and wants the next update will be soon

  5. I would like to read the next…waiting eagerly for it

  6. Sibanshi bhoi

    This is really something that make one glued to the page. Thank you so much for the update. Great job. Waiting for the next update. ???

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