Bepannah Aashqui FF epi 28

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Recap- Adi is happy that he has found a person who has bepannah Aashqui for him in her heart n zoya’s love has made adi fell in love with her
Hoodas Siddquis aroras come together to help remove Adiya from prison
They are united

Arjun-DAD I feel we should go to bhai’s college talk to staff there
Maybe they can be of some help
Noor-We should get in touch with their ex classmates
Harshvardan -That all is useless Arjun what we get by doing that Arjun grow up
They all have given written witness against adi n zoya
Arjun u are very kiddish

Arjun leaves in anger
Noor goes behind him

Wasim-Harsh I think we should talk to Delhi police on matter
Harshvardan -Yes we should leave for Delhi today itself
Anjana -but……..
Harshvardan -No buts Anjana u n Roshna Bhabhi be here we will go to Delhi to get more details about blast

Noor keeps her hand on Arjun ‘s shoulder
Tears drop from his eyes
Noor hugs him
Arjun -DAD always feels am useless yes am not as experienced as him but….
Noor-Arjun please u r the best uncle is stressed up
We all are stressed up
But u r right we should go to their college
Arjun-Only u can understand me Noor

They have romantic eye lock
Mahi comes there
She knocks on door
Noor asks her to come inside
Mahi- Arjun I feel we should find out what problems Rajveer has with adi
He was also involved in adi’s accident 3 years ago
We should get more evidences
More info on Rajveer

Arjun smiles

Noor mahi are confused

Arjun -I have a plan

He murmurs something

Noor n mahi smile in hope

Wasim n Harshvardan are talking to Cops

Roshna madhu n Anjana are shown praying

Noor n Arjun enter college premises

They enter principals office

Principal-Yes I remember both Aditya  and zoya Adi was very mischievous  only zoya could get him on track and help him with studies Adi would  only listen to zoya and I remember  zoya because  she was very intelligent  still left her degree midway

Rest i know nothing  more about them yes adi married a girl pooja from our college

Arjun-Sir anything  u know or remember  about pooja

Principal gets thinking

Principal -Pooja joined college in second year she had done her first year from somewhere else Actually  we Dnt give admissions  this way but somebody  recommended  her name Am sorry I Dnt remember

I will have to check  records

Arjun-Pls sir

Arjun  looks in tension  at Noor

She keeps her hand on his hand


Adi is sitting  in prison

Still  smiling

He remembers zoya n him playing  football

He remembers zoya calling  him cheater

He remembers zoya teaching  him

He remembers their hug

Their talks


Zoya is also lost in deep thoughts

She remembers  adi yelling  in court that he too was involved

Adi whispering  in her ears

We will die together

She remembers  how her hands touched his prison  bar n intertwined  his hands

She looks at her hand

N smiles

She keeps her hand close to her heart

Adi too keeps his hand close to his heart

Bepannah aashqui hain plays


Rajveer  is at his home

Doorbell rings

He is shocked  to see mahi

Rajveer -What are u doing  hereverything? How did u get my address

Mahi (teareyed )-I have a request  Pls Pls listen to me once Pls

Rajveer -OK come inside

Mahi-Pls do anything  but Pls Dnt let zoya come out of prison  Pls I want her to die

Rajveer -whats the point  in this drama You were in court Haven’t  u heard she has got life sentence

Mahi-But case is re opening in supreme  Court and Harshvardan  can do anything  to save his son in turn zoya too would  get saved

Rajveer -Hahaa u think am a fool

Zoya n adi will die

Mahi-If u need any help. ….

Rajveer  laughs

Rajveer -u will help me hehaaahaaa

I Dnt trust anybody n I Dnt need any ones help I have enough  evidence  against  them U better leave

Mahi smiles

Mahi-Thank God I just just hate that zoya

She should die she snatched  my brother from me thanks alot

Mahi leaves with wide smile

Rajveer  looks on confused

Rajveer’s pov-she actually  hates zoya



Arjun is talking to a man

Man-Yash and pooja met at poetry night

Arjun (puzzled)-but pooja Bhabhi hated poetry n all literature  n all at first then suddenly  developed a liking  but if she met yash first time there y did she go to poetry night for whom

Arjun  gets mahi’s call

Mahi-Arjun I have  accessed bhaiyaa’s  Facebook account

Pooja had sent him friend request  around

2.5 year ago and they first became  friends on fb n then met in person

Arjun is confused

Noor-I think pooja deliberately  befriended  yash

Adi is churning  wheat on side n zoya on other

They are looking  at each other

Zoya is feeling  very hot

As heat of sun is soarching

adi gestures  her to cover her face with one hand n churn with another

  1. It was good but in this not many adiya scenes were their but after reading the precap that in next chapter there are more adiya scenes 🤔🤔🤔 hope so , anyway post soon😍😍😍😍❤️

  2. Jasminerahul

    arnoor scene was emotional. is pooja recommended by rajveer?guess mahi is pretending like this to trap rajveer n save adiya.hope rajveer gets trapped

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