Bepannah Aashqui FF Eleventh epi

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Recap-zoya is very nervous to manage yash’s company On very first day she has to face accusations of employees shareholders.Financers ask her to file for bankruptcy. Just then adi comes N requests them to give him one month’s time.Zoya is so relieved to see him.He informs them that his 5 crores are involved in company so he is co owner
Mahi gets frustrated
Adi feels he needs to protect an emotional zoya from mahi n her cruel intentions.
Adi promises that together they would save zosh from bankruptcy

Zoya n adi are talking in office
Zoya-Adi no employee wants to work as we haven’t paid them salary since past three months n look at the accounts adi I don’t think we are in position to pay them .They will not work

Adi looks at file zoya is going through
Adi-position is very bad .Actually zoya u know the only way for us to come out of all this is to get a big contract if that happens we can get funds n set all things right slowly

Zoya looks into adi’s eyes-who would give us contract n adi if our employees don’t work how will we fulfill contract???

Adi- you don’t wry about employees I know how to handle them Zoya u just think about some way for getting good contract

Zoya nods

Both adi n zoya are going through some files

Mahi notices them
Mahi’s pov- y the hell am I so worried. Am also a fool nobody can change this company ‘s position it’s not just possible. Let them waste their time energy ultimately they will have to file for bankruptcy. y should I bother if zoya is working or two fools are working together. Nobody can get zosh out of this mess.i should leave now sleep peacefully. Let them break their heads.

Adi n zoya are tirelessly searching some pprs they are calling up ppl

Its shown that sun is setting
Entire office is empty
Only zoya n adi are there
Zoya-Adi how come u gave yash 5 crore?

Adi feels Hurt
Flashback shows him finding a file in drawer

Adi-Zoya forget it u will feel bad I don’t want to hurt u
Zoya-Adi Pooja has given the money to yash n u didn’t know right???

Adi is confused -How did u know? ?
Zoya-Adi ur eyes spk everything .Adi we haven’t been in touch since 5 years but this does not mean I cannot understand my best friend
Adi tries to smile -Yes zoya nobody can ever understand me as much as u n in this 5 years how much I missed u only I know

Zoya smiles at him

Suddenly adi notices something

His eyes sparkle

Zoya-What happened? ??

Adi-Zoya look at this Dr Veer n Dr sanchi’s from savitri devi are getting married. Finally their true love has conquered all odds am so happy for them.N they need a wedding planner.Dr Veer is my friend Yaar he can give us this contract I will contact him

Zoya smiles

Adi is talking to Veer
Zoya is looking at him
She is mesmerised
Zoya ‘s pov-Allah mihaah thank u I don’t know what I would have done without adi.N its so good to see him work smile talk. Thank u Always keep adi happy

As zoya is looking at adi

Har kisiko nahi milta Pyaar zindagi mein plays

Zoya is lost
Adi brings her back
Adi- where are u lost?
Zoya- a hhhh nowhere what did Veer say
Adi-How can he say no to me
Actually he just asked me to mail him themes for marriage If sanchi likes it He would give us contract because sanchi also has a friend who is event planner n Veer loves her alot so cannot force her

Zoya nods- I will put in everything to ensure sanchi likes our themes work

Both adi n zoya are working together
Zoya starts yawning
Adi smiles seeing zoya struggle to keep herself awake
Clock shows 3am
Adi excuses himself
He returns with coffee
Zoya -Adi I missed this adi esp extra strong coffee so much u remember how we used to drink atleast ten cups every night during exams

Adi laughs remembering old days
Zoya is smiling too
Adi-Zoya I had to stay awake for u to teach us as u never studied on regular basis
Zoya looks into adi’s eyes- adi u have always been my saviour

Adi-Zoya no u have been my biggest support system
They both smile

Suddenly power goes off
It gets all dark
He tries to switch on his phone
No battery
Zoya tries to look out for her Zoya she gets up n goes near a table to search phone
Suddenly a vase falls
Adi (panics)-Zoya are u fine don’t move stand there u can hurt ur self wait I will come there
Zoya-Adi how will u come
Adi-Zoya chup I will u don’t move

Suddenly zoya notices a hand on her waist
Before zoya can realise she is in adi’s arms
Adi carefully walks with zoya in his arms
He makes her sit on sofa

Adi-sit her don’t move in will get candles
Zoya-Adi be careful

Adi looks out in drawers he doesn’t find candle but a lighter he switches it on n through it finds candle he lights it
N goes near zoya
Zoya looks at adi
Adi looks at zoya
In candle light they look at each other
Intense eye contact
Bepannah aashqui plays

Light comes their eye contact breaks
They start working again

Adi notices zoya slowly keep her head on his shoulder
Soon zoya falls asleep
Adi watches her sleep
He takes off a hair from her face gently
He admires her

Sunrise is shown
Adi is still working
Zoya’s head is still on his shoulder
Zoya opens her eyes
Adi-good morning
Zoya (panics)Allah mihaah I don’t know how I slept offshoo sorry adi
Adi-relax zoya during exams also after drinking my super strong coffee you would sleep nothing new don’t wry I have mailed Veer all best possible themes

Zoya smiles
Adi excuses himself n goes to washroom
Zoya looks on impressed going through mails

Adi comes back
Zoya excitedly hugs him
Zoya-Veer called up adi sanchi has liked our theme They gave us contract thank you thank you so much

Mahi overhears them-getting contract is not enough employees r not ready to work. How will we fulfill it
Adi-Zoya don’t wry I will do something
Mahi smirks
Adi gives her killer look no leaves

Harshvardan is sleeping
Suddenly he sees pooja in front of his eyes
Pooja-Paapaajii I know ur secret I will tell it to adi to everybody

Harshvardan wakes up sweating

He realises it was just a dream he takes a sigh of relief

Zoya is strolling nervously in office
Adi comes in with some interns
Adi- Zoya these are our employees they will help us fulfill this contract
Adi introduces each one
Zoya is worried
Mahi smiles

Veer n sanchi greet zoya n adi
Sanchi-u both are such a lovely couple just like me n Veer no doubt u have sent such wonderful themes

Adiya awkwardly look at each other

Veer-sanchi they are best friends not couple

Mahi is getting restless-This adi is very smart he has solution for everything this way they will save company I need to do something

Mahi is shown doing something with decoration lightings
Adi sees her
He tries to set it right n gets shock
He faints
Zoya n everybody is shocked

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  1. Awesome man, keep posting regularly like this only , loved it?

  2. Good episode. i was just waiting for ur episode tq for fast update post ur next ff soon. Rushi where do u stay

  3. Anee

    OMG!!! RUshi saanchi and veer comes in this ff…. it feels I’m reading Savitri devii ff from you again… like before in pyarasa Rishta you add Ishra and ruhii and now here you are including saanchi and veer… its’ fantastic feeling dear… ab wait nahii hota please post soon next part… and yeah I missed ur previous part that’s why I’m commenting here… Luv you RuShii.

  4. Anee

    yes I Know I’m Kabir and Saanchi Fan btw veer and saanchi is also very close to my heart…

  5. OMG..a maha episode..hmm.. I mean a maha sangam…..loved to see veer and sanchi usual amazing ff..loved it…shocking precap too.. can’t wait for the next update….fingers crossed…love dii

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