Bepannah Aashqui FF eight epi

Good Morning My dear Lovely readers
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Its good to know u are reading this ff
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Yes this ff is adaption of kuch kuch hota Hain with some twists

Recap-zoya brings inebriated Adi home.she looks after him.In adi’s room zoya finds their pics
It reminds her of their college days
She always sees pool a n adi’s marriage pics n feels extremely hurt zoya has lost her faith in love
Anjana is relieved to see zoya taking her of adi
Anjana hugs zoya

Adi is sleeping
Zoya is restlessly moving around in her room in hotel
Zoya sits near window
She looks at moon
Zoya(teareyed)-Aaj Hume aapko dekkar bhi sakoon nahi aa raha.i feel u too are laughing at me at my condition
I cannot understand anything
I wanted to stay away from adi
I met him today
Today itself my yash left me
(She starts sobbing )me me forever n everybody including adi feels yash was cheating me, my heart is not ready to believe. I cannot see adi in pain??Y are u taking my test y??

Zoya breakdown
Noor comes
She hugs zoya
Zoya is crying

Adi is shown getting disturbed in sleep
Flashes of zoya crying not fainting come before his eyes
Adi (shouts)-zoyaaaaaa

He realises zoya is not there
He looks around next realises that he is in his room
He looks at his n pooja marriage pic

His eyes becomes red with pain n anger
He breakdown n starts crying
Arjun comes running to him
Arjun hugs him

Adi-Arjun.Its OK pooja cheated me am fine I will manage but yash was cheating zoya.
Arjun I understand am imperfect
Arjun-No bhai no
Adi (lump in throat)-maybe am not a perfect husband
Arjun nods in no
Adi-Zoya is perfect how could yash cheat her.Arjun zoya is very sensitive,I cannot see her in pain

Arjun hugs adi
Arjun -bhai u r with zoya everything will be fine don’t worry

In zoya ‘s room
Zoya-Noor yash I knew each other from just 3years may be I did some mistake n this relationship failed but am sure adi might have been perfect n he n pooja were together from 7years y did pooja cheat him
Adi is such a jolly person
He always spreads happiness
More than myself am feeling bad for adi he didn’t deserve this definitely not

Zoya hugs Noor n cries
N adi hugs Arjun
Bepannah aashqui gain tums plays in Bg

It’s morning
Adi is sitting on bed
It appears as if he has not slept for a second
His eyes are fulls of tears
Anjana comes
Anjana -Adi………
She spreads her arms
Adi gets up from bed
Adi-Am fine maa
Feels bad

Adi goes to washroom
Anjana ‘s pov-Am the most unfortunate mother on face of earth my son doesn’t want to hug me even when he is in pain.My paying for harsh’s mistakes.

Anjana goes

Adi passes through sakshi’s room
He notices sakshi hugging pooja ‘s photo n crying
Sakshi notices adi
But cannot meet his eyes
Anjana comes there with a plate of food
Anjana -adi u both haven’t eaten anything since yesterday morning
Pls u eat n make sakshi eat too Her BP will increase
Adi Pls she needs u n u need her
Adi nods

He enters room
Sakshi turns her face to other side
Adi-my in law what happened look at me
Sakshi (lump I’m throat )-Adi Pls leave me alone I know u hate me for whatever pooja did I know u….
Adi interrupts -My in law my mother too At moment
I don’t want to talk about pooja but Pls I care for u I don’t hate u but u cannot leave me I need u u need to take care of ur self at least for me
Sakshi hugs adi
Anjana looks on
Adi tries to make sakshi eat
Sakshi too tries to make adi eat
Adi refuses
Adi -my in law am not feeling well I will eat latter. ..

He goes away
Anjana feels bad

Adi is in his room
Adi’s pov-i think I should go n meet zoya
But where is she staying I don’t have her phone no
Adi bangs his hand on Wall in frustration

Suddenly he hears a voice -am staying in hotel sun n sand Bandra n I will give you my no .don’t. ….

Adi smiles seeing zoya
Zoya-Adi I had to come to see u ..

Adi n zoya sit of couch
Both look in each other’s eyes
There is a lot of pain

Servant brings food plate
Zoya-Adi u used always say u will never break any promise u make to me.Today I want a promise from u

Adi nods-say zoya Pls tell me

Zoya (lump in throat )-Adi I know u ,trust me all this whatever has happened u r not at fault Adi u should not punish ur self
Adi I just want u to take care of ur self
Promise me

Adi refrains at first
But zoya is adamant
Adi promises

Zoya signals to food
Adi -zoya am not feeling like eating now
Zoya-u r breaking ur promise

Adi-Ok I will eat but I know u have not eaten anything so u too have to eat

Adi takes a morsel n makes zoya eat
Zoya makes adi eat

Bepannah aashqui plays in Bg
Anjana smiles looking at them

Zoya n adi are sitting in garden of adi ”s house
Zoya-Adi am leaving for mussorrie today evening
Adi feels shocked
Adi-Zoya but…
Zoya looks into his eyes-i know adi u want me around I too wanted …but….I can’t stay her mahi not mummy jii hate me .It hurts it hurts to be here .Adi but remember never break promise u made to me.Take care I should leave now.

Zoya gets up she starts walking
Adi looks on
Adi is feeling bad
His pov-i cannot stop u zoya I can’t see u get hurt
Zoya’s pov-i don’t want to leave u adi in this state but I cannot stay my heart cannot take all this anymore I cannot get weak now I need to stay away from u

Tears all from their eyes

Kabhie alvida na kehna plays in Bg

In hotel siddquis are about to leave
Just then Anjana comes
Zoya hugs her
Anjana-pls can I talk to zoya Pls

Wasim nods

They leave room zoya is alone with Anjana
Anjana folds her hands
Anjana(teareyed )-I may sound very selfish when I say this I know zoya u feel hurt being here but zoya am a unfortunate mother I can’t give comfort to my son Zoya he is in pain
He gets comfort from only three women in life pooja u n sakshi
Pls don’t go Pls my adi needs u
A mother is begging u zoya

Zoya feels bad
She hugs Anjana

Adi is shown drinking alcohol
He is looking at zoya ”s pic

Precap-mahi folds her hands in front of zoya
Mahi-zoya am sorry I was very rude to u Pls zoya Pls come n stay with us we need u n bhaiyaa’s company needs u.we have lots of financial burden Pls zoya U r bhaiyaa’s life partner

Wasim warns zoya not to believe mahi

Zoya is confused

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