Bepannah 9th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya finds information about Rajvir’s family

Bepannah 9th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya comes in front of Rajvir’s car in disguise of their landlord and gets hit intentionally. Aditya scolds Rajvir for hitting him. Nani offers him a tablet but he refuses to trust her. My doc lives nearby. Bring him here. Rajvir tells him it is just a small medicine. Nothing happened. Aditya creates a fuss over the matter. Nani offers to bring desi kadha but Aditya rejects that option too. Rajvir fails in calming him down. Such tenants wont stay in my house! Rajvir praises the house. Our life is coming on track because of your house. We are finally happy because of you. Please don’t steal this chance from us. I will bring a balm for you and then we can have food. Aditya asks him to bring Chinese food himself. Rajvir agrees and leaves. Aditya sends a text to Zoya. She sees Rajvir leaving in his

car and hides. She sends a text to Aditya and follows Rajvir’s car in an auto.

Nani gives balm to Aditya. It will soothe your pain. Aditya smells it. This is helpful. Nani offers him tea of coffee but he asks for whiskey. Nani gets tempted hearing whiskey. She makes a peg and hands it to him. He asks her to give her company but she shares that Rajvir will be upset if she drinks. He will get upset. Aditya says youngsters these days think they can boss over us. I don’t drink alone. You have to give me company. He makes a peg for her too. She gets carried away after the first peg and he makes her finish the entire bottle then. She makes him sit on the opposite sofa. Aditya asks her where they belong to and why don’t they live there anymore. She shares that they lived in Pune maybe. We don’t live there anymore as she does not live there anymore. Nani gets emotional. She does not live there. She passes out while he scans the drawers inside to look for some clue.

Rajvir orders Chinese food. Zoya is keeping an eye on him from far.

Aditya notices a photo in the room. He looks at it curiously but then turns his attention to the cupboard. One drawer is locked. Everything else is open except this one. There is indeed something which shouldn’t come out in open!

Zoya is watching Rajvir.

Aditya takes out a hair pin from Nani’s hair. She raises her glass to cheer and he plays along. He goes inside the room once again and manages to open the drawer. He finds a few files there and scans through them. He finds two bills in the name of Kalpana Dadheech. He clicks a photo of them.

Rajvir takes the food packet from the guy. Zoya alerts Aditya through a text. She picks a radish from a passing by cart and jams the vent pipe of Rajvir’s car. Rajvir fails in starting the car. He starts checking the bonnet when Zoya runs to take out the radish. She is having a hard time pulling it out of the pipe. He starts walking around the car to find the problem. Zoya ducks seeing him coming closer. She has shifted by the time he looks at the backside. He manages to drive away this time.

Aditya keeps the documents back in place and hears the sound of the car. Rajvir enters and finds his Nani sleeping on the couch. He smells the glass in her hand. She drank again but who gave it to her? He starts looking around for that landlord. Aditya pretends to be sleeping in the bath tub holding the bottle in his hand. He murmurs that he isn’t interested in Chinese food anymore. I am going home. Rajvir murmurs after him seeing the bottle.

Arjun tells Anjana to rest. You look tired. She tells him that she is mentally stressed. Your Dad and Aditya do this puja together everything and it goes smoothly but Zoya creates a problem in every little thing. I am very scared. He suggests her to let Bhai handle these matters. Take care of yourself first. She replies that he wont understand as he doesn’t have kids. A mother taking care of her kids is equivalent to taking care of her entire family. I have a feeling that something is about to go wrong this time!

Aditya tells Zoya thye cannot waste anymore time. We must leave for Pune tonight itself. She says it will be a thing to worry if we leave together. I will go tomorrow. He recalls it is Lakshmi puja tomorrow. She promises to bring light to their home this Diwali. We will leave early morning and will return on time too.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya reach Rajvir’s house in Pune. They find family portraits there. The face of one of the guys is hidden in all the photos. Aditya feels it seems intentional.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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