Bepannah 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya challenges Aditya to attend her wedding

Bepannah 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya looks up and finds Zoya crying. He still smiles. Will you still say it does not matter? It does matter to you. Arshad looks at them. To care for someone is another synonym of love. Zoya tells him to stop it. You made a drama of me in front of everyone! She asks Arshad if he is fine. He nods. She asks him to come. I don’t want to stay here for another second. Staff members rush towards Aditya and tend to his wound. Zoya looks at him from outside. Akansha asks him if he is fine. Aditya nods. I am perfectly fine because it does not matter to her. She goes. Aditya remarks that it does matter.

Noor’s Boss asks Noor what she is doing. You cannot go. You promised to do anything if I give you this job. She reasons that he questioned her character. I will never bear it. I may or may not

have this job but I will not stay here. I am going. Her Boss agrees to end all his contracts with Sethi (his client). She asks him if he cancelled them for her. He apologizes for how he could not realise who was the culprit. She asks him how he believes him suddenly now. He does not tell her anything. You wont see that client here ever again. You are free to go if you want though!

Noor’s Boss calls Sethi. Contract is yours. We will discuss the terms and conditions later. That girl is also here. She wont utter a word about you. Don’t worry.

Arshad apologizes to Zoya about his behaviour. You know I never did this. I shouldn’t have hit Aditya. She tells him she understands his emotions but it isn’t right to hit anyone. He apologizes to her. You are right. Is Aditya right? Does it really matter to you? Zoya says there is concern and care in friendship. He asks her if she is 100% sure it is just friendship and not love. Ask yourself. Do you love Aditya Huda? She replies that she does not love anyone, neither Aditya nor him! She realises what she just said and gets quiet. I am sorry. Arshad says I know you don’t love me but I am also sure that you will slowly fall in love with me once we are married. Take your time. There is no rush. I will not ask you anything about Aditya after today. She calls it unimportant but he calls it important. I don’t want to marry you against your wish. You can tell me know if you change your mind. She is sure it wont happen. I have decided. He calls life a long journey. Decisions can change too. She gives importance to decisions and commitments. They matter a lot to me. He leaves it on her to alter her decision later if she ever feels like. If any third person tries to come between us against your wish then I wont spare that person! She asks him how he came here suddenly. He gives her a set of bangles. They belong to our ancestors. Ammi said you should wear them from today onwards. She accepts them. They are beautiful. He gets a call and leaves for the hospital. Zoya looks at the bangles. She goes back inside the office.

Noor is working when she receives Arjun’s call. She disconnects it. He tries her number again. She finally picks it. He says you can still continue to keep quiet if you want but thank God you picked my call. Every couple fights and so do we. I am sorry. Please. I am missing you. She tells him she is in office. I cannot meet you now. He offers to come down to Zosh events but she tells him she has found a new job. He asks her when that happened. She replies that he would have known if he had time for her. Her Boss hears her convo. Arjun makes her agree to meet him during her lunch break. They call each other by their nicknames. Noor’s Boss smirks.

Zoya peeks inside her cabin. She gets inside after making sure it is empty. I will buy all the shares and end this matter once and for all! She takes out the bangles. They are smaller in size. She tries wearing it but it falls down and lands straight in Aditya’s feet. He picks it up. Seems like it does not want to stay with you. Why don’t you leave it alone? Zoya looks at him. She remembers how he had said the same thing about that ring (that she had taken from Yash). Give it to me. He asks her if Arshad gave it to her. She accepts it unwillingly. He says he is giving you bangles and marrying you. What’s the use though as they aren’t fitting you just like Arshad! He too is good like these bangles but isn’t suitable for you. Am I right? She tries taking it from him but he holds her. She avoids looking him in the eye. He asks her why she is wasting time after what isn’t right for her. Why aren’t you looking at that what is right for you, that what is in front of you? She pushes him away. He asks her if she is angry. You look really sweet when you are angry. She begins to scold him but goes quiet. He asks her to continue scolding her. I like them. She asks him to leave. He asks her how she can ask him to leave from his own office. I really miss this office. I missed our fights all the more. Don’t worry. Ia m back now. You will slowly realise you don’t love Arshad but me. She asks him when he will grow up. I came here to tell you I cannot work with you. I want to buy your shares. He refuses to part with the company. I am enjoying here. She calls it quits for herself. You can either sell your shares to me or own the company alone. He is impressed by her confidence. She begins to walk out when he reminds her of the bangle. She falls on him while trying to take it from him. She takes the bangle and walks out of the cabin.

Aditya asks Zoya if she isn’t forgetting another thing. He asks Mithilesh ji to bring the contract. Mithilesh ji gives it to him. Aditya shows the termination clause to Zoya. You must give 30 days’ notice if you want to leave this office. She points out that he hasn’t read it well. This isn’t valid considering 4 conditions – marriage, pregnancy, accident and death! He says you aren’t dying. I wont let any accident happen and you aren’t pregnant! You are not getting married within the next 30 days. She nods. The wedding is due in 7 days! He looks at her in shock. She asks him to come for sure. Consider this as my personal invite. He replies that he will come but will you be able to marry seeing me there? Will you be able to control your emotions? Will you be able to marry someone else in front of me? She tells him to see it with his own eyes. He accepts the challenge. I am also stubborn like you. I will see how you will marry someone else!

Precap: Zoya tells Aditya she does not love him. I will prove it. She gives him advance cheque for arranging her and Arshad’s wedding. You have rejoined Zosh event. Why don’t you start this new journey with this?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Super fast as usual 🙂 thankyou

  2. Neha1

    Zoya has gone mad….after yesterday’s episode…. today’s episode was again sad and disappointing…..Zoya wasn’t ready for marriage but suddenly within a week she’s getting marry with Arshad….Precap, Actually I has expected this that she will offer to arrange her wedding to proved that she isn’t love him but I think it will definitely affect her a lot…but again that marriage drama will going to happen…
    Now only waiting for Yash’s entry to realise Zoya her feelings for Aditya… I don’t want to watch….loose interest from the show.

  3. Okay,he will organise the event,this I knew.. But now I have a very strong feeling about the groom change on mandap..I can’t watch that track again.. And if that Dhoke waali shaadishaadi happens in done for good.cause, If that happens i will lose all my faith from any Indian to show ever to be made.
    Please please please.. Thi should at happen ya!!!!! I’m gonna cry to death if it does.
    About the ep.. Liked it.. Romantic adi! Uwu🙈🙈💕
    There are just so many side tracks.. Aditya Ishana cry now.. Later when Anjana’s truth is revealed.. Zo is gonna cry now,later when Noor will be in problem.. God.. I sense a lot of crying in the coming eps..
    Still a better plot than biryani completion is what keeps me going..
    Cliche hai.. But koi ni.. AdiYa moments toh milenge i guess..
    Fingers crossed.

    1. i dont think that will happen bcoz zoya and arshad are muslims so their marriage has to be a muslim nikkah where the bride and groom have to sign and say qubool hai to get married

  4. Does Zoya have to rub it in, it’s like putting salt on adi’s wounds! I am so annoyed just reading this episode, I am definitely not watching it!

  5. Anju5u

    Happy about one thing…Arshad said right that he doesnt want to marry zoya against her wish and he will accept it even if she changes her mind….

    1. I think people are harsh about Arshad but even after that he gave her a way out, what Adi is doing now instead of giving Zoya space he is actually harassing her. I know Adi fans will not agree but that is harassment, she’s said no to him numerous times. Zoyas wrong as well, she doesn’t need to marry Arshad just cos she’s upset with Adi

  6. Rubbish episode…Rubbish precap…the drama is gonna go up to marriage…sorry folks I have lost interest in this series now…really we watch serials for stress relief but such rubbish plotlines induce more stress…I m anyways not watching on tv…what is the need for this meaningless tashan amid Adiya…Adi is gonna get married to her in the mandap!!!! Don’t tell me….no proper love accepted n direct marriage…yuck!!! Hope CVs prove me wrong!!!
    Zoya Adi broke your trust n u lost your only best friend !!!
    Similarly, makers bored me n I lost interest in the only serial I once cherished!!!!

  7. @Meera and Neha : we three have similar views on the series…😊

    1. Neha1

      Yes Arch, we three aren’t in favour of this cliche drama… Really yesterday episode was very nice in comparison today’s episode… Zoya is very irritating… this seems like typical Ekta Kapoor’s shows…no uniqueness left in the story…every serials have same climax/ marriage drama… either marriage will happen or may be Zoya ran away from the wedding or Adi came to Mandal by hiding his face ….same repeated twists… that’s not interested to watch this, it’s becoming boring…
      But Seriously, I’m waiting for Sehban aka Yash’s entry… Just waiting for Sehban..wanna watch how Zoya realise or how Yash will convince her to accept her feelings for Adi like Pooja did earlier to make Adi realise his feelings for Zoya…
      Till then, reading updates is enough…and watching KBC is good option… atleast not watching Bepannaah on TV will watch on Jio TV.

      1. Rajvi_shah

        What?? Yash is gonna renter in bepanah!! How?? Please tell me

      2. Neha1

        According to the spoiler, Yes, Yash is going to enter in Bepanaah but to make Zoya realise her feelings for Aditya……the same way Pooja made Adi realise his feelings for Zoya earlier…. let’s see and hope that Yash will convince to Zoya that She too is in love with Aditya…!

    2. @arch, @neha,yeah bro!! ✌🏼️✨
      @Arch,Don’t get too stressed though. At the end of the day,it’s just a show dear.
      Please be well. 😊😊
      As for the show,We can only wait and hope..🙇🏻

      1. @Meera :Yes it’s just a show…I meant Indian shows never are stress busters…after a long day of chores when we really want something light n thrilling with a touch of romance…all this melodrama is what we get!!!!…anyways all said n done ‘bepanah’ has become bugging…n as u pointed out more crying expected in the future tracks as well!!!

  8. If they are going to show an another groom swapping?
    Ridiculous,again seems this will run for 2-3 week
    I will quit the single serial which i follows
    Not want another forced/ unknown marriage

    1. Nikahs cannot be done under false pretences, you can’t marry someone by accident. The imam has to clearly say the name of the person

  9. Waiting for marriage sequence…

  10. The show goin to shift to 10:30 since 16th september due to Big Boss.

  11. so lovely to watch when adi flirts with zoya. he was very cute while flirting… Stupid woman invited trouble for herself by giving the contract to adi. Now she has to spend all day with adi and we will get to see more intense adiya scenes😍😍
    i want Adi to save noor from her boss which would really favours the current situation.
    And yea zoya has to know that love letter was written by adi only.
    i dont think adi will get married to her in the mandap. Even the love story is not properly started yet. Getting married right away would spoil everything.Makers wont do such shaadi track as of now. First they have to start loving each other completely and get permission from both the families for their love and they have to convince both the families for arnoors maariage also. i strongly believe adiya will get married only after arnoors marriage. More Importantly these two have to find about sakshi and bring the real face of anjana. Till then no marriage…only love and romance 😍

    1. Anju5u

      Completely true 😉

    2. Neha1

      @Nila, Agree with you but it’s not sure that ArNoor will marry 1st and it seems impossible ryt now..but you’re right…. Marriage drama will spoil the show….it’s not right if Arshad replaced by Aditya in Mandap…it will look that marriage will happen by forcefully and don’t want that to happen…. And hope before marriage Zoya realise her feelings and propose Adi is good enough no need to lead that marriage drama…

      1. True neha…So many dramas had done this forced marriage shit. Adi wont replace arshad. In our show, Right now the plot is about love and not about marriage. Realizing the love within 6 days and getting married on the 7th day is highly impossible. Both Makers and viewers know that it doesnt make sense. Hopefully she will call off the wedding soon.

  12. N why Aditya Hooda has suddenly become like Maya?
    True love is not compulsion n obsession.
    True love is not emotional blackmail.
    True love is not Tashan between two lovers.
    This is one more thing I hate about Indian serials…in the name of intensity true love is portrayed as literally forcing the other to fall for you!!!!
    N this is not the way to show an impossible love story!!!…N makers Adiya love story is not an impossible one in the first place!!!☺

    1. Yeah, I mean if he continues to force himself on her like that.. What other thoughts could she possibly have? She needs to learn this on her own. She needs to see the importance of Aditya in her life in her ways and not by what adi is going to do whilst the wedding preps.. This track is just so out there.
      this track has been continuing since forever..
      But Tbh we can’t really blame Aditya.. Zo shouldn’t have said for he wedding only.
      We cannot expect adi to just sit back and relax because by now we have realised that Zoya really doesn’t have brains. I tried to defen her earlier but saying yes to marrying Arshad and that too in just 7 days because someone else confessed their love to you? Wow. Smart move,Zoya. 😑
      Also,repeatedly calling Aditya liar? Um.. He only came to you and confessed everything in front of everyone!
      I was expecting somehow different for zoya’s realisation track since the news was all out there that it is going to be intense,never seen before… And so on..
      Clearly,as of now.. It’s nowhere headed to what we’ve never seen before.
      But now that it’s happening.. And considering how we can’t really do anything about it..Let’s Not think too much.. And just appreciate jenshad’s chemistry,cause that truly sets fire around!🔥❤️❤️🙈

    2. Exactly right, at the moment he’s behaviour is like an obsessive stalker, in my eyes that is 100% harassment.

  13. After today’s episode ,I must say Zoya is in love with Aditya,she’s just fighting her feelings ,trying her best to ignore what’s inside.
    Aditya knows it and he’s just trying to help her understand what’s going on inside her .

    Don’t know why the office crew didn’t give Arshad a trashing and throw him out Aditya and Zoya’ s life permanently 😅

    1. Why? Zoya has invited Arshad into her life. If at the moment Zoya is trying to distance herself from Adi the staff have no right to intervene

  14. Adiya n Arnoor will get married on the same day…if you remember in one of the previous episodes Arnoor too envisioned both couples marrying on same day…par ab pehle love to realise ho!!!!…

  15. What is this fixation on forced marriages ??? In all indian dramas i have seen there is a couple married against their will, at least one of them or both, in Bidai, Sarasvaticandra,Ipkknd 1, Rangrasia (excuse me if i have done any mistake in writting them) have the same marriage thing.
    When was the issue of Zosh bankruptcy and the fake marriage was on it’s way i thought nooo, not once again. Even then viewers disagreed to this, then why they are trying again to bring this old plot???
    This love story is very complicated in itself there is no need to bring twist and turns, should be enough to explore human nature to make a good story.

    1. yup,even kitani mohabbat hai season2!
      there are just so many similar stories!!!!!!! anyway,if this happens in bepanaah i just want aditya to go to jail for that and then i will forget that at show called bepanaah was ever made. just saying..

  16. Didn’t enjoy today’s episode. Zoya was very rude today, Adi was practically falling and she’s pretending to care for Arshad just to prove a point that she doesn’t care. She was irritating. I can understand confusion, but there’s no confusion here, she’s just determined not to find out if she has feelings or not and the best way for her is by being rude. Very annoying. Anyway, I’m hoping for better episode and also hoping she’ll redeem herself once she realises she loves Adi. I’ll keep watching, with hope for the best.

    1. Exactly…Zoya was irritating as always…she has made such a big fuss over that prank call..Adi clarified also still she took a big decision like getting married to that boring Arshad!!!!…Out of all the characters Jenny has played so far, Zoya is the worst of all!!! irritating from day 1…

  17. Zaara yousaf

    the show s moving in a way..the brk after yash and pooja ‘s death and it was focusing on adiya and now it ll b taken back to the crime….marriage s not going to happen….i think either zoya or somebody else will b arrested…and arshad will leave her…adi will help her ti fight….zoya mayb arrested for sakshi s death think soo….and the show directors are not blunders to do a shaadi and make it lag..wat they need s more viewers and it can occur only when the crime s proved and it ll definetly make adiya closer

  18. I think groom swapping is not that easy in a Muslim Nikah…but our serial makers can attain the impossible…so I really don’t want Adi n Zoya to get married like this…
    I am already very disappointed with current track as Zoya’s realisation track being a unique never seen b4 track on Indian television merely turned out to be marketing gimmick…there is nothing out of the box about it🙂

  19. New timing of bepanah and roop?
    Anyone know?
    Big boss got 9pm slot

  20. News shown , bepanah 10:30, roop 10, and silsila got 11pm slot
    Don’t know it will be good or bad for the show

  21. Anju5u

    Hey they just watched a promo on TV…..Arshad or Adi who will Zoya choose?? ( N Zoya all decked up in bridal Avatar)….watch at 10.30 pm from sept 17th…which means it’s confirmed….roop at 10 p.m bepanah gonna air at 10.30 p.m and Silsila at 11 from sept 17th….

    1. It means show will be dragged upto marriage day
      And arshad track will be there for whole september
      Hope they will not show any shocking twist by showing zoya arshad marriage
      I am not interested on the show for this last mkment climax; so next week only read the upadate if good episode than will watch online

      1. U r right…next week sure reading updates would be enough…if Adiya are getting married then that episode will happen only on month end…n if they show Zoya-Arshad marriage then permanent ‘bye’ to the serial…not interested in watching story of a someone marrying multiple times…

  22. I saw new promo…..Zoya in bridal wear…it says whom will Zoya choose as her husband ? Arshad or Aditya?…so that means Adiya will get married but it won’t be a forced marriage n would be as per Zoya’s wish..
    N then Anjana may get a shock when Adi will take his bride to his house…from here on poosh mystery will reopen….😁

    1. Anju5u


    2. Neha1

      Really @Arch😍😃.!!!!! If it’s gonna happen in future upcoming episodes then may your mouth be full of Ghee and Sugar…😍😃😃

  23. In the new montage there was only Zoya and Aditya. So from 17 sep we wont se Arshad any more ????

    1. Anju5u

      Hopefully ,🤔

    2. I am not sure if 17th September would be last day of Arshad!!!..I doubt if D-day will arrive so early…n if Adiya gonna get married then it would be month end…After September 21st…I don’t expect things to certainly move at a supersonic speed…Next week full will be engagement with Adi flirting around Zoya every now n then…n that international Siddhiqui family pic with Arshad will be taken….😊

  24. The only wise decision Zoya can make in this moment is to abandon both as painful as it may sound to all Adiya lovers. She is not in condition to start a relationship with none of them. She should chose Adi because of Adi, not Adi over Arshad. She should decide without this presion from both sides.

    1. Oh my God. You stole my words.
      I was legit thinking the same.
      The reason she wasnt marrying arshad was because she wasn’t ready for marriage only.And when it comes to ‘farak padna’ she clearly said,dosti mein fikr bhi hoti and farak bhi padta hai…. Soooo she admitted that she does care but it’s only out of friendship.. Waseem and Aditya should stop forcing her. She clearly hasn’t been able to get over whatever happened and is still not capable to make rational decisions when it comes to relationships. Both Zoya and Aditya should take a break form each other’s life.
      And maybe live a little of their own. And then see what’s what. I especially liked your thought that she should like adi for adi and NOT adi over arshad. So true. I wish this happens. Now this is the sort of track that I was expecting when I heard the show was about self exploration and that zoya’s realization is going to be different. Cause that would be so much intense and real automatically.if only they just stuck to being a tad bit realistic. I realize the audience wants adiya.. but when it happens in it’s own course,naturally that would be so much more beautiful than this drama.
      She should call it off and tell everybody to just back off. Go to mussourie,enjoy what she has cherished her whole life. Try finding HER sukoon for once.While aditya too should think of doing something instead of freelancing all the time.. get a job or if the pilot test is in six months then maybe meet some new people,make some friends besides zoya(same goes for Zoya too btw) ,talk to his brother about his life. (He still doesn’t know about Noor. ) And then miss each other.. and find love in the little things of life and realize the most beautiful of them all too is incomplete without each other. Come close,mutually confess. Convince the families and meanwhile show how beautiful loving someone can be. And how important loving YOURSELF is.
      And Now THAT would be different for an Indian tv show. A show that makes you feel good. About yourselves,about love,about life,about imperfections,and mistakes you make.. and how it is all okay and that in the end,what’s matters is that you’re a good person and a regular life too can be happy and filled with love.
      Like @arch you said,a show that relieves us from our stress and not gives us more about their lives too.

      1. The worst part about Indian audience is that such simple straightforward stories never garner trp n are shut down early…n plus simple stories will not last for more than 100 episodes n finite series with different seasons after a few months gap as a concept too hasn’t fully been accepted..that’s why vamps, other woman, superstitions, marriage with twists, love triangles, polygamy, unrequited love n many such cliched plots are inherent in all serials!!!!😊

    2. @Eri : Choose neither of them would have been a logical course of action if she wouldn’t have agreed to marry Arshad in a fit of anger that too within 7 days…As Meera pointed out in such a situation Adi cannot sit back n relax n let her ruin her life again…he has thus become his usual sarcastic n aggressive self n making her accept her innermost feelings…but as Zoya had rightly pointed out in the award function she became stronger bcos Adi kept on challenging her..even though he is behaving a bit psychotic now he mainly wants her to overcome her fears n accept his love as his love is not one-sided..she has wrapped up her love with friendship!!!!😊

      1. Yeah,that’s true. In the current track,Aditya can’t really be blamed.

      2. In love and war all is wright , and this is war!!!!
        I understand Aditya actions and I must say Zoya is not just angry with him, she is literally trying to hurt him, to punish him for his feelings, when i can strongly say she is complete responsible for them, she practically forced him to fall in love with her, at some moment she was the stalker . When people say she is not in love yet, i feel like smiling, she brought him back from Paris through her plots, her need to be with him is something that passes the limits of frendship, I personaly have never get up from sleep at night thinking of my best friend, her level of comfort near him is that of a husband and wife: I would never ever stay at my best frends room, alone, with him half naked taking care of his wunds, iven their fights seems like husband and wife type, you can fight that way only with someone real close to you, we hurt the one we love more than the others because we are sure they will forgive us somehow, and running away at midnight hour from your home just to eat ice cream is not something i would do in a normal frendship.
        The thing I don’t like about this plot is that at the moment she will choose Adi they will declare war to everyone. They wont be able to enjoy their surrender to each other not for a single day. They will start struggling with their families the same day.
        I would love what Meera said, I want her on her weeding day to run to Mussorie alone, clearing her thoughts.

      3. I totally agree with Arch

      4. Neha1

        Exactly Arch…you echoed my words….

      5. @Eri : In short we all agree that story plot is cliched..the vision makers had n the jist of the story were all too good but story development n execution not at par..this trp game too distorts original plots…so for survival all serials start being repetitive!!!

  25. Neha1

    Hehehehe… can’t control my laughter..😜😉😂☺️☺️Warshad

    1. Oh God! This so cool,really.
      Jenshad? Arnoor? AdiYa who? I only know WaRshad! 😂😂🤩💚💚 Even this track would be better than what’s being shown now.
      🤣 #bepanaahlove.

  26. My thoughts about new promo :
    1. Zoya is the most unpredictable n irritating girl. She may marry Arshad n Adi will sing ‘Channa Mereya’n audience too will sing ‘Channa Mereya’ n say ‘alvida’ to serial….
    2. Zoya will choose Adi but not necessarily marry him…
    3. Zoya will marry neither of them…
    4. Zoya marries Adi…
    Outcome 4 : Most preferred
    Outcome 2 : preferred
    Outcome 3 : ok
    Outcome 1 : A big ‘no’

  27. Neha1

    Actually, Why we find Zoya quite irritating bcoz she obviously ready to marry someone who’s she hardly know but understand that Arshad isn’t her choice but her father Waseem’s choice… The old Zoya was shy, lack of confidence and gets fear if anyone’s shout on her or talk. her with loud voice….but what I like about that Zoya was she’s too honest …. she only speaks what she feels or think about. someone…. but not diplomatic….! After the leap, Zoya’s change behavior mesmerized Adi but for fan’s I guess Zoya had lost her USP which is her honesty…And I’m saying this on current track bcoz we all know that she didn’t want to marry anyone, she’s in no mood to marry or being in a relationship… she was enjoying Adi’s company bcoz she never ever had that friendship in her life….the way she’s with Adi, she didn’t even share that bond with her late hubby–Yash….
    So,she’s is not honest yet bcoz she agree to marry Arshad in a fit of anger after Adi’s love confession, which left her heartbroken… but with this decision she’s playing with Adi and Arshad’s emotions too and wasting his time…. Adi was known that she’s deliberately doing this but what pissed me is she said that she had friendship with Adi and that’s why she cares for him but if is that so, then why she didn’t tell this to Adi… coz she knew that whatever she had with Adi isn’t only a friendship but more than friendship… and like Adi said Zoya that she’s scared to be in love once again as they both had gone through so tough times that they both never thought that they will ever be in love with someone and specially with each other….and this thought has shaken Zoya to the core that she’s continuously denying that She didn’t love Adi…..Same, the way earlier Adi was tried hard to avoiding Zoya and running away from that feelings… but pooja made him realise… that he’s in love with Zoya and if he loves her then why denying to this truth….you can’t ran away with such feelings for long time….you have to accept it….as to be in love isn’t a crime, obviously they had nervousness to be a relationship once again after gone through to such painfull time….it isn’t easy but when you realise it you accept it and to listen and follow your heart….. but Zoya didn’t realise it or I could say that she’s not ready to accept it as there’s no one to make her realise now and she can’t able to share her feelings to anyone from the family… she had one and only friend is Aditya but she’s angry with him so she can’t talk to him….
    In short, Adi n Zoya both share an amazing and strong bond but both had avoided each other or should fighting with their own emotions…. they both need time to explore their feelings.. Adi’s done…but now it’s Zoya’s turn and we all know that makers will bring Yash to realise her feelings for Aditya…. and right now it’s only Yash who can make her realise that what and how much Adi’s matters to him in her life… what’s the place Adi store in Zoya’s heart and her life….!

    Blood (injury) on Zoya’s engagement finger…hope ZOYA deliberately or accidently injures herself…it should not be afflicted by Adi …then it looks more like hate story than love story…all said n done their sizzling hot intense chemistry make you goes gaga over Adiya!!!!

    1. OMG I hope he didn’t do that!

      1. @ Meera : Hey you know in one of the latest instagram videos Jennifer herself accepts that Zoya is a mad n confused girl…n she also said Zoya will realise her love but some drama n suspense will unfold before that!!!…
        Tahir has started doing a web series so that means his stint in bepannaah is nearing its end!!!!😂😁

      2. That is Aditya blood not Zoya’s, am I right??
        Means she will actually wear the engagement ring?
        I am confused!!!!

    1. Hey @Arch! I just saw the interview you were talking about! 😂😂😂 Jennifer knows what’s up! 😂✨ I hope that drama and ‘suspense’ gets wound up quickly! 😂🙈
      And thanks for the Tahir news! Made my day.🙆🏻❤️

  29. Upcoming track :
    DDLJ reboot on the way –
    Waseem = Amrish Piri
    Roshna = farida Halal
    Noor = Kajol’s did
    Zoya = kajol
    Adi = Srk
    Arshad = Kuljeet
    Arjun = Anupam Kher (slight change bcos Hooda ma n pa will not be a part of these functions)
    Well ddlj is one of my fave movies…hope makers recreate it with their own flavour in a nice way!!!

  30. Omg the clips on Instagram! Seems like a new twist.
    Zoya looks uncertain

  31. Why there are hospital scenes???
    I hope not.

    1. @Eri : there are absolutely no hospital scenes on instagram…only engagement pics…where u found hospital scenes?…they may be old ones of Zoya!!!!

  32. Yes I did see hospital pics now…I guess Wasim gets a Heart attack!!!…so makers want to bore us more before Adiya union !!!…hope Adi cuts his wrist n is in hospital!!!

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