Bepannah 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun saves Noor

Bepannah 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zoya comes out of her room using her phone’s torch and asks if someone is there. She notices the main door open and wonders how it opened. She closes it. Someone is surely inside the house.

The guy asks Noor if she likes watching films. Noor excuses herself feeling uncomfortable. The guy keeps looking at her and talking about her with his friend. His friend calls her perfect for time pass. They approach Noor again. Noor tries to go but they don’t let her go. We are going upstairs. Sanjana is there. It is time to burn crackers. She politely refuses but they keep on insisting her to come. Arjun cannot take it anymore and intervenes. She said she isn’t feeling like. Don’t force her. They ask him who he is. Noor says he is no one. I will come with you. She goes with those guys. Arjun tells

her not to go with them. I want to talk to you. She tells him she does not want to talk to him. Stop interfering in my matters. We aren’t together. You can find your way and I will find mine. She turns to go but he holds her hand. Why are you wearing this bracelet if this is true? Harsh calls out to Arjun. He is distracted. Noor walks way in the meantime.

Zoya comes to her room holding a glass. She notices a shadow in the bathroom and is approaching it when lights come on suddenly. She is surprised to see her room all decorated. She turns and notices Aditya standing there bare chest. Zoya stands there speechless. She looks away as he starts getting ready but is unable to take her eyes off him. He asks her why she is looking like that. She replies that she thought it was a thief. I got scared. He inches closer to her and holds her by her waist. Even I have no good intention. He picks his shirt from the sofa while leaning close to her. I came to take shirt as the one I was wearing messed up. How could I meet Sanjana otherwise? Zoya compliments him. Sanjana will be happy. She turns to go but he pins her to the wall.

Mystery woman switches on her phone’s torch and starts looking around. She finds the bottle and bouquet on the table. Thief wont bring a bottle of champagne.

The guys bring Noor to an empty room. She says you said we are going to terrace. They tell her to sit and wait in the room for a while. She sits down. Second guy closes the door from inside.

Aditya and Zoya share a long eye lock. He lifts her chin to make her look at him. You still don’t know who I came here for? She shakes her head avoiding his gaze. I don’t care. He whispers in her ears. It should matter as I want my kiss. She tells him to kiss anyone else then. I don’t care. He asks her if it really does not matter to her. He kisses on her hair while talking. I will kiss you then. She smiles as he leans closer. She ducks and runs away.

Mystery woman heads upstairs.

Bepanah Si Mohabbat plays as Aditya and Zoya cutely start chasing each other. On the other hand, the mystery woman is checking every room one by one. Aditya catches Zoya and holds her. She pushes him away again before he can kiss her. They continue their game of chasing each other. Mystery woman continues searching everywhere. Aditya and Zoya stop in their tracks suddenly.

Arjun asks the girl if she saw Noor and those guys there. The girl replies that it is a random party. Some people will be walking by randomly. Arjun looks at her in disbelief.

Noor is puzzled as the door has been locked from inside. The guys give stupid excuses. Noor realises they don’t seem to have good intentions. The guys stare at her from top to toe. Noor asks them when others will come. My parents must be waiting. I will come in a while. The guys show their true colours and block her way. She threatens to shout but they don’t care as there is too much noise already. No one knows you here except us. She begs them to let her go but in vain. One of the guys throws her dupatta away. Noor pushes them and runs towards the window. Arjun is passing by. She bangs at the window. Arjun spots her and runs towards the room. The guys throw Noor on the bed and lean over her. Arjun breaks open the door and glares at those guys.

Mystery woman looks at Aditya and Zoya. She asks Aditya why he stopped. Kiss her now. Zoya asks her what she is doing here. Mystery woman repeats her question and laughs. The weather is amazing. I thought to enjoy it. I came here and saw that your picture is on. I thought to watch it too. Aditya notices the champagne bottle in her hand. Zoya says you could have told me before coming. Mystery woman says I wouldn’t have seen this if I had told you. You are so lucky and happy. They realise that mystery woman is inebriated. Mystery woman keeps mumbling and smiling to herself. Zoya tries to hold her as she stumbles but she does not let her. She falls on Zoya. Zoya asks her if she is drunk. Mystery woman nods. How will I live without drinking? Aditya says how you will go home if you are so drunk. He turns the bottle upside down. It is empty. Mystery woman says I drink to ease out my pain. What else do you have in drinks? Zoya takes Aditya’s name and mystery woman turns to him. You have something to drink? Ask him to bring it Zoya. She passes out. Zoya says what she is doing here. They see something on her hand. She came to keep a tab on us. Aditya wonders how she came inside. Zoya says how she knew I am alone at home. They realise that some insider is with her. She will tell Rajvir everything if she remembers any of it.

Precap: Aditya tells Zoya he cannot understand anything. The surname is same but what do they want. Aditya comes in front of Rajvir’s car in disguise and gets hit intentionally. He later enjoys drinks with the mystery woman. She passes out and he goes inside the room to look for some clue.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    1. Neha1

      So, you didn’t watch the episode today???

      1. Not yet but definitely was a non family episode 😊 now I can watch only precap and pics on insta and three hours later when my munchkins are asleep maybe i can find some peace to watch.

    2. Same here…kept on changing channel to escape adiya scene (which I dint wanna miss) will rewatch it from start when my family goes to sleep…

  1. Neha1

    Noor was so angry on Arjun that she didn’t listen him….and why she didn’t felt that those boys intentions were not good and she goes with them just to make Arjun jealous… Seriously she’s too stupid… it’s a comment sense that if we didn’t know the person we never talk with them and she goes with that idiot boys…Silly girl… What if Arjun won’t be there to save her…
    AdiYa scenes were so hot💥🔥🔥🔥 and romantic ❤️😍😘 but Nani came inebriated state… she’s drunk…. Zoya was speechless when she saw Adi bare chest and AdiYa nose touch and Adi whispered in Zoya’s ears….damn sensuous scene 💥🔥🤗😍😘… actually I 1st time enjoyed drunken Nani with AdiYa… that was quite funny Actually….but AdiYa found a camera on her….

    Precap Is Amazing 👍

    I don’t know why but I guess Adi seen that pic which earlier Nani was talking with that pic…but let’s see what Adi found, will he find anything or not…??

    1. The mystery about rajveer is still continuing , was it anjana who was having affair with harsh before getting married to him or is rajveer related to someone close to harsh, rajveer being harsh son is too simple reason for revenge as I have already seen such drama of illegitimate child coming for revenge, ah…..😵😵😵 So many possibilities resolve rajveer mystery asap

      1. Primal, I also feel there;s something more, Rajveer is here for something else. But, whatever it is, he believes the Hoods are responsible for whatever went wrong. At one point, I thought maybe he lost his family (wife and son OR his mother as per the pic on nani’s wall) and maybe papa Hooda got that person off without being punished and now he’s after them but Adi more specifically. Whatever the mystery is I hope will be be surprised.

      2. Sorry, Priyal, auto-correct.

    2. Seriously Neha,i felt like slapping Noor because it irritated me. I don’t want to say she deserved that because it’s the worst it can happen to a girl, but stubbornness should have a limit, she put on risk not only her honor but also Arjun’s and her life. He will fight for sure with them.
      And meanwhile where is Papa Wassim when it is needed?? Or it is busy lecturing somewhere!!

  2. Good episode, I enjoyed drunken Mother Mischief 🤣

    Can’t say that is chemistry between Aditya and Zoya, I think it’s more or less ⚡⚡🔥

    Too bad I have to wait to watch episode with subtitles 7hrs away

    1. How can we watch bepannah with subtitles and where and how,till now I’m watching bepannah serial in hindi in TV and read written updates in google.pls tell me how can we watch bepannah with subtitles.pls tell me

      1. I guess it depends from where you watch. Colors official on YouTube has made subtitles available for some countries and not for some others , as i can understand from viewers comments. At this moment they have started to upload new episodes for every drama with English Sub. And Bepannaah have reached epi 14 , they upload 2 episodes only on weekends. On this pace all episodes will be uploaded at the end of 2020 😂. I don’t know if Voot is with subtitles because it is not available at all in my country.

      2. Dhanesh all episodes are available on YouTube in my country (Caribbean) with eng/sub. The last episode comes with subtitles 2 days later. It’s
        also aired on our cable network with subtitle close to 8hrs after its aired in India .

    2. At least you have the possibility to watch it with subtitles 😥

  3. Wow😍😍 episode…but Nani also in picture during zarurat hai song, but when did she actually open the bottle while returning from first floor the bottle was still not opened.

    Today for first time Nani was funny after drinking, seems like Nani and rajveer were severely wronged by the hoodas which was evident when Nani says she drinks to ease the

    Just want to see more of adiya arnoor scenes along with the mystery of Nani and rajveer.

    1. Seriously nani with Adiya song was weird 😊
      I guess nani needs some love too.

  4. How come Noor is becoming dumb and dumb as serial progresses initially she was shown headstrong, sharp and someone who could identify people in one or two conversation like mahi, anjana…and now all of a suddenly she is behaving rudely with Arjun….

    1. Neha1

      Yeah, I completely agree with you @Priyal….in today’s episode I found her irritating…the way she’s behaving with Arjun and showed her height of dumbness… Seriously after breakup she’s gone mad…no one be able to believe that she’s the one who earlier used to warn her Appi and told her to be strong and recognise who’s your friend and who’s your enemy… and now look her… Noor is no more that old Noor… I am missing that old Noor and Arjun but still I found Arjun quite mature than Noor always… I hope that ArNoor will sort out their differences and be together as their old “Chocomati” + “Coffeenawaz”= “ChocoNawaz”.

  5. Episodes was good😂😂😀
    But now adiya united, but still their privacy getting interrupted.
    Seriously makers thinks,if adiya had consummation ; their romance will be lost as well as trp🤔🤔🤔
    How funny is this!now it is irritating ,again for 5th time

    1. Hhh for as long as:
      1)Zoya’s phone is around
      2)The door of the room is left fully opened
      3)They are at Hooda house
      4)The scenario will be this level of teasing and “catch me if you can” versus “if i catch you” mood, nothing will happen, so we can forget about it right now.😌
      First wedding night of Adiya will be an emotional one not a super hot one and it will come when no one it’s expecting it.

  6. If this will be Adi’s new wedding haldi function i will be really but really disappointed 👿

    1. Both adiya have gone through a lot due poosh affair, after overcoming all hurdles and pain of infidelity they have come to trust and deeply love each other, so I am sure this won’t affect their married life / relationship while the viewers will be able to see some fresh not jhoks.

    1. Neha 😂😂😂😂😂

    2. If it’s haldi ceremony of Aditya, then they might still be acting to prove that adiya hate eachother which Zoya can use to gain rajveers trust to reach his motive for mission-hooda destruction. So the motive of rajveer will be not clear until haldi and we might be able to get some cute jealously, romantic scenes of adiya during the course of Aditya third marriage preparation. It would be nice to see what’s coming ahead

      1. Neha1

        Yaar, honestly I’m not interested to watch this Adi’s third marriage drama…. I really finds it annoying… Much more similar to the other shows like Ekta’s crap n cliche serials… Always marriage twist isn’t needed but how to make creatives understand this..?? don’t know….!
        But as per the current episode we knew AdiYa’s Pretense drama, so it’s a relief… But I really hope that the things will not be get worse by reaching to the 3rd marriage of Adi in this Pretending drama. Let’s wait n watch.

      2. Hey it is not haldi drama.
        It is diwali sequence for bepanah
        People misinterpreting aditya yellow dress

      3. @ Neha : I saw the SBS segment…it is not third marriage drama of Adi…it is diwali celebration at Hooda house…n Adiya pretence drama continues to find the spy in the house which we all know is Victor…
        N Sanjana is some random actress so she will not be given much importance…it is just some random twist to stir some jealousy in Zoya n give us oodles of Adiya romance….n baldi cannot happen till Adi divorces Zoya which Adi will never do!!!
        So just chill😂

  7. The mystery about rajveer is still continuing , was it anjana who was having affair with harsh before getting married to him or is rajveer related to someone close to harsh, rajveer being harsh son is too simple reason for revenge as I have already seen such drama of illegitimate child coming for revenge, ah…..😵😵😵 So many possibilities resolve rajveer mystery asap

  8. Great episode. Adiya is on fire, in fact they are fire. Nani’s interference definitely not welcome, it’s not the phone anymore, she’s come in person! Noor, Noor, Noor, I don’t get you anymore. Noor wore the bracelet, shows it to Arjun but now doesn’t want him to speak to her, silly girl. And, I thought she was opening doors for a reconciliation. When those guys tried to speak to her, she was careful and cautious, she refused. Arjun intervenes (even though he took too long) when she was clearly not comfortable with their approach, she decides to flirt (I don’t know what she was doing) back but ends up in a fix. How do you walk into a bedroom with 2 guys you don’t know and even sit on the bed. Stupid. What happened to the streetwise Noor, that wouldn’t be fooled? I think they’re trying to bring back whatever bad thing that was going to happen to her when she joined that company, something to do with her being assaulted. But, now that storyline has gone off the rails but the idea is still there. Let’s see where this goes, I hope it’ll be executed very well. But, then again our show never disappoints, except on Arshad.

    1. One of the two boys was the same boy driving the car that Zoya was about to get in on that red light zone 😠😆😂😌
      Lack of actors 😅

    2. I totally agree AmandaS 👍

      Also I enjoyed the lil humour on today’s episode, it was good for a change.
      Would love to see Adiya working together to outsmart Rajveer.

  9. Neha1

    This is so funny… Instagram fan’s…I tell you.😜🤣🙂

  10. Neha1

    God damn… He’s too Hot to Handle man ….💥🔥👍👌🤗😍😍😘

  11. Neha1

    He left speechless to every girl out there including Zoya….. Zoya gets ready to stop him to go to Diwali Party and she left him speechless and he stuck in her beauty but Adi just went to Shirtless to bring her closer to him. Hottest couple 🔥🔥👍👌🤗😍😘

  12. ShraddhaSharma392

    Happy Diwali…..
    Noor and Arjun story ab start hogi ya nhi, I am getting bore with Zoya and Aditya mystry woman and rajvir drama….

    1. Present track is very good…rajvir track was good even first time around n his reentry has actually made show better…show was boring till Arshad was there n till nani was revealed…n Adiya romance is very natural…it is more Jenshad😍….I personally never found Arnoor story very interesting!!! I always watched this show for Jenshad !!! I expected a better mystery track but it’s ok!!!

  13. That transition from puppy to wolf staring was what i liked the most of yesterday’s episode

  14. Neha1

    Oh god this scene and Adi’s dialogue is so funny….🤗😜🤣🙂

  15. Neha1

    It seems like Nani falls for Zoya…she really fallen with Zoya on the floor…😜🤣🤗

    1. Neha it’s not a nice experience to lose one .

      Hope you mother’s here cherish every moment spent with your family .

  16. Neha1

    Harshad Chopda with his family celebrating Diwali.
    Swipe n watch.

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